‘PM has no respect for the Opposition Party,’ MP Damcho Dorji

Opposition MP Damcho Dorji at the Press conference

MP Damcho Dorji on behalf of the two member Opposition party objected to the Prime Minister’s strong language used against the Opposition Leader (OL) and also highlighted how the government had undermined other democratic institutions in a similar way.

“The Opposition party deeply regrets the unwarranted remarks of the Honorable Prime Minister during the recent press conference in which he labeled the OL as ‘unpatriotic and disloyal’ for expressing his view on the UN Security Council bid, and for calling on the government to review its foreign policy,” opposition MP Damcho Dorji told local reporters yesterday.

He said that by calling the OL “disloyal and unpatriotic” the PM seemed to have no respect and regard for the institution of the Opposition party or the duty of the Opposition party as enshrined in the Constitution.

“The opposition party is not surprised that the PM Lyonchhen Jigmi Y Thinley has gone on record to term the OL as “unpatriotic and disloyal”. Such incidences have occurred before, as when the government demeaned the judiciary when they lost the constitutional case,” said MP Damcho Dorji.

He went on to say the government has undermined the institutions of the ECB, ACC and media on various occasions. He said, “the honorable PM seems to have no respect and regard for the institution or duty of the opposition party as enshrined in the constitution.” “This itself shows the government is unpatriotic,” he added.

This statement by MP Damcho Dorji comes following a recent statement by the PM who called OL’s remarks on Bhutan’s bid to non-permanent membership of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) ‘very irresponsible, unpatriotic and definitely not coming from the loyal citizen’. The PM’s statement was in retaliation to the OL Tshering Tobgay’s remarks after Bhutan failed to secure a non-permanent berth on UNSC when he termed the government’s foreign policy irresponsible and its bid for the security council  seat ‘ill-conceived and misguided.’

In response to a question from a reporter, the OL said, “What the honorable PM has expressed amounts to defamation and mudslinging. That is not healthy for a democracy,” he said.

The opposition party which claims to have a strong defamation case however decided not to press charges nor take it to court as it would further aggravate the situation. “We have decided to appeal to the government to stop these personal attacks and get down to the work at had,” he added.

MP Damcho Dorji felt the ‘unwarranted’ remarks by the Lyonchhen are “an attempt to deflect public attention from the government’s failure to secure the UNSC membership and from the series of allegations of corruption that continue to plague the government.”

The opposition MP further said “the honorable PM’s derogatory remarks indicate that while the government wants to take all the credit for any success, it does not want to be held accountable or face criticism for any of its failures.”

The opposition earlier insisted that the government provide a “complete and public account of the expenses incurred to campaign for the UNSC seat and to explain why so much resources were allocated to an undertaking that we had no chance of winning in the first place.”

However, the opposition is yet to hear from the government on the subject although no official request was made to the government to reveal the accounts.

“It has become sort of a norm as it’s not the first time that we have asked the government for accounts. We have asked the government for the audit report on the lottery scam which has not been provided and we have asked for many such accounts which has never been furnished to us,” MP Damcho said.

The OL also referred to the written request made to the government during the last parliamentary session with regard to details of all the people who accompanied Lyonchhen on the various official trips abroad. “We have not received an answer to that nor have we received an answer to the request for details on all the health referrals to third countries that was authorized by the PM’s office,” he said.

On the PM’s personal remarks that the opposition had no experience in foreign relations, MP Damcho Dorji said the country’s foreign policy is ‘so complicated that it called for such experienced diplomats’.

“Both Lyonpo (OL) and I have been in the government service for almost 20 years and we have had on several occasions rows in shaping our foreign policy as well,” he added.

The OL reiterated on his earlier stand that the “country’s foreign policy has always been prudent given the geopolitically sensitive nature and it has been very much focused and we had called on the government to continue that focus.”

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  1. We define ‘unpatriotic and disloyal’ to those Ministers who have many charges on Land Scam,Lottery Scam and other favourtisms like Trowa Theatre,City Bus and so on. They are the real Countrys Money Sucker but they dont realise that one day they too have to Die. Our PM have voice power and all his ministers are afraid of him forget about MP’s. His decision is final in any matter. We have voted our MP’s to represent our Consituency but they are representing PM and his Corrupted Ministers. MP’s are coward they cant voice their rights in the Pirlament. It is high time that MP’s too shoud raise the issue on lottery Scam but they are puppet to PM fearing that they might not get ticket for next election . But my dear MP’s our Vote is much more heavier than the party Ticket so bear in mind. National Council Chairman is another Crab to PM. He is being dominated by PM and he never raises critical issues on DPT nor let other to do.

    • Rumoru is rife that NC chap (chair person) is joining DPT. So we can see through what is happening and why he is keeping silent! So politics everywhere.
      The way our PM talk shows arrogance and intolerance. This is not a good sign of democracy. It is only in paper, the promise of vibrant democracy. Practically it is naught!
      All MPs have become puppet and none voice the interest of people. They are concerned about their party and its president. That is being selfish and unpatriotic too.

      • So according to you the NC chairperson has to criticize the PM for him to be acceptable, come on, please give us a break.

        • Hey good you are childish here and you dont understand anything and just therowing your views. We dont mean that NC chair person has to Critize PM but we want NC members led by its chair person to protect our country from Heavy corruptions. They are too there to represent we the people of Bhutan. If our leaders try to misuse their power its their duty too to correct them. Otherwise what is the use of having such instutions spending huge amount of money on salary and other facilities to 25 NC’s.

          • Hi Old man, read the story here and than talk about the role about the NC chairman.

  2. Dasho, you too are bad PDPian, You are neglecting the capsizing boat for better opportunities….

  3. I think Dasho Damcho has to clearly give us clarification why OL and OP is against this policy, which is to make the permanent UN security council. Right we are not sure about this plan but H’ble PM has stated his reason why he and his government is focusing for it. So Dasho Damchoe need to explain us why OL and OP is against PM’s Plan.

  4. Hahah. people like Damcho dorji talking about the country. Charity begins at home.. clean ur house first

  5. PM has only defamed the OL but OL has defamed the Nation and its citizen saying that UNSEC seat is not important for us.

    • Yeah the PM did not defame the opposition as an institution rather he described irresponsible OL. 

    • UNSEC Seat is important to us only if we have chance of winning. But PM tried to reach the sky by joining no.of ladders which is not possible in his life tiime. But in return it has benefited PM and his team claiming TA/DA travelling to foreign countries.

  6. Someone who is completely irrelevant trying his level best to make himself relevant.

  7. Dasho Damcho, I would like to remind you that Opposition is Leader is not Lyonpo. He is not the minister for your kind information so don’t address him as Lyonpo. Please do not set a precedence. Rather you could refer yourself as one of the shadow ministers if you really like to use the word minister. 

    • Hey Phuntsho, why govt is refering Tshogpon as Lyonpo its the same case here both were wearing orange scarp and the people who wear orange scarf is reffered as lyonpo and red scarp as Dasho. Prime Minister is head of the ruling Govt. and Opposition leader is head of the Opposition. Any problem with you man calling him as Lyonpo.

      • You are right Tshering Tobgay is the Opposition leader not minister. And JYT is the prime minister and thus the minister. Lyonpo to my understanding translate into a minister for your kind information. And yes I have got a problem with it because we don’t want to set a precedence.  And the Opposition leader doesn’t have to be called a minister to voice against the government, in fact he should be able to do it even without wearing any scarf. That is a real democracy my dear PDP puppet. 

        • ya real democracy where dpt minister indulged in corruption…….i luv dpt chamchagiri…………………

        • Hey Phuntsho, Why People call Tshogpon/Speaker as Lyonpo that is simple he too wears Orange Scarf. OL is one of the most Important person in democaracy who can raise his voice against PM if something goes worng. If PM become OL next time what do you want him to wear a blue Scarf i dont think so.

          • What is the favorite color of your under garment? You can give the scarf of that color to your OL if he becomes a PM. I have answered your first question in a thread reply to civil society. 

      • Perhaps the OL should have a title like that in Britain and several other countries: “Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition”

    • idoit phuntso i like to remind you that….those people irrrespective of party ..where HM confers sword and orange scarf is lyonpo…….and dnt remind those people who have exciled in thier life…..unlike you….roaming in town like dog………..

      • The way you wrote your statements in fact shows that it is you who is doing the roaming in the streets of Thimphu or elsewhere. Did your lopen teach you to write with those blanks in between the words or are you telling me to fill in the blanks that you have left? Those esteemed people who are conferred Red Scarf by the Druk Gyalpo in recognition of their services to Tsa-Wa-Sum are called Dashos and no matter what position these people hold they will always hold the privilege of the Red Scarf. On the other hand Orange scarf is only positional even if it is conferred by the Druk Gyalpo and the title doesn’t come with it. The Orange scarf doesn’t come with a title Lyonpo unlike the Red scarf which has a Dasho title attached to it. Therefore Tshering Tobay may have gotten the Orange Scarf but he is addressed as the Opposion Leader. Namgay Penjor might have gotten the Orange scarf but he is addressed as the Chairperson of NC. Do you get the point?

    • than why is your speaker refered to as lyonpo………….he ahve grabed so many land in gyelposhing……………….in the name of son,daughter, and even in the name of domestic hepler as mentioned in kuensel………………dpts sweet talk will not work this time………

      • For your kind information, he is not my speaker. No members of parliament address him Lyonpo because he is not the minister. Did not you see or hear that they address him as ‘Meje’ Tshogpon’? We do not want people to call him lyonpo either because he is not the Minister.
        Jigme Tshulthrim should be addressed as Hon’ble Speaker not Lyonpo
        Tshering Tobgay should be addressed as Hon’ble Leader of the Opposition not Lyonpo
        Namgay Penjor should be addressed as Hon’ble Chairman of the NC not lyonpo.

  8. GNH contributor

    damcho has right to question the bad policies of this government coz this government couldnt kept their promises.

    • what type of promises are you talking about? DPT didn’t give you a girl friend?

      • Its Simple Zero tolerance to Corruption and now they the leaders them selve are Corrupted including Priminister and what else you want.

        • Are you able to differentiate between ‘Now and Then’? Do you know that ‘Then’ is not ‘Now’ and not vice-versa either. 

          • Whether it is Then or now,corrupted person ia always considered as corrupted. Thiefs are consided as Thiefs only whether they has stolen a pin few years back or now.

  9. mr. joktang is the real potato. need to use some logical explanations when you intend to post things…people have right to express but should have reasons to support the stand

  10. Hi Kencho,
    How dare you say like that to Damcho Wangdi. I definitely know that you are DPTian. First, try to understand the insight of the issue, and then comment on it. Don’t try to personalize the things on common issues. How you will feel if you were Mr. Damcho.

  11. The uncivilized and unprofessional attitude of egg headed PM’s answer to OL is very disgusting and irritating. PM talks about GNH everywhere and he failed to do it practically as he has shown his true GNH in media recently. I think most of us had heard about the story of Jelly Fish and Snail, where Jelly fish swallow ‘s Snail and later it is found that snail eats away the Jelly fish from inside. This is what exactly what is happening in Bhutan with DPT as ruling government with great orator PM as head, who talk more and do less.I would say that PM and DPT is eating Bhutan from within like the story of snail and Jelly fish.Better watch their step because you may become the victim of vulture rule.

  12. The term Ngolop has to be redefined. From 1990 on-wards people who criticize government even when it is wrong has been branded as unpatriotic. The word sucks, real ngolops are the ones who are sucking and corrupting country’s wealth and resources.
    Those who demanded rights in 1990 were not ngolops, f*** off

  13. HI
    I honestly feel this has become issue unnecessarily, I mean when PM already informed why UN seat was important and why did we lose, the comment from Opposition Leader was not necessary saying Bhutan doesn’t need the seat! If you feel we don’t need the seat then why do you think so, explain like PM. Of course I agree it was wrong of PM to say OL was disloyal or unpatriotic but then didn’t OL themselves gave PM a chance to comment like that. This is purely a political influences trying to defame each other and nothing more. (I feel they should stop playing this blame game and concern more on how to win people’s heart through true action instead of trying to bring down each other)

  14. PM..knew that bhutan have least chance to get seat at UNSC….and knowingly govt….held so many meetings and trip abroad …..at the cost of public exchequer……first need to focus domestically rather that going international…….. those money they spent on foreign trip could have build schools and create employment opportunity ………i am sad there lots of unemployed graduates…..simply loitering ….

  15. Hey all, Those who think that UNSEC seat is not good for Bhutan, please explain with logical facts. Even OL did not substantiate the argument. Everyone is complaining of PM spending his time and resources abroad rather than at home. If PM always stays home and do not interact with international bodies, where will the donations and grants come from? Can our country carry out developmental activities without international grants? Let’s not complain because OL is complaining. It is OL’s duty to complain for anything but we the citizens must carefully study everything before we jumpt to silly conclusions. I really wonder if Bhutan would receive sufficient grants if PM does not use his wisdom and diplomatic skills.

  16. The OL asked a perfectly legitimate question of the PM.  Expenses for the UN Sec Council must be furnished to the public.  Such disclosures should be routine and mandatory even if the Opposition does not ask for it.  I am also not at all convinced by the PM’s justifications on the subject…just doesn’t make sense.  It’s easy to hide under the guise of patriorism and national interest many a shady undertaking costing the cash-trapped national economy gazillions.  No government should be allowed to get awat scott-free just by murmurimg a few incoherent sentences peppered with claims of doing so for the tsawasum.  As a famous saying goes – patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.

  17. Honesty is being murder by our  political  geniunious 

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