PM in Mongar Gewog

In Mongar Gewog Lyonchhen said that he is aware of the water shortage problem in Mongar Gewog due to the increasing number of households and water sources drying up. He said that it is the government’s responsibility to help ease water problem by building water tanks and pipelines; but it is the people’s responsibility to look after the water sources by maintaining it.

Lyonchhen said Mongar gewog has had black-topped road from a long time while some gewogs are just starting their first gewog road construction. He added that Mongar has a prime location with Highways.

Lyonchhen cited examples on how the people can and should help in minor works like around the school campus.  He explained that the government’s responsibility is to send adequate teachers and help build school infrastructure among others.

Lyonchhen explained the allocation of Nu.47.024 million in the last 4 years for Mongar Gewog alone. Lyonchhen congratulated the people for having only 13 gungtongs of 727 households.

Lyonchhen has visited 160 of 205 gewogs as of now.

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