PM justifies visit to Haa

The PM clarified that he went to see the progress of the poverty reduction program in Samtse and Haa Dzongkhags

“I have bigger reasons for my trip to Haa Sombeykha,” said Lyonchen Jigmi Y. Thinley during the recent ‘Meet the Press’.

The Lyonchen was responding to queries by the media and speculation by people about his recent tour to Haa which many quarters had pronounced as premature politicking for the 2013 elections.

The PM clarified that he went to see the progress of the poverty reduction program in Samtse and Haa Dzongkhags. He said that Samtse is one of the remotest parts of the country and it is essential to know the problems of people at first hand.

“Obviously he will deny this. As far as the Opposition Leader is concerned, whether he campaigned or not is secondary. I’m just grateful that he finally visited my constituency and that he would have seen first-hand the difficult conditions there,” said the Opposition Leader (OL), Tshering Tobgay.

The OL said Sombaykha and Gakiling are some of the remotest and poorest parts of Bhutan. “As such, I’m of the opinion that the PM should have visited these places earlier on.”

The Opposition Leader (OL), Tshering Tobgay, said he had heard some people complaining that the PM went to campaign.

“If PM’s special interest in my constituency translates to socio-economic gains and better living standards for my people, I will be grateful,” he added.

Lyonchen Jigmi Y.Thinley explained that the settlement pattern of Samtse is scattered with 200 households in each chiwogs which makes difficult to distribute the development facilities.

“There are no road, electricity and health facilities in these areas” said the Lyonchen. He commented that we have read in papers and heard but we did not realize how remote some of our places would be

Furthermore Lyonchen said that in one of the meetings he had promised to make a visit to these places as he had never been there since his tenure as a PM.

“We have decided and discussed so many things as 11th Five Year Plan is on the process of being formulated and it is important to address immediate problems of our people in it,” said the Lyonchen.

The public’s perception is, however, a diverse mix of assumptions, outright conclusions and some understanding with most views inclining toward – ‘indirect campaigning for 2013 elections.’

Sonam Wangdi, a private employee said that it is out of the PM’s jurisdiction to visit along with his colleagues, these places, at the last period of his Government. “It is obvious that he is going for the upcoming elections” said Sonam Wangdi

Sonam Wangyel a youth leader supposed that being a politician he is using this cause to win votes for the 2013 elections.

On the other hand, Ugyen Tshering a civil servant feels that as a serving PM of the country, he has every right to visit all places after all he is accountable to his people and more over the PM’s trip would help to frame 11th Five year Plan better with his first hand experience in these places.

Gyeltshen from Haa said that Haa is one of the neglected Dzongkhags though it is near the capital  Even though there is not much income poverty people are experiencing multi dimensional poverty like health, education and road facilities.

“I don’t think PM came for politicking, I would say he came to see  the  progress and monitor the rehabilitation centre in Haa founded by His Majesty the Fifth King” added Gyeltshen

Treading on a rougher terrain of opinions, a researcher from a private firm observed that it is shocking to hear that the PM of Bhutan is not aware of his country.

“Why does the PM have to wait till the last year of his tenure to visit such poverty stricken places, in fact these places need to be visited first” remarked the researcher.

An aspiring politician was of the view that he appreciates the PM as a hard working and responsible leader but he feels that timing of PM’s visit is wrong as he should have visited these places at an earlier time.

“It is also startling to hear that PM is not aware of poverty in Haa areas because it is clearly shown in 2007 living Standard report that Haa border regions have the highest poverty rate,” said the political aspirant.

An eye witness of the Lyonchen’s visit, Mangimi Samdrup from Haa said that the PM didn’t talk about elections, “in fact he was discussing the problems faced by the people.

Haa National Council member Tshering Dorji, said “PM’s visit has nothing to with politicking as I was also accompanying him and in fact it was an eye opening and an inspiring moment for the people.”

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  1. Besides lambasting the government with his multifaceted opposition views, if I were from his Constituency, my first question to him would be in knowing – from this, what fraction of the questions truly pertained to that of his constituency development aspects as to why it was needed on a priority basis given its harsh remoteness nature?
    This is the first time I am hearing a MP representing his constituency on a bull blown developmental subject. It would be interesting to see if this paper in its next issue could high light some of his achievements on the development fronts in his community thus far ( up till 4 years now).

  2. With due respect to to the PM, I would like to make few comments on his visit to Haa, especially the walk.

    1. His comments about “wearing-off” a swiss boot is a “Bull-shit”, Peoples have trekked the snow-man trek more than 3 times with a pair of shoes (May be his shoe was old worn-out one)
    2. He have suddenly after 15 years of service as a minister and 5 years of Politicking realized how people suffer in villages.

    It is sad to know that you have felt the PM would be very much aware of the peoples suffering but if this is the comment to make from PM JYT, this is sad.
    “I will not vote for DPT” in 2013 elections

  3. Whoever becomes Bhutan PM must know Bhutan well with such visits rather than frequently visiting foreign countries and also entrust our educated Bhutanese rather than paying millions to foregners.

  4. Well is carrying his GNH to people… spreading them.. I think he went their to make some TA/DA.. i thought only poor people make TA/DA, even PM of the country.
     I thought he had must have had enough from:
    1.Lottery scam
    Mckenzy etc etc…
    I guess it’s never enough..

  5. The political aptitude/caliber of OL is being checked and he is happy being fooled by the PM’s odessy- if the OL was a able leader and intutive politician he would have arranged a trip to PM’s constituency which is more pathetic then his, and inform the populace there about how PM cheated them during last four years and argue because of which they will remain poor or even turn poorer.
    Why do we elect political parties if they were to implement the plans prescribed in FYP who presciebes it?
    It is planned according to choice of less then a hundred people. Why on heaven are political parties robbing the nation under the pretext democracy, is the eleventh FYP good path to balanced economic development?
    What strategies and measures are employed 11th FYP to ease rupee crisis? Or are still more hydropower projects endorsed to bring the instability?
    PM would not be going to villages if he wasn’t politicking, he would hear everything about villages from gups and dzongdas. Anyone who thought he was there to bring changes should be ashamed by realizing that PM constituency is economically neglected one, with acres of forest destroyed by mining, poor quality drinking water, schools downsized, high yearly rural-urban migration, high rate of school dropouts and fatherless, censusless children.
    Call it JNH now, he will have happiness by receiving handsome TA, and huge salary, further he is himself a law, else by now he should have been interrogated for Gyelpoizhing land case.
    Many GNH meditation centers will be built under his totalitarian rule, people are far from knowing the the economic and social effects of such institutions. Who do you think was targeted when Tobacco control bill was tabled? Who does the government fear when it comes to RTI bill?
    If PM focuses on touring countryside, halt his journey for a while and ask him who is responsible in making a good tie with our Northen neighbour, and tell him how important it is now, remind him better now than later.
    Any argument against these judgements are welcome, show sound manners to enable me to understand your points.

  6. we are bulls we dont know why jigme is in haa

  7. Entrusting and allowing only FCB to import vegetables is a stupid idea. I don’t know from where DPT government is getting these stupid ideas. Maybe McKinsey is behind all these crab. Come on DPT government, we have high expectation from you and we know you can do better than this.

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