PM says appointment of Finance Minister is his ‘worst decision’ and best decision

During the 3rd Meet-the-Press on 26 April, the Prime Minister (PM) said submitting the nomination of the current Finance Minister Lekey Dorji to be the Finance Minister is his worst decision as well as his best decision.

PM explained that it was the worst decision because the Finance Minister really controls the Exchequer.

“He controls the purse string very carefully. He is extremely aware of what is going on and he will not budge in when the other ministers and the prime minister are for fulfilling their pledges right away,” the PM said.

He said the Finance Minister doesn’t take decisions lightly, and he is definitely not willing to take decisions based only on the political interests. PM shared that Finance Minister makes the work in the Cabinet very difficult.

“He (Finance Minister) is also the best decision because he is so thorough and aware of the financial system, fiscal system, and our country’s economy.  Under his watch, we can be rest assured,” said PM.

“Stabilizing and strengthening the economy is the top priority, and in the end of the 13th FYP, you can be rest assured that we are not going to get into economic problems because we have a custodian,” the PM said.

The PM said that it was his best choice, and his remarks that it was his ‘worst choice’ was spoken in jest.

The PM delivered the above remarks following the statement of the minister on the rural life insurance pledge.

The Finance Minister said the rural life insurance is not wholly put in place to encourage people who live in rural areas. It is mainly put in place as it has been informed that the insurance is not enough for the aftermath of the relatives who passed away. During the second government’s time, the insurance has been increased from Nu 15 thousand to Nu 30 thousand. It was found out that it wasn’t enough so it has been decided to increase it.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy has been deeply affected, and so the plan of increasing the rural life insurance from Nu 30,000 to Nu 150,000 won’t be implemented right now. There are other important priorities that should be taken care of first.

The Finance Minister said that the pledge to increase the insurance will be fulfilled, but it will take time and it will be put in place in the coming years.

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