PM meets Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister

China Vice Foreign Minister with the Lyonchhen

The Vice Foreign Minister of China Ms Fu Ying, who lead an eight-member delegation for the 20th round of boundary talks, called on the Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y Thinley at the Gyalyong Tshokhang last Thursday.

The boundary talks between Bhutan and the government of the People’s Republic of China was held yesterday in Thimphu.

The Bhutanese delegation lead by the economic affairs minister Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk represented Bhutan for the meet.

The third Expert Group Meeting (EGM) in Beijing in July 2010 and an informal meeting of the expert group in Hongkong in November 2011 were held after the last round of boundary talks held in Thimphu in January 2010.

The China-Bhutan boundary talks are based on the Four Guiding Principles agreed between the two parties in the 1998 agreement to maintain peace and tranquility along the borders.

Lyonchhen welcomed Vice Foreign Minister Ms Fu Ying on her first visit to Bhutan. He conveyed heartfelt condolences from the people and the government of Bhutan on the aftermath of heavy rainfall and loss of lives in China.

Lyonchhen also expressed his admiration on the extent to which China was able to lower its poverty level.

The Chinese vice Foreign Minister said that Bhutan’s development model of GNH is increasingly becoming popular and admired in China.

Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley and Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying also spoke on several other matters of mutual interests.

International boundaries secretary Dasho Pema Wangchuk, foreign secretary Yeshey Dorji and International Boundaries Secretariat officials were also present at the meeting.

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  1. Don’t preach GNH only  and blow the Trumpet .It is high time we make hard bargain with China and India regarding boundary demarcation if possible make wall along the Border for peace and Security of the nation as two powerful nations have taken a lot junk of Bhutanese territories during Border Demarcation and making of roads by Dantak. Bhutan needs to wake up from deep slumber and take highest priority to solve this issues forever.

    • You seem to know a lot. Could you shed some light for us to know, so that we can also substantially ask our representatives to go for the solutions. But is it really necessary for you to describe JYT?

  2. Your Excellency: In place of selling GNH to European and to the American we the people of Bhutan will grateful if you can slove all the related border issue wiith the China . we wanted to see your intellectual warfare playing with these two Asian giants. May be after sometimes you can revive this noble philosophy or may be I could not comprehend you may be you will interprete GNH in sloving the internationa border issues

    • Please spare the space of your bullshit. 

      • On what hermeneutic are you talking bullshit please? I will be to learn from you

        • What do you think the Royal Government of Bhutan has been doing all this time? The two countries have met 20 or so times to talk on boundary issues and Bhutan has been bargaining as much, maintaining our sovereign and independent stance. 

  3. If our PM does not preach GNH to Americans and Europeans our Sovereignty itself is in jeopardy. Please do not make cheap comments on our people elected PM.

    We are dependent everything on others. The PM is selling GNH to feed the people.

  4. Goodwill Embassador

    I have learned one lesson from these comments: it’s very hard to please people with negative attitudes. Please learn to appreciate the contributions made by the government at least once in a while..not always dwelling in the negative aspects. When the entire world has begun to appreciate our philosophy, it is a shame to hear Bhutanese criticizing it. As I have mentioned in the earlier post, we shall surely have foreign specialists coming to Bhutan to preach us on GNH someday if we as Bhutanese continue to have this kind of attitude to our own noble philosophy.

  5. Goodwill Embassador

    I really appreciate the content of this story. At least there is no mention of anything against Lyonchen and his government this time but m wondering y those brainwashed commentators who have failed to appreciate GNH and our Government’s initiatives are born in Bhutan.

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