Phuentsholing Thromde’s new water supply schemes

The Phuentsholing municipality has come up with construction of new water works within the town.

These new schemes include treatment plants in Rinchending areas (Kharbandi), new water sources in Kharbandi, Dhoti Khola , Hati dunga , Damantara under Chilauni chiwog, Basgari (near Dhoti river), some new water supply schemes in the College of Science and Technology (CST) and in Chengmari (Pasakha).

The works are still underway on the constructions funded by the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB).

The budget used for the treatment plant is  Nu 1.22mn and the overall budget for the water sources is Nu 1.86mn and for the water supply in Chengmari it is Nu 11mn. However for CST it is being funded from their own budget.

The constructions started in 2012 which will be completed in June 2013 except for the Pasakha areas.

“The water supply in Kharbandi is planned mainly to improve the quality and the quantity of water because the systems used before were dented. We are taking up a new method called the operation and maintenance (ONM) to look after the existing system and to keep it in condition,” the in-charge of the water supply division Namgay Phuntsho, said.

“Moreover the previous water sources were all damaged by landslides and floods where works are still in progress and some are the additional sources. These water sources are important as we are trying to improve the water supply for the Phuentsholing town area’s consumers.”

As for the CST, the water supply is essentially for the trainees and the college. As per the in-charge of the water supply division “when we give separate water  to the college we can give more water in Rinchending areas too, because till now we have been supplying them the water from the old Kharbandi treatment plant.”

However, the Phuentsholing Municipality Division expects that the water supply system in Chengmari will benefit all the people in Pasakha areas.


Sonam Wangmo/Phuentsholing

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