PM meets Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs from Australia

Greeted by warmth and sense of familiarity, as though it weren’t the first meeting, Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering met His Excellency Mr Tim Watts MP, Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia today.

The two countries share many colourful chapters from the first Bhutanese students admitting to Australian schools in 1960s to establishing diplomatic ties 20 years ago, to setting up of Bhutanese embassy in Canberra to recent buzz of Australia remaining the preferred destination for most Bhutanese.

“It is a matter of pride, and we are grateful that your system has taken in and given opportunity to many of our young minds,” the prime minister said.

“It is impressive to note Bhutan’s graduation in the face of COVID-19 and economic challenges,” the assistant minister said, reiterating that his visit was a reflection of Australia’s commitment to Bhutan, and the region, in the ever-evolving geopolitical context.

Sharing understandings on international developments, climate change and Bhutan’s reform processes, the way forward is intelligibly on strengthened cooperation and renewed determination.

Education and vocational training, solar and hydro projects were some of the areas highlighted.

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