PM says ready to put cut-off point policy through GNHC screening test

In reference to the recent discussion on the removal of class X cut-off point in the National Council (NC), it was learnt that members of NC were not satisfied with the response of government on the removal of class X cut-off point, and NC even questioned the process of the policy and recommended that the government carry out further impact analysis on the removal of the cut off point.

To this, Lyonchhen Dr Lotay Tshering, during the Friday Meet, said that two issues on the cut-off points have been raised frequently; the legality of the cut-off point and second, the continuity and affordability of it.

On that front, the government has written to NC, apologizing for not passing the policy through GNHC policy screening, as a matter of formality. However, Lyonchhen said that there is nothing illegal about it and that it was just a matter of timing.

“The question asked by the House (NC) was, it should have been done next year instead of this year. So I don’t see any problem with this. We have not stepped on the Constitution because the Supreme Court will not allow any individual, forget about the government, stepping on the Constitution,” he added.

On the policy screening part, Lyonchhen shared that the only reason why they did not have time for that was in the interest of those 2,300 students who will be left out if they did not rush on it.

Lyonchhen said, “The jobs that were given to class X passed students are now only for the class XII passed out students. All the diploma courses and certificate courses are lifted up to class XII pass.”

The class X passed students were indirectly or directly asked to look for the jobs because they could not continue their education, said the PM.

But now at least the gate is wide open for the class Xll passed students to take any diploma courses in or outside the country, he added.

However, Lyonchhen said he apologizes for not rooting to this year’s package through the GNHC policy-screening tool, adding that this is not a kind of policy the GNHC will stop anyway.

He said he is ready to put it through the GNHC screening tool. But, nonetheless, the government is prepared to roll it back if GNHC or any individual or any law enforcement agencies feel that this is not a wise policy.

Lyonchhen said, “There will not be much issue, regarding giving scholarships to class Xl. In the future, the government will be able to absorb all the class X students in government schools. After XII, there has to be screening gate and the gate will still be tight because we cannot have everything free right till graduation,” Lyonchhen added.

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