PM meets De-suung volunteers

pic 1Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley as the chief guest met the 119 volunteers of the seventh batch of De-suung training program at the military training centre in Tencholing, Wangduephodrang last Thursday on 11 April, 2013.

Lyonchhen at the opening ceremony of the five-week training program, thanked His Majesty for the opportunity to address the volunteers.

He interpreted the term De-suung as protectors/guardians of happiness and peace (Dekyid). Citing reasons why Bhutan is a peaceful nation, Lyonchhen spoke of Bhutan’s sovereignty and how the country, given its multi-culture and ethnicity, remains united.

“By being here, I believe that you understand this responsibility to protect and maintain the sources of happiness and peace for our country,” Lyonchhen said. He conveyed his appreciation to the volunteers for being a part of this “great opportunity that His Majesty has made available.”

He also spoke of the possible threats to Bhutan’s peace and happiness.

As Bhutan progresses as a nation, there was a risk of its people focusing on accumulating material wealth alone and forget the important values. Lyonchhen feared that people might not devote themselves to dharma or spirituality, may not value the importance of serving and honoring one’s parents, and not be loyal or faithful to their spouses and not invest in building relationships, but instead be overpowered by greed and materialism.

He said De-suung volunteers, who are always there to help communities in times of natural or man-made disasters such as fire, earthquake and flashfloods, must also play a role in reminding the people of these values.

Lyonchhen urged the volunteers to spend their time at the training center to not only strengthen their commitment to Tsa-wa Sum but to also make friends for life, friends with who they must be in constant touch.

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