Pledges for better roads

Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) pledged to bring in better road connectivity in the country in order to reduce poverty, enhance socio-economic development, business activities, create jobs, and to bring in more of developmental activities so it can narrow the gap between the rich and poor.

DNT has pledged to base course all farm roads and make them pliable throughout the year,and follow a minimum standard for all roads in the country. DNT will consider tasking the DoR to maintain all roads in the country, including farm roads.
DNT will concrete or blacktop roads to important destinations, like lhakhangs, BHUs, schools and remaining gewog centers. Farm roads leading to important lhakhangs, health centers, schools and markets will be prioritized and improved by blacktopping or concreting them.

DNT will review the proposed southern east-west national highway and this will include building roads from Lhamoizingkha to Gelephu to Panbang, Nanglam to Deothang and Samdrupjongkhar to Jomotshangkha.
DNT will explore alternative forms of transport, such as cable cars and water transport (in south) both to commute and for tourism purposes.

In addition, DNT also states that the feasibility of building dry ports along major rivers in the south has not progressed, and therefore, DNTwill review the progress and accelerate the project so they reap the bene¬fit from such additional means of transport.

To support the tourism sector DNT will facilitate the opening of additional air routes and exploration of destinations.
DNT also pledge to work closely with both the airlines, and provide all the support required to increasing flights and expanding destinations.

In addition, DNT plans to improve domestic air travel by building amenities in the domestic airports and supporting civil aviation to upgrade its technology. DNT will also study the feasibility of allowing private helicopters and chartered flights into the airports directly from abroad.

DNT commits to building the Mao-Kholabridge and to make Gelephu a vibrant and modern city with opportunities for all.
DNT states that almost 70 percent of urban roads, such as in Thimphu and Phuentsholing, are in conditions that are perilous to commuters including pedestrians.

It is also estimated that more than 70 percent of vehicles in the country are concentrated within the major thormde areas, and therefore, DNT pledged to invest over Nu 1 billion to upgrade the quality of urban roads and make it pothole free.
“We will also look into the possibilities of cemented pavement by using more of local materials to reduce the burden on tax payers in the long run,” DNT added.

DNT plans torevolutionize the public transport system, and reduce traffic congestion in paces like Thimphu and Phuentsholingthrough appropriate policies and regulations.

DNT has pledged to introduce electric buses within thromde areas, explore potential for introducing monorails in some suitable areas, and make taxi use more convenient for both drivers and commuters.
To encourage residents to switch to public transport, DNT will develop a long-term plan and make public transport system efficient and convenient to use.

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