PM says minister stepping down will strengthen party before polls

The Prime Minister Dasho (Dr) Lotay Tshering said that he has four members
of the cabinet who have volunteered their names to step down given that the government
now has only nine ministries.

Currently two ministers have no portfolio and they are the former MoIC and
MoLHR ministers Karma Donnen Wangdi and Karma Dorji respectively.

“That has never been an issue and will not be an issue. We talked about it
few weeks back,” said the PM.

He said on a very good note the four ministers who offered to step down all
want to focus on the election, consolidating the party and bridging the gap
that is widening between the party and the supporters.

“We are not able to keep in touch with them and they said they can stay out
and work for the party,” said Lyonchhen.

“I said I have some time to think over because we don’t really have to come
out with a decision right now and so we will let the nation know ones of these
days,” he added.

Apart from which minister will step down, the other question will be who
will take over the newly created Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

Here Lyonchhen said, “The new minister will depend on who decides to stay

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