PM says rice is coming

Concerns have been raised regarding the steps taken by the government to control prices of the commodities in the market. Prime Minister (PM) Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering assured that vigilant measures are in place, ensuring the investigation on the price fluctuations.

Amid reports of rice price hikes in certain areas, PM underscored two key points. First, individual shopkeepers cannot arbitrarily increase prices, and second, a government’s policy bars price inflation.

Frequent price inflation checks are carried out by concerned officials to ensure compliance with these regulations. Should the public witness abnormal price surges, PM advised direct engagement with the relevant authorities.

Regarding rice supply, India, a major exporter to over 125 countries, including Bhutan, recently restricted rice exports to non-basmati varieties, creating concerns. PM disclosed that diplomatic countries have been requesting to resume rice imports. Bhutan’s appeal to India for continued rice export has been met with assurance, highlighting the close diplomatic ties between the nations.

To anticipate potential rice shortages, PM advised the general public to only stock enough bags of rice rather than panic-buying 10 to 15 bags due to price fluctuations. The emphasis is on responsible consumption to ensure an adequate supply for all.

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