PM says PPDs must do more

“For any planning, you need to first know yourself, then you must know the system, the country, the vision and the global aspects. Without these, there is no purpose in the planning process,” said the Prime Minister Lyonchhen (Dr) Lotay Tshering.

Highlighting these at the first Planner’s Forum this morning, the PM said there is deficiency and lack of relevance in the system.

This, he said was clearly visible when he visited the different ministries and agencies. The Policy and Planning divisions are supposed to be the brains of the ministries but are currently being used for secretarial services. That is why this Planner’s Forum is timely, to do things better and different.

The planning officers shared their concerns on enhancing the efficiency, relevance of planning process and strengthening PPDs.

The first Planner’s Forum was organised by the Gross National Happiness Commission with over 40 planners from ministries, autonomous agencies, dzongkhags and thromdes.

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