PM applauds courts for speedy justice

The Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley in his state-of-the-nation report commended the courts in Bhutan for delivery of speedy justice, even in the face of huge overflow of cases.

“The judicial system should be commended for the efficiency with which justice was being dispensed,” said Lyonchhen JYT while he delivered the address.

The PM presented the number of cases registered and decided by the courts in Bhutan last year. The report shows that the remaining 1,650 cases from 2010 had been forwarded to2011 and last year, 13,215 new cases were registered.

The highest numbers of cases were recorded in Thimphu with 1,345 cases and this was followed with the 886 cases recorded in Paro.

The report shows that of the 13,637 decided cases, 9,695 had been decided within 108 days while 1,860 cases had been decided in more than 108 days but within the timeframe of 365 days.

On the cases being routed to the courts, 224 cases had been appealed to the High Court and out of the 41 cases appealed from the Larger Bench of the High Court to the Supreme Court 10 cases had been admitted.

The report also showed that out of the 1,228 pending cases, 93 cases had been pending beyond 365 days.

The PM acknowledged the Phuentsholing Court for having decided 1,345 and 836 cases correspondingly.

The PM stated the comparative case statistics of 2010 and 2011, which revealed that there had been an increase of 7.3% registered cases in 2011, the courts rendering 13,637 decisions, an increase by 8.2%.

According to the statistics, there was 3,497 matrimonial cases excluding the application for marriage certificates and 1,875 monetary matters.

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  1. Did the court receive Gyelpoizhing case? Health budget misappropriation case? Chang Ugyen case? Trowa theatre case? And are they resolved in the expected way? I dare not to be behind the lyoenchhen

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