Phuentsholing Police recovered 6 unidentified bodies in 2016

In 2016, police in the border town of Phuentsholing came across bodies of three men and three women that could not be identified and had to be handed over to municipal authorities for proper disposal.

Of the six, four were found in the Toorsa River and two had been abandoned at the Phuentsholing hospital by relatives. The bodies from the Toorsa river were in different stages of decomposition and difficult to identify.

The Phuentsholing superintendent of Police said that they face a lot of challenges in such cases where they have to conduct all the required examinations, get details of all the missing persons and then contact relatives.

He said, being near the border and with a large floating population they never know the cause of death. If a body is identified as a non-Bhutanese it is handed over to Jaigoan police.

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