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PM outlines two foundations for the long term and two immediate priorities

The Prime Minister Dasho Tshering Tobgay said that in the first two weeks of his government he has been focusing on creating a map that will clearly outline what his deliverables are at the end of five years.

“I need to know now what I can deliver in five years and I need to qualify them and quantify them. For the simple reason that I need to be able to monitor this every year, every month, every week and every day,” said the PM.

The PM said he is not talking about the 13th FYP, manifesto etc. but he is talking about it for him personally and for the country in terms of how he wants to see the country progress at the end of five years.

“If I don’t have this map I know I will be fighting fire every day and running pillar to post every day meeting everybody and feeling very productive, but when I look back there will not be substantial output and outcome to my efforts. So, this is all about being strategic.”

The examples of the map are how do he wants the economy to be, how he wants tourism to be, how he wants the school systems and central schools to be, how he wants hospitals to be, which roads, what he wants from agriculture, what he wants from energy.

The PM said this is not the 13th FYP but there will be overlaps.  He said these are personal guides.

Coming to the second area the PM said that related to this the last two weeks he has been focusing on the 13th FYP which is the structure for the next five years and very important and it is related to this map he is talking about. He said the map is important as without looking at the 13th FYP he will know the big areas.

For the last two weeks, the PM has been focusing on these two areas and he said these are the foundations for the next five years.

“If I don’t take care of the fundamentals the next five years will disappear in the blink of an eye. These two are fundamentals that I must accomplish in order to be have any chance of achieving and fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of our people.”

The PM, however, said there are two areas that require our immediate attention.

“One is the morale of the people in various fields and I have been spending a lot of time meeting people with the sole objective of trying to inspire them. Nurses is an example and also Civil Servants and the Business Community.”

He said the other matter that requires our immediate attention is our economy.

“This is why we have been focusing on finalizing the ESP, my meetings with the MoF, RMA looking at financial systems and most importantly our focus on tourism which will stimulate the economy immediately.”

The PM said these are the two foundations for the long term and then two immediate ones.

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