Phuntsholing based club good enough spectators say

(Photo by: Upasana Dahal)

Bhutan clearance FC, who has come all the way from Phuntsholing made it worthwhile by beating Motithang FC with two goals today.

Both the goals were scored by the captain of Bhutan clearance FC, Dorji Wangdi. He has proved his responsibility as captain and as a potential player to be a skipper.

Motithang FC thrived till then end but they couldn’t prevent from conceding goals from Bhutan clearance FC. Motithang FC also created opportunities to score but they were denied by the defenders of Phuntsholing giants.

The match was dominated by Phuntsholing based club though Motithang made a confident start by maintaining ball positions and making impressive shots on target.

Bhutan clearance FC will meet Druk United on 30th of this month. They are hoping that they can win again and to make their trip to Thimphu a fruitful.

The total amount of cash prize however is NU 20,000 for the winner of the tournament, but it will not include the transportation expenses for a club like Bhutan clearance FC which has fueled 176km to come all the way from Phuntsholing if they happen to lift the championship trophy.


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