PM completes 205 Gewogs tour

The Prime Minister Lyonchhen Dasho Tshering Tobgay, met the people of Dzomi Gewog, Punakha Dzongkhag on Friday morning. Dzomi is the last of the 205 Gewogs in the country Lyonchhen visited to present his report on the gewog’s development progress and activities; and learn the concerns of the people.

In Dzomi, Lyonchhen told the people that visiting the last gewog made him feel more aware about the concerns and development of all the gewogs in the country.

Presenting his report, he informed the people about the budgetary expenditure allocated in the last Five Year Plan (FYP) for Dzomi gewog. He simplified the budgetary expenses and explained the people that in the last financial year 2017-2018, Dzomi gewog had been allocated a budget of about Nu.9.7 million; which if divided amongst the 242 households of Dzomi would amount to Nu.39,884 per household.

Lyonchhen then told the people that health and education- welfare from Their Majesties are primary concerns of the government. He dispelled the false rumors on the application of charges or fees on the issue of the corporatization of Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital. He said that the government would never charge the health care welfare system founded and fostered by Their Majesties. He added that people must contribute in their role by responsibly using the medicines. The Royal Government provides free medication and referral treatments in the country.

Thereafter, he explained the people on the free education system which was founded by Their Majesties. He said that people must invest in the moral and educational growth of their child by being responsible parents and helping the teachers in parenting process of their child. Lyonchhen also asked the people if the one month summer vacation increase for the students benefited the families? To this, the people said that it has helped them spend more time with their child and for their child to learn more on the household chores. Initially, the summer vacation for students was only 2-weeks. Lyonchhen also spoke on the central school system which he said would enhance the educational essence of the child.

Lyonchhen then spoke on the agricultural growth in the gewog. The primary staple crop of Dzomi is paddy. The people also grow vegetables and produce diary products in the country. He said that the government which has already provided 3 power-tillers will provide 2 more to help the people in the agricultural works. Dzomi Gewog as of now has 50 power tillers (3-government and 47-private). He also informed and urged the people to invest in electric fencing, where the government provides subsidized energizers. He also explained that the Soenam Tshongkhangs (Farm shops) in the country is not just for the farmers to buy products but also for the farmers to sell their produce.

He then explained on the Gewog banks and its biometric system which is a secure savings place for the rural people’s money. He also urged the people to invest in the Rural Enterprise Development Corporation Limited (REDCL) which provides subsidized loans at an interest rate of 4 % per annum.

He also informed the people on the Priority Sector Lending Initiative (PSL) initiated by the Royal Monetary Authority as per the Command of His Majesty the King to ease rural loan systems. He urged the people to learn and explore about the REDCL and PSL schemes to start interested activities in the gewog.

Lyonchhen explained that for a sustained growth of the country, the people must fight corruption. He spoke on how corruption empties a society of resources and abilities. He shared the concern His Majesty the King has always express on corruption. He urged the people to report corruption and not to let the roots of corruption grow.

Lyonchhen added that the Gewog Development grants and the Dzongkhag Development grants are means to strengthen the local government. He also told the people on the Annual Performance Agreement pact signed by the Prime Minister with the head of Ministers/ Agencies and Dzongkhags under the Government Performance Management System which is a means to achieve good governance.

He ended by explaining that the government will do its best to serve the Tsa-wa-sum (King, Country and the Poeple); and that the people must think and realize their role in contributing to the sustained and self-sufficient growth of the country.

Lyonpo Tandin Wangchuk, Health Minister and Minister Representative for Punakha Dzongkhag; Hon’ble Chimi Dorji, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and Member of Parliament from Lingmu-Toewang constituency; and Punakha Dzongkhag officials accompanied Lyonchhen.

Lyonchhen started the gewog meetings in the August of 2015 in Bji and Katsho gewogs of Haa. He has visited all the 205 gewogs in the country interacting with the people and sharing their ideas and concerns for the enhancement and further progress of the gewogs.

On the successful completion of zomdus in all 205 gewogs in the country, Lyonchhen offered prayers at the Machen Kunrey in Punakha Dzong.

‘Tangra’, a special prayer ceremony to offer gratitude to the deities for the successful completion of task without hindrance and the continued guidance was also held in a Punakha Dzong.

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