PM and Ministers eligibility for 2013 in doubt due to Gyelpozhing and ECB rules

If the due process of law is followed on the ACC report on the Gyelpozhing land grab (which is nearing completion) it could affect the electoral prospects of four key DPT leaders.

The leaders who are involved in the Gyelpozhing case are, the National Assembly Speaker Jigme Tshultim, Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y Thinley, the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement minister Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba, and the finance minister, Lyonpo Wangdi Norbu. Recently the Speaker announced his intention to resign to make way for younger leadership in DPT.

A senior official from the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) said, “Candidates who have a case registered against them will not be allowed to contest in the elections”.

The senior ECB official said, “As per the rules on the disqualification of a political candidate a person shall be disqualified as a candidate or a member holding an elective office under the constitution, if he or she as per section 179 (g), is accused of felony in a pending case and the competent court has taken cognizance and charges have been framed against the person.”

Another section for disqualification of election candidates is if candidates have been convicted for any criminal offence.

What could come as bad news for the above leaders is that the ACC Investigation so far has established that a land grab did happen in Gyelpozhing.

The ACC Investigation has found that in Gyelpozhing the 1980 Royal Kasho on land, whereby only His Majesty the King can allot land has been violated. The ACC investigation has also confirmed that the 1979 Land Act has been violated in Gyelpozhing.

The ACC investigation has also found that the allotment committee did not follow proper procedures. The ACC investigations also confirmed that the Dzongkhag committee and the then Mongar Dzongda Jigme Tshultim had ignored repeated letters and warnings to not allot or register land in Gyelpozhing.

It has also been found that the plot allotted across the river to the Prime Minister and Lyonpo Zimba was originally government land.

According to the ACC, the Gyelpozhing case will be treated as the same like other cases. The ACC said that based on the findings of Gyelpozhing investigation action like prosecution referral, disciplinary referral, and systematic recommendations for corruption prevention will be taken.

The ACC said that following the outcome of the investigation the agency will follow the due process of action. The agency, however, said that under normal circumstances; the commission does not prosecute cases as a result of its investigations.

The prosecution mandate according to ACC lies with the OAG.

As per Section 128 of the Anti Corruption Act 2011 and the Prosecution Referral Guideline 2011, the commission makes referrals to the OAG only when there is sufficient evidence and that the prosecution would serve public interest.

Once the ACC report is out there will be considerable interest on if ACC refers some cases to the OAG and if the OAG itself prosecutes the case.

Both agencies would play an enormous role in the re-election bid of the above leaders because if both agencies delay the process or don’t carry out their due process then there will be little or no obstacles for the leaders.

The Gyelpozhing land grab took place back in 2001-02, when the Speaker was the Mongar Dzongda and chairman of the Dzongkhag land allotment committee, Lyonpo Wangdi Norbu was the then finance secretary, the PM was the then home minister and Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba was the finance minister.

The scam consisted of illegal allotment of town plots and government land to influential people in Gyelpozhing town when many local businessmen and farmers who fit the criteria or lost land did not get their plots.

Apart from the violation of laws there was a strong conflict of interest as the Prime Minister as the-then Home Minister was the direct superior of Mongar Dzongda Jigme Tshultim and accepted illegal government land from him along with Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba and Lyonpo Wangdi Norbu.

The DPT’s officiating Secretary General, Tshewang Rinzin, said, “The case pertained to about 10 to 15 years back, and till then the party had not yet been formed, so the party has little knowledge on it.”

However, Tshewang Rinzin said if the investigation of the case was completed and if the accused were found guilty then it would definitely affect the party, “There can even be a possibility that the candidates might not be given a party ticket to stand as candidates.”

He added that it would be difficult to comment on the ECB rules as the report was yet to be out and the party till date had never discussed this matter in any of its party meetings.

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  1. This mirrors very well the PM’s comments a week ago about the eligibility of the PDP even to run due to their breaking of the ECB rules. So here we have a worse case of breaking the country’s laws and on top of that, even His Majesty’s kashos.

    So if the PM is so keen about following rules, then he should follow this one as well. He can start a new program for ineligible ministers after their term is over. 

    • Ye you are true and we would like to hear our Pm voice on BBS on this regard whether it is true or false. Why cant our only and one BBS television cant broad cast a pannel discussion on those issues with concerned agencies and culprits.

      • PM will say that the report is fabricated to malign him and theree is not even an ioata of truth in it. What is important is the findings of ACC and how it is taken up from there.

  2. i am sure ACC will charge them to the court through Attorney general’s office if there is evidences of corruption or lapses…..So, don’t worry, i am sure it will be made clear before filing nomination. It will be unfair to disqualify simply because someone is accused by somebody. If that is the case, then, i will hire someone before election and accuse all my opponents to disqualify them from contesting the election…

    • how can you be sure of anything? the ACC is taking more than a year to even open its mouth on this case. the OAG is being used by the PM like his own attack dog.

      • ACC is independent constitutional post and that is what they are supposed do…if they don’t do, then they are not fulfilling the constitutional obligation. But i am still hopeful that they will finish their investigation, charge if required and get the verdict from court….

      • the problem they have to deal with is that the PM can recommend the appointment of the head or his or her removal. And he is vindictive and petty enough to use that power.

  3. Well,
     it is very sad Yet the truth is open now. I personally met a family who’s land got taken in the pretext of govt project. It was 5 acres of land in the adjacent of gyelposhing town.
    The man was saying even now that land is not used but fenced well and he don’t know who is doing what with his land. 
    Speaker… making way for younger generation…. hmmm it’s a good cover up…. A greedy man making way for younger generation…. big big big doubt… but good, one corrupt man out of the political circus…

  4. Even if the case goes to court the only person that would be found guilty would be the Speaker and that would actually be a boon for the party. It is funny how the ECB can comment on such an issue when they have remained silent on the PDPs inability to pay off their debts by the deadline given to both the parties. Haha, and the biggest surprise of all, this paper not asking a senior ECB official whether a party could be disqualified for not paying their dues on time, but yet was able to get information about whether candidates could be disqualified if a case had been registered against them and then somehow connecting it to the Gyelpozhing case.

    Can’t you see what this newspaper is up to and I am now beginning to believe the people who have earlier said that this paper is only trying to promote disharmony among the Bhutanese citizenry.

    • What about PM and other ministers accepting illegal land and the conflict of interest? Is that not a crime. The Bhutanese is being blamed for disharmony because they are by far doing the best investigative journalism. They didnot cause disharmony or corruption. They are diagnosing it and reporting it. You are a changzay monk! lol

      • Haha, please look at this case from a proper perspective, what I have said is that it was wrong for the Speaker to have allotted land to many big shots from Thimphu, however, the people that applied for land did nothing wrong as they were allotted plots by the Speaker who was the Dzongda at that time, so in a nut shell, the only person that can be charged would be the Speaker and rightly so.

        If a witch hunt is what you want, than so be it, in that case H.H the Je Khenpo would also have to resign from his post as he too has been allotted land there. What I am saying is that this case is very complex and happened 10 years ago, when things were very different in our country.

        At one point or the other we will have to let go, if we continue to dwell on corruption cases from the past, there will be no end to it and the only thing that will be accomplished is that we would become one big divided society. If you want it that way, why stop at Gyelpozhing and the lottery case, there are so many other cases from the past that can be dug up.

        • You a really a monk, This is the only news paper who have guts to bring all the corrupt peoples in our country and show case them to the people of Bhutan. If you have proof and investigated other corrupt pratices by some other peoples you are most welcome please write a news about them and we will support you accordingly.
          OR you need medias like Kuensel and BBS who can name and shame only innocent peoples who dont have supports and guts to fight with them. Just see last year BBS had broad casted A Gelong sonam Tshering handcuffed by cops from his entrance of one house due to few pakts of BABA. After that same case has happened in paro Airport with Army officer & Engineer but they have guts to show case only court yard of the paro Dzong.

          • Whether I am actually a monk should be the least of your concerns. Like I mentioned earlier, I have no problems with the media reporting on any stories they want, however, as a member of the 4th estate, they need to be seen to be unbiased in their reporting and for me, I certainly believe they are not.

        • all those who are corrupted must go down in drain.

    • The way monk reflects here is totally bias and no doubt that s/he is an absolute hardcore dpt sharing disatisfiction about this news. If u r a politician, this is not how u shud think, u must instead thank this paper for letting u know abt theses issues. PDP did not win because of the same corruption case. so U must not defend the culprits, instead we got to think of clean democracy and true leaders. Our leaders cant be ‘wolf wearing sheep’s clothes’.

      But always, do not feel bad when papers bring such news. that is their job to inform people other wise bad will keep doing bad and it may get too late during our childrens time to revive.

  5. The problem now is, that even if the ACC did not feel they had enough evidence to charge them, the damage would have already been done and the supporters of the PDP and their mouth piece, this paper would come out in full force against the ACC.

    I give round one to the unscrupulous Tenzing Lamsang,

  6. I dont have evidence to buy your idea that this paper is against DPT. Why dont you change your guilt consciousness and say this is only paper that brings relaible and trust worhy news. If this paper was plainly accusing the MPs, the DPT wont digest it and this paper could have been in courts of law.

    • You are blind if you can’t see the biased reporting of this paper, I have already given you a very simple example, why did this paper not ask the ECB about whether PDP could be disqualified for not having paid of their dues as per the ECBs rules.

      • hey monk the Blind Blatant Brat is you ……..this paper run two stories regarding PDP, if the party will be disqualified for next round of election for not able to clear dues. wonder how  dare you take this paper as a biased one when it is trying to bring down the corruption Acts . and i doubt if you are not one soul benefited  by this Corrupted DPT.
        try and read more newspapers so that you will not fool yourself by missing the reported news. 

        • Haha these PDP nutcases coming out in full force.

          • Funny.. by that logic you are the only one in DPT. Rest all people in this forum are paid by bankrupt PDP to write against DPT!

          • honest_bhutan

            None of us here are PDP supporters…we are just asking the government for which we voted….do you get it You Gomchen!

      • I was DPT supporter. But after having gone through your post i changed my mind. I am no more DPT supporter now. It seems that DPT is always in the mood to defend and not correct their past mistakes.
        ACC must really work hard and make those corrupted people answerable to the law. If found guilty they must be put into jail for indefinite period of time. Not because they are DPT member because they were protector of law at that time.

        • That’s the beauty of democracy. if you feel that the DPT has not lived up to you expectations, you have the choice to vote for any other party that you think would do a better job.

          Honest-Bhutan, you buffoon, it is for us to judge who is a PDP supporter or not, you don’t have to yell at the top of your voice.

  7. Such overwhelming facts and evidence entails that this smug promoters of GNH is intrinsically corrupted, greedy and no-go future exemplar for youth. Infact our future leaders should be anything but the same.

  8. Guy’s, please don’t get me wrong, like the majority of the Bhutanese, I agree fully that the Gyelozhing land allotment case had a lot to be desired and the officials guilty for robbing innocent people of their land and than distributing it to influential people from far away Thimphu instead of the local people need to be punished very severely.

    But then, please also be reminded that the Gyelpozhing case happened a decade ago and at that time, big shots got away with pretty much anything, some even with murder. What I am trying to say, is while the PM and many other big shots did get land there, such things were not uncommon in 2003 and earlier. So the only thing the ACC could recommend is for the ineligible people that got land at Gyelpozhing to return the land to the RGOB and later distribute it to the one’s that were eligible earlier.

    The only person that can be made accountable is the Speaker who was the then Dzongda of Mongar and the chairman of the allotment committee. As for this paper writing against the DPT, I have no problem with that too, but please don’t make it so blatant as to who’s side you are on, even a child would be able to see how biased this paper is against the DPT.

    • Thats because DPT has a bunch of fools from the previous medieval government system still trying to hold onto power. And since these fools did such crimes what is harm in exposing it . You lynpo zimba or Pm’s in-law? lol

      • Of course you did not understand my post, because you choose not to and please stop calling me PMs or LYZs in laws, because I am not. Like you have your reasons to crucify the DPT and the PM, I have my reasons for questioning the motives of this paper.

    • Dear Monk, at that time Speaker was the Dzongda of Mongar and Chair Man of Allotment Committee you are right, Also during that time PM was the Home minister and he is the head of all Dzongdas if I am not mistaken. If you are the CEO of a company and if you Manager of G.Manager offers you a Money or Things which is Illegal will you happily accept that. Later on who will suffer head or tail. I think the head has to answerable beacuse he is eligible and trusted by the king and given with hope and trust.

      • This is speculation at best, so please wait for the ACCs report, then we will know what actually took place. Whether the PM was the Home Minister in 2002 – 2003, of that I am not sure, I personally thought that he was the Foreign Minister at that time, but since you seem to know, I can only assume that you and this paper are correct..

    • As much as this paper is against DPT as you (monk) points out your blind faith on the PM is also showing here monk. We do have respect to PM that is the all reason why DPT won’t last election with landslight victory… But we should not have such blind faith… All this paper did was had the guts to cover such story which other papers failed… I think you need a paper which if DPT points to a donkey and says “wow what a beautiful horse” and all nod their head in yes la… yes it happened a decade back, it would not hurt me if it happens now but it hurts me more as it happened a decade ago when all His Majesty K4 did was to trust these people, groomed them as future leader and all they did was to ignore HM’s kasho. 

  9. it would be an excellent way to clear the DPT top brass out of the election process and make way for new blood.

  10. Whatever it may be whether done decade ago or today the crime of power corruption is done in any way and scar is left forever…

    The power corruption is of the highest degree in terms or corruption…as i does afect fellow juniors also without getting any benefit from it.

  11. Truth_is_Buddha

    It does not matter how many decades have elapsed. Truth has to be brought to the surface, and crime has to pay. No wrongdoers should be spared, and no innocents should be punished. This is law. If Bhutan is to prosper in terms of fairness & justice, as the land of Buddhism, the law of cause & effect has to take place. Let us not uselessly argue on this principle.

  12. These people including PM should not be allowed to stand for the 2013 election, if the they are found guilty.
    So that new ruling govt will be able to hang Jigme Tshultrim and Put the rest behind the bar

  13. ACC has put so many people behind bars and also managed to get people terminated over few thousands. Why is this case taking so long? The report should be out and people of Bhutan have the right to know. Has ACC been compromised? It will be a sad day for all of us it is compromised or getting scared of the ruling government. 

  14. Once more the Tenzing Lamsang effect. Thank you and please keep updating people of Bhutan. TL and the Bhutanese is one paper that really is really doing well. So keep up.

    Who ever is involved should be put behind the bars (Which will never happen given the nature of people involved). Lets see.

    Even the decision on land scam of Chang Ugyen is not good.

    DPT really is shedding its cloths one by one.

    Keep up TL and THE BHUTANESE.

  15. To all you haters out there, relax, the case is with the ACC and I am sure they will come up with their report soon, so nothing to get too worked up about.

    • We all know you are going into a fit trying to cover up all the exposes this paper has brought against JYT and his gang. In the end, truth shall prevail and bring about the destruction of the tyranny this government is.

      • You have every reason to think like you do, but I am certainly not protecting them, because in this case they have nothing to answer to and hence need no protection, except maybe the Speaker and he certainly does not deserve any.

        • Poor speaker!!! the sacrificial lamb on the altar. DPT got a right dustbin to dump their rubbish on.

          • The Speaker certainly is not a scapegoat as you state, as the chairman of the allotment committee, he is ultimately responsible for the decisions he made.

  16. If the land scam comes true as reported here, there is no reason for the beneficiaries to be penalised. It’s only the speaker whomay have to face penalty because he was the person in charge.

  17. Drukpaheartson

    Neither I am in support of PDP nor I am favouring DPT. The reason I am here is against the current practice of keeping the land issue scam in suspense. We are still eagerly waiting for the final verdict. Why responsible authorities takes so long to resolve this problem though already the hard evidences are revealed through both print and broadcast medias. Further, we can still talk with affected people in person to confirm. What evidences they are waiting for? Are they waiting for all video footages and recorded calls before they summon to the court? We need do away with the typical Bhutanese attitude of procrastination and taking as a granted. Go ahead resolve the problem be it harsh for the few heads if nation as a whole is benefited and future is secured.
    ACC blames other stakeholders for not being able to catch big fishes, at times they are so used with this practice and even makes fun of the phrase “big fish”. Within no time, many small fishes like, DEO. ADEOS, Gups, Tshogpas, Bank officials, …were firstly made to pay the price of shortage few thousands ngultrum by firstly suspending from their job before the verdicts is passed and secondly without doubt the consequences were so effective.
    If we dont be careful right from the beginning, the real face of the politics is emerging in our system which always tend to say striving for happiness.
    Go ahead and catch the perpetrators irrespective of big fish or small fish. We cannot still effort to sideline the problems and play the blame game among the responsible authorities. If it is something to do with personal benefits, none of the organizations would back up, rather will claim they deserve more than others. But none of the stakeholder is totally shouldering the responsibilities, rather ends up pointing fingers to one another and ends one’s job…meantime the culprits escapes.
    we need to take action right from the beginning, before this cycle creeps into our system
    India politics is best example..MPs still enjoying their post and benefits while their corruptions cases are underway..some even dies before the court passes the verdicts..
    Save now to secure the future.

  18. Let’s wait and see what happens next. Most likely, this case will go no where just like any other cases previously mentioned. So, lets think positive, be a good buddhist. Each time we think about negative, we commit sin, so lets wait for the result and then you can blame each other…based on their verdicts. Until then be neutral fellow citizens.

  19. The PDP’s delay in the settlement of debts cannot in all terms be equated to the DPT member’s engagement in a high profile scam relating to the grabbing of govt land. I am not concerned of who’s going to be disqualified for the upcoming election but I am sad how some of the trusted veterans of our country have been fooling us all the way long. There could be genuine reasons and difficulties faced by PDP in paying their debts for now but it may be settled in due course of time (which actually has no direct bearing on the lives of people), but the unlawful act of land grabbing (directly affecting the livelihood of common people) by some members of DPT is absolutely outrageous and unforgivable.
    If the speaker (ex-dzongda) has erred in his decision to allot plots to influential people without any legal basis, I think it is equally and utterly wrong for those people who accepted the plots when they, in their full consciousness, very much knew that the whole transaction was illegal (acting against the land act and the royal kasho).

  20. Speaker was acting like King of Mongar, going around taking land from poor farmers and giving them away to rich and powerful, so they will return the favour in due time. This is the reason why he is The Speaker, or else without proper command in Dzongkha or English , how could he get that post. I hope this crook along with others will be punished. What a joke , he resigned to give way to younger generation. 

  21. Dear Monk. the more I read your comments, I sense you could be one of the party to the land scam at Gyeposhing and promoter of corruption who robbed the innoncent villagers by colluding with the influential family and rich people

    • This monk desperately tries to defend the corrupt people without any logic. Anyone who doesn’t support his views are considered PDP supporters by him. He accuses this paper of causing disharmony between the people and the government. He is a dangerous monk, a possibly corrupt one with an agenda.
      He tries to mislead people by finding scapegoats for DPT’s scams. He is the kind of person that gives DPT the courage to go about doing whatever is not right.

      • Haha, I wish I were as powerful as you make me out to be, for the record I am not, but please stop your foolish posts, I can’t bear to read any more of the rubbish you seem to come up with, ie PM will sell the country.

    • Sunmoon, I can assure you that I am far removed from any of the land scams and any other scams for that matter. As a lay person, I am just worried as to how far the 4th estate is willing to go to malign others for their own narrow vested interests. And the last thing I would ever do would be to rob innocent villagers, that is just not my make up.

  22. The Chinese Foreign Minister Fu Ying is wasting her time talking to JYT who won’t be around more than a few more months.

    • Don’t underestimate JYT. He’ll be capable of selling Bhutan to the Chinese in those few months. You never know.

    • What an idiotic post, come on buddy, is this how your thought process works or what!

      • antiSycophants

        wonder who you are. Whoever you are you are full of bullshit and noise. Your write ups sound like you are not in good health,mentally. Buddy go to hospital for check up. All the best. Get well soon.

        • Your name sums up your state of mind, so you better go and see a shrink first and then come back to discuss things with a more clear mind, you on dope or what. This friggin asshole.

  23. Very surprising, given the choice- the highly influential family, Dashos and Lyonpos will form a gang and collude to rob the the common people of Bhutan. If all good government lands and common people are transferred in their names, we all know what will be the future ging to be ………………Very, very tragic and feel sorry for these selfish people ..

    We need more people in the ACC and one more Legal enforcement agent to prosecute the corrupt people.

    The current OAG seemed to be working only for the ruling government, we need a neutral or the third party Law enforcement office to try and prosecute members of the ruling government violating the laws of the country.

    • Elections are just months away. We can prosecute them by voting them out. I admit we may not find a better (in terms of oratory skills and charm) PM than JYT, but we certainly can do without a corrupted PM who grabs land from the common people.

      We need leaders who lead by example, not some party that promises “zero tolerance to corruption”, but carrying out the most corruption acts themselves. This is the height of hypocrisy.

  24. The investigation is going on in the so called land grabbed scam. The result is yet to be declared once the investigation is over. Please have faith in ACC’s work and wait instead of creating havoc(personal attacks) in the forum which is public domain. The forum has become very cheap indeed!.

    • How long is ACC going to take to finish the investigation! It has been more than a year now. With them taking this long, I can only think of two things:

      1) How long it takes is decided by someone other than ACC themselves
      2) ACC is a bunch of incompetent people. One year is a reasonable enough time to come out with their results. In some cases, they come out with results pretty quickly, and with some, they are very slow. God knows if they are even working on it.

      The more we wait for the investigation result, the more people try to speculate. We urge the ACC to come out with the results fast.

  25. It is very obvious the likes of Tshering P and those like minded people like him have not understood anything that I have written. First of all, like I mentioned earlier, I am all for corruption cases being exposed by any paper and not only by this paper, however, if none of you can fail to see how biased this paper is, then you guys are blind and certainly make all of you PM/DPT haters.

    Just to prove my point as to why I find this paper biased, here are a few reasons:

    1) Why has this paper not covered the Nanglam land scam which going by the reports that have come out seem to be as big as or even larger than the Gyelpozhing one. My guess is that the Nanglam land grab does not involve any of the DPT hierarchy and hence such news is of no use to this paper.

    2) While reporting on the Chang Ugen case, why has only his name been highlighted repeatedly, when this papers own report says that there are nine others that have yet to settle their cases. Again, it is clear as to why only Chang Ugen has been targeted, while I understand that Chang Ugen’s case is way more serious than the others, if this paper wants to project themselves as being ethically correct in their reporting, is it not their duty to name the nine others that have yet to settle their cases too. The report also mentions that the five buyers, who’s name’s have been conveniently omitted by this paper, for reasons best known to them, are willing to replace the land they bought from him from other dzongkhags, now, does this offer not sound a bit fishy, after all which Bhutanese will give their land for free to anyone for no reason. If the names of the 5 buyers are made public, I am sure some more light would be shed on why the commission recommended that land replacement could be made from any 4 other Dzongkhags, instead of recommending that the original land be handed back to the RGOB. The names of the 5 buyers are key to this and I am dumbfounded as to why this paper, known for their investigative journalism skills fails to mention them. Has it got something to do with convenient memory loss on the part of this paper or what?

    3) In Chang Ugen’s case, the commission overseeing his case has recommended that the ten acres he illegally took over be replaced from any of the 4 Dzongkhags, now, this is definitely not right as the price of land is much higher in Thimphu than anywhere else in Bhutan. If however, this same recommendation had, for instance had been made by the MOWHS Minister, like in the Trowa case, this paper would have been rubbing their hands with glee. Since the commission that recommended this apparently has no connection to the DPT, it is of no interest to this paper to find out as to why they came up with such a ridiculous decision.

    Even after the three examples I have given have not made you guys believe that this paper is somehow biased, then you are all blinded by your hatred for the DPT.

    Like Birla says, the ACC is investigating this case, so why not wait for them to make their report public, after which, we can all come back and have a civilized discussion.

    • The monk is really sweating out here doing damage control for his/her bosses. Hope they are giving you equal pay for equal work, and some sweet deals on the side. Keep it up. You will go far.

      • I knew it would not be long before I get a pathetic response and Mr or Mrs Himalaya certainly did not disappoint. Even after explaining in great detail my point of view, people still don’t understand simple English, than what am I supposed to do. As for damage control, this paper needs to do some if they don’t want to look as PDP written all over them. Anyway. good try Mrs.Himalaya.

        • So now we have to learn English from you now? You are sounding more
          pathetic by the day. Sad to be you.

          • You moron, the post was meant for exactly guys/girls like you who would understand it the way you are.

          • Monk, your post is predictable and shallow to say the least. You should get your act together instead of calling people names like a brat. We live in a democracy and not your father’s playground. Don’t give us more room to conclude just how neurotic you really are.

    • If its a corruption case where DPT and its people are not involved, DPT has been doing a fantastic job bringing the corrupt to task. And coincidentally ACC has also been doing a speedy job with those cases. I give it to them for that.

      Now, when cases involve the DPT themselves, they just can’t investigate themselves or won’t. For that we have the media such as this paper bringing the issues to light and informing the public. The paper is doing a good job, bringing these issues out. I personally believe the cases involving DPT requires more importance, just for the fact that the alleged people have the power and are currently and running the government. Unlike some others here, I don’t have any affiliation to any party, infact I don’t even like politics. I would be suspicious and voice my concern if any other government in power has corruption allegations like that.

      Yes, it is only rational to wait for the ACC findings and then judge things, but if you have not noticed, the ACC is taking way too long. If we recall, the guy involved in one of the Samtse mining case was detained indefinitely by ACC, the reason cited being “to prevent tampering of evidence”. ACC back then were very swift and the case was concluded and the people accused put behind bars. By the way, the accused people were people not liked by JYT.

      But what is happening now? Its been a year, and ACC is still going in circles. If they can’t find enough evidence (even though this paper may have provided many clues) just acquit everyone. But the ACC is acting like its stuck deciding what to do. This very fact is making us come out and voice our concerns and speculate whether the ruling government has any say over the ACC or not.

      • Now how in the world can you accuse the ACC of being compromised, if you care to remember, the ACC is investigating the Gyelpozhing case, only because the PM has directed them to do so.

        As to why it is taking so long for the report to be made public, please note, that, apart from a few DPT ministers and their families that have been allotted land in Gyelpozhing, there are a host of other big shots, including the Je Khenpo and even some members of our Royal Family that have been allotted land there too, so like I have always maintained, this case is very complex and not as black and white as you people seem to believe it is.

        If you think the ACC is too slow, maybe we need to appoint you and that nut head Himalaya to replace the ACC to investigate this case.

        And for a person who is not affiliated to any party, you sure are making a lot of noise here, my advise to you is to at least, refrain from lying, why is it so difficult for you to say that you are a PDP man.

  26. This paper to me looks more or less like OL’s blog. I have never seen a biased journalism such as this. 

    • The paper to me looks like it’s kicking ass! OL should take lessons on how to be more proactive. Learn!

      • What a childish response, a newspaper is supposed to be writing objectively and not kicking ass as Ms.HImalaya seems to be thinking and I have given you enough reasons to justify that they are not.

        Grow up Ms whatever, instead of jumping up with glee and come back with a more mature response.

        • The world doesn’t revolve around your thoughts alone. Grow up, you sad person.

          • Haha, my post got to you did it, how can you call me sad, it is you guys that are doing all the bickering that are sad. I have always maintained that we should wait for the ACCs verdict and than discuss this issue, but you guys just won’t let go.

          • Keep posting, someday you might actually post something of substance and somewhat intelligent. Knock yourself out.

  27. Even if all the allegations were true JYT will still bel head and shoulder taller and better as a leader than all the rest. People know it and thats why he gets voted in again and again. The Bhutanese knows it too and hence this story. This is the only way that other parties will have a chance to win. The JYT factor it is

    • For the love of my country, I hope not everybody thinks like you. I certainly don’t want a proven corrupt person leading us and I have hope that there will be someone who isn’t corrupt and who has the required capabilities to lead a country. We won’t know until a person is given a chance.

    • Go and get educated to know what really better leaders are all about. No doubt there are positive characteristic of a good leader in JYT. But there are also prominent and more important = devastating characteristics in him also . The way JYT handles the public interest is one of them. He doesn’t want to convince public but force upon them like a dictator. of course result will be same if you decide in your own without involving party members and experts. So this time JYT will be the factor that will bring downfall of DPT. in next election.

      I don’t deny that JYT is a good and ONE of the option for PM post. But he will have to shed some egos. Follow the path of our 5th king.In nutshell good leader is what our 5th king demonstrates. I hope JYT learns from it and build up our DPT image back to where it was before.

      • Just because its a democracy, it doesn’t mean government has to listen to you whatever your fluctuating mind says. Do you think democracies in other countries are way better than ours? You and I should know how to use our freedom responsibly. My personal opinion of this paper is that it is really totally biased and opposition based. 

        • Monk has a twin in Phuntsho. I don’t see a bias in the facts reported in this paper. The reporters need to given our support for speaking and writing facts which are being scanned by ACC and the other agencies who don’t cower down to the mighty corrupt parasites.

          • That is your opinion reserved mister, I have mine. So don’t expect me to see the things the way your jaundice eyes see. 

        • antiSycophants

          Bhutan is a small country with around 700000 population. It is possible to hear the voice the voice of every citizen. Don’t compare with other countries. May be you are comparing
          with India i can understand that. Freedom is not about increasing scam. Read
          OL’s blogs what PM has to say about their debts. And one thing this paper is doing exceptionally good unlike you.

  28. Land is a very valuable asset for many but for some it is life itself. So everyone involved in stealing of land should be punished including those abetting such practices. I also support that everyone involved should be named and investigated by this paper to achieve credibility of reporting.

    Unfortunately Bhutan is a country where the rich and powerful can get away with anything while commoners get prosecuted for a few hundred Nu.  The present government knows this and is making hay while the sun shines.

  29. Himalaya, I am happy that you think that I will at least one able to post something sensible but you, my little child is beyond redemption. I don’t have to say anything, your posts speak for themselves.

    So small boy/girl why don’t you go and play with the kids where you belong and leave the discussion of more serious issues to the grown ups.

    • That’s ALL you got. Name calling is all you are good at. Make sense first.

      • Himalaya,
        all we need to be is like the monk to answer him back. He will not understand otherwise. I believe he is one of the Beneficiary of DPT or the goiter in the neck of DPT.

        • Pema, if you did not realize, I have not responded to any of your posts because there is nothing that makes any sense.

        • We should all be alarmed at how these DPT supporters are going insane in their desperate
          move to justify themselves, and how they are quick to discredit everyone else who don’t support their views. “The Monk” is also “Guardian” commenting on OL’s blog. This woman is so bent on saying crap about anyone who doesn’t support her party. No wonder the RIght to Information Bill is gone, and now the circular from MOIC is killing the freedom of speech and the media. Use your votes carefully in 2013. Our Kings didn’t give us democracy to have us elect dictators who impose bans and rules on us without consulting with the public. Bhutan will be better off without delusional people like Monk/Guardian – a master of bias herself. 

          • Haha, so suddenly you have taken over the mantle of being the investigative journalist from TL or what, just like me, there are any others that use several nicknames to post on various blogs, so nothing to worry about. So I hope the small child in you is happy that you uncovered a secret and is now happy. Now it’s time to go back to mama you imbecile.

            In regard to this paper not being biased, it is funny that while protecting this paper, you have not refuted any of the reasons that I have given for finding this paper biased in their reporting.

      • Read all my posts first, I have tried my best to make you guys see some sense, obviously it is beyond me it seems, to make people like you and Pema see any sense in what I write. But whatever, I have tried to be as objective as possible.

  30. Whenever you post something, guess what if this website is censored?
    What if the computer you use is traced? The process is easy, technicalities involved are too easy to be learnt by a child.
    You would be caught, wait to have a cup of coffee for DPT for reasons unknown to you.
    You are gone, now only thing left for you is to leave civil service and defend yourself from political arena.
    The only person safe is the monk(ey).
    Be sure, if that happens (which has high probability) no one will waste a drop of tear for you, all the best if u know how to regret.
    This is not a fear tactics, its an alarm.
    Don’t write anything against DPT or their supporters. Give corrective measures- they can replace the land from Laya.
    Come for 4th general meeting of DPT on nineteenth August. Visit for details of venue and savoury menu.
    I Lead a life filled with happiness, if what you think equals my happy(ness).

    • One moron who really does not know what the hell he is writing, in one sentence he says that one should be afraid that this website maybe compromised and in the other instance he blabbers like some retard. Are you suffering from serious brain damage or what, nothing you have written makes any sense.

      • I dont know whether this monk is male or female. He is the most talkitive here. Luckly it was an exchange of words in this forum, otherswise if it is in real verval exchange he/she will be thrown out from the community as he is bothering ecah and every one.

        • Agey Haap, I knew you were a dumbo but this dumb, you sure are taking dumb to a new level. You will be far better off narrating your stories about how your brother lost half his house, because obviously he was as dumb as you.

    • The only person who’s gonna give out any details of commentators to the DPT will be this paper and I am sure it wont happen.

      In the chance, that it happens, getting no funds from the government will be the least of this paper’s problems.

    • A person with clear conscience has nothing to fear. So let them ask for IP addresses, trace our SMS votes, this will only confirm the fact that this democracy is in jeopardy. 

      • Remember how a certain Commonman was hunted by the PDP, don’t worry, the DPT will not stoop so low.

        • antiSycophants

          hay man keep your DPT to yourself. And stop barking.

        • Reminiscing about your past? So much reverence for Commonman, who was not as common a man, as he is the nephew of the DPT boss. DPT has already stooped so very low – no use to stoop lower than that anymore. Hell is the next level down which can burn you. And face it, the DPT no longer has its “clean” image that you want to portray to the voters/people. DPT supporters prior to 2008 and to present day have hidden their rotten misdeeds and corrupt ways as if they say they are all angels. And now that the people know how corrupt and sneaky they are, comes in their DPT supporters/Commanman again, to lure us into believing that this time ‘round, the media is wrong to report the facts on corruption cases. PDP was had by your sneaky tactics and brainwashing, but the people will not be fooled again. I applaud the media for doing its job. Why blame the paper when it is the DPT that has to stop its corrupt way? This paper has the teeth to bring out real issues. Although the DPT is bent on breaking the media to make them toothless, there are people across Bhutan who believe what is being done is wrong. It’s the people who matter. Your fear tactics won’t work this time as this time it’s not mere political parties that you are tearing down. Truth shall prevail!

          • Ms Himalaya, wow, you actually too 3 days to write such a crap response. Commonman or whoever he was may have swayed a few people to vote against the PDP, to that I concede, but to blame him for the PDPs loss in the 2008 elections is pushing it a bit too far. I also concede that in 2008, civil servants could have influenced their uneducated relatives to vote for a certain party. But the real reason for the PDPs loss was their choice/arrogance of their party workers.

            In 2013, my view is that it will be a different ball game altogether as I believe that it would not be possible for all civil servants to influence how their relatives vote this time around. As such, as I earlier mentioned, this paper and the negative stories is not going to influence the outcome of the elections in 2013, the party that wins the most rural votes will win the elections and 90% of our rural folks will have not even heard of this paper.

          • Mrs Monk, some of us don’t have the luxury of time nor the free internet connection like you have in your father’s house (courtesy the taxpayer’s money) to respond to your posts. My response must suit your taste as you have labeled it “crap” , isn’t that the flavour you love from licking all the DPT asses.
            You must also show more respect for the people in rural Bhutan. They might not get to read papers, but they have ears. And you know how news travel by word of mouth esp in Bhutan. But I guess you will be out of it as your tongue and mouth will be engaged in servitude.

          • Ms Himalaya, that’s what I meant, the arrogance of the PDP party workers, they just can’t accept the fact that they lost because of poor organization on their part, just like Ms.HImalaya is doing right now.

          • How did you find the time to lick ass and type at the same time? You must pride yourself for being so highly organized as that. It’s a tough job you have.

          • Ms Himalaya, please stop the profanities, it does not look good coming from a lady.

  31. Nothing will happen to this ministers, they will have their own way, ACC cannot touch them. I am 100% sure, this investigation is just a cover up story and the real fact is that there may not be any case, i think this ministers have already closed the deal inside..

    • Gyalpozhing land scam is not serious that we need to argue about. The more serious and grave nature of any corruption to reckon with is the Lottery Scam where no action has been initiated to bring the culprits to books even after the investigations/reports conducted by the concerned agencies.

  32. Drukpaheartson

    We the people of this once a great country expect justice, an efficient and unbiased one. Our revered His Majesties the 4th and 5th must be certainly witnessing the game with their eyes filled with tears. The saga of corruptions must be disturbing the peaceful minds of hermits in the tranquil mountains. Our young future generations must be watching with the confusion. The whole nation’s eye is on the high profile scam.
    We came to know the famous case of ex-monk, Sonam Penjor’s for smuggling around few hundred worth tobacco only after the verdict has been passed by the court- just within few weeks. Now, the question is why this issue of land scam is being talked so much by people of all work of lives and at all the levels. The reason is not exclusively because of involvement of high profile officials, it is also because people already know the result of the investigation and are just waiting for the ultimate consequences for the perpetrators. The stakes are high which puts the credibility of constitutional bodies into test and the decision will seal the kind of democracy we would enjoy in the future

  33. Tainted EX- Dzongda and other leaders of  recently formed parties should be properly scrutinized as per the Election procedure before contesting an election.Those terminated and suspended as per laws during those era should be applied like Gyalposhing case where a lot of high profile is involved and should never be allowed to contest because of their involvement.Monks are not supposed to be indulging for smuggling but he deserved it.These days Some Lam Netens and Trulku are playing safe and wise politics instead of studying& spreading the Dharma and they are habit of spying other sects&Lineage instead of sageguarding own lineage  and giving malicious reports thereby Killing Buddha Dharma.They are supposed to practice the dharma according to Buddha Teachings instead of trying to destablize the nation.Bhutan shouldnot spare those morally corrupted be it be Monk/leaders where Lams are civil servants/Corporate.Such people should be looked carefully and bring those under media scanner and other agencies.

  34. Tenzin Lamsang as the CEO of the Bhutanese is punished by MOIC and he will now not dare to write on Gyalpozhing land, Lottery case and Chang Ugyen’s land grabbings. The other media houses should also be concious otherwise u will face the similar fate like theBhutanese.

  35. Antisychophant, please refrain from such childish behavior, if you want to discuss things, lets do it properly.

    I just have one thing to say to all the people that support this paper, not even one of you have even tried to refute any of the reasons that I have given for finding this paper biased, so does it mean I am correct and you guys are wrong, if so why not admit it like a man and move on, instead of resorting to such cheap tactics like Agey Haap, Ms Himalaya and the very brain dead antisychopant.

    How many times do I have to repeat it, I am all for newspapers exposing corruption, my bone of contention is that this paper while doing it, is doing so in a very biased manner. Now whats so hard to accept about that.

    • antiSycophants

      i believe reporters are taking risks in exposing the scam. And if it was bias i think concern person or authority will take action as per the law of the land but that doesn’t happen. It boils down to one conclusion that theBhutanes news paper is doing good. So why are you against it. Justify it. Let me see how you do that.

      • I am not against it, you don’t seem to have understood my post correctly and I am certainly not challenging what they write. My reason for calling them biased is that they investigate only stories which are related to the PM or the DPT, an example is the Denchi Land compensation where a relative of the PM has been named, while they have remained speechless on the Nanglam Land scam where somehow this paper cannot connect it to the DPT or the PM.

  36. Even if all the allegations were true JYT will still be head and shoulders taller and better as a leader than all the rest. People know it and that’s why he gets voted in again and again. The Bhutanese paper knows it too and hence this story. This is the only way that other parties will have a chance to win. The JYT factor it is.

    thanks for your very reluctant admission that JYT is a great leader

    Tshering P said
    We won’t know until a person is given a chance.
    so you do admit that we have no one remotely comparable to JYT and therefore need to give someone a chance! believe me, great people cannot be kept down. their greatness will just shine through. right now, i think every one is acutely aware that there is no other light. everyone else is such a poor poor poor second.

    • You read me wrong. I said JYT only has his oratory skills to his advantage. That alone does not make him Great! And the fact that he uses this very skill to cheat and lie to the people is even more disgusting.

      If all allegations against him are true, then he is not just a liar! He is a corrupt man who’s only looking after his own self interests. There should be no place for him in politics or in any leadership role.

      A clean not so great person is better than a corrupted person whether he/she is great or not. But then that’s how I see it, and you see it differently. To each his own. No point arguing who’s right or wrong!

      • You have got to be the biggest nincompoop going around, you now advocate, to each his own, no point arguing, so all this time why were you trying to shout us down, that to with some of the most petty arguments ever made on this forum, ie he may sell the country to China, no wonder, with supporters like you and Agey Haap, no one looks at the PDP as a viable opposition anymore.

        • Yes, I figured there was no point arguing with a fool who’s only purpose is to troll this website and shamelessly defend their masters.

          What I appreciate about you is, that you are a very loyal dog with no conscience who can’t see beyond what your masters tell you to see. For that reason alone, JYT must be prould to have you, however foolish you are.

          • To each his own, yet you keep on trying to force your views on others, your a jerk man. You don’t even understand what you write yourself.

      • tshering p said
        “You read me wrong. I said JYT only has his oratory skills to his advantage. That alone does not make him Great!”.

        He has much more than just oratory skills. Oratory skills is just a byproduct of his knowledge, experience and wisdom. You may not know it but the majority of ppl in Bhutan know it and eminent persons and organizations around the world also know it.

        You do know that he is a receipient of the highestt honours of bhutan – the Druk Thuksey and the Druk Wangyel and conferred by no other than His Majesty.

        I don’t think anyone gets any award for just oratory skills.

      • tshering p said
        “You read me wrong. I said JYT only has his oratory skills to his advantage. That alone does not make him Great!”.

        100% percent agreement that just oratory skills does not make for greatness. But JYT has much more than just oratory skills. Oratory skills is just a byproduct of his knowledge, experience, skillfulness and wisdom. You may not know it but the majority of ppl in Bhutan know it and eminent persons and organizations around the world also know it.

        You do know that he is a recipient of Bhutan’s highest honours – the Druk Thuksey and the Druk Wangyel and conferred on him by no other than His Majesty the King. Now, if that is not proof – I don’t know what is?

    • well, that’s the problem with us. we can never see anything beyond JYT. No doubt he is capable, but what happens beyond JYT? Have we groomed any other leader? JYT will stay for maximum of 2 terms now. What next? Vaccum? If His Majesty the fourth Druk Gyalpo can abdicate, so that fifth Druk Gyalpo can gain experience, isn’t it the right time for we the people also to think beyond JYT? Just a thought to ponder upon..

  37. Toka
    Since JYT is here and is heads and shoulders better than anybody, why should we groom someone on the job. Remember we are talking about the position of head of govt. How can we have a trainee PM? (Or should I have said ‘groomee PM?)The grooming can be done on the sidelines. He does not have to be PM to be groomed. The post of PM should be held only by those with proven abilities. I don’t think we can risk giving someone a chance just on the off chance that he may be good. Head of govt is serious business and we cannot leave it to chance.

  38. Blahh blahhh

  39. DPT want Bhutanese people to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” of their evil did.
    Gayloo Gayloo Lhagayloo Peldendrukpa Lhagayloo!

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