Phangkhar gewog has to ex-Mangmis contesting for Gup post

Two former mangmis(deputy gups) will take on each other to become gup of Phangkhar gewog in the central district of Zhemgang in the forthcoming second local government elections.

They were chosen from four contestants during the recently held Chiwog Zomdu (village cluster meeting) where the primary round election was held to nominate candidates for the LG election.

Tashi, who served as Mangmi since 2011, secured 100 of the 104 votes cast to become the candidate for gup from Pongchola-Tadijong Chiwog.

Thanking the people of his Chiwog, Tashi said that if he gets elected he would make use of his experience as mangmi to deal with issues related to the gewog and serve as a bridge between the people and the dzongkhag administration, government and others working for the development of Phangkhar Gewog,

“I have the full support of the Chiwog so if I’m elected I’ll focus on development and improvement of water supply, waste management, irrigation, poverty eradication, better road connectivity and electrification of Pongchula and Panibi Gewog,” said Tashi who completed grade 10 from Zhemgang Higher Secondary School. “The survey for electrification of these two Chiwogs is underway and is expected to be completed by the end of the current plan.”

Tashi will face off against Jamphel Wangchuk, 41, also a former mangmi, who was selected as the gup candidate from Shalingtoed-Tashibe Chiwog in the recent Chiwog Zomdu.

Jamphel Wangchuk secured 130 of the 177 votes cast, to secure his candidature for gup. He served as mangmi from 2008-2011 and contested for Gup in the 2013 local government election.

“People say that they have full support for me but I am not sure how far they will support me when it comes to the final voting,” Jamphel Wangchuk said. “Voting is done through Electronic Voter Machines and Postal Ballot and voters have the fundamental right to vote for the most capable person who could serve their Chiwog.”

Jamphel Wangchuk said that if elected as gup he will strive to improve drinking water supply, better farm roads, improve hygiene and sanitation and promote cooperatives of local products.

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