PM stresses importance of education reforms

On 12th January 2016 Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay, addressed the participants of the Central School Immersion Program and biennial DEO conference, which was held in Phuntsholing HSS from 6th to 12th Jan 2016.

According to a Ministry of Education release amongst other matters Lyonchhen stressed on the importance of the role of both parents and teachers for their children’s upbringing.

The PM also urged educators  to be mindful of significant responsibilities to ensure reforms and improvements on the existing school system if the need arises and accordingly put policies in place to enhance school performance.

Lyonchhen emphasized his concerns and expressed support to education in the provision of access to quality education, nutritious food and better accommodation, through Central Schools.

Lyonchhen also insisted that educators learn about the importance of nutrition and must personally inspect and monitor the daily meals provided to the school children.

The need of imbibing the culture of ‘cleanliness’ in all schools, importance in upholding the discipline, provision of  nutritious food, and inculcating the value of hard work and Tse-Thong-She-Youen was stressed upon.

The house was informed that every effort has to be made to make students well-behaved, and hardworking in pursuing their own dreams, and in fulfilling aspirations of their parents, community and the country.

The PM emphasized that there is a need to revive and promote the value-based education. The importance and the need to teach children about Bhutan’s sacred sovereignty and how the Kingdom has steadfastly protected and strengthened itself over the centuries.

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