PM to keep an eye on services with eDesk launch

As part of the commitment of the Prime Minister towards enhancing accountability and efficient public service delivery, the G2C Office under the Prime Minister’s Office today launched the “PM’s eDesk” – a web based online monitoring tool for the Prime Minister.

Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay stated that delivering public services at the right time, at the right place and in the right manner is a necessary precondition for good governance. Therefore, the launch of the eDesk is a step in the right direction towards  putting in place a strong monitoring and evaluation system for service delivery in Bhutan.

The eDesk provides a snapshot of the G2C services along with graphical representation of the G2C application process and historical trends of the G2C services. It also keep track of the live data relating to the 24 services provided by the 5 ministries. The eDesk will allow the Prime Minister to track the application process of the services and will provide the statistics on number of applications received, approved, rejected and escalated at various levels (Ministry, Department and Services).

An important feature of the eDesk is its ability to provide escalation summary with color coded application status. Green is on time, orange is at risk and red is delayed.

For those services in the “red” zone, the Prime Minister can decide to send an inquiry email to the Minister or Secretary concerned.

Further, the e-Desk will also auto-generate a time stamp at the time of submission of application in order for the applicant to be aware of expected time for delivery of service.

Earlier last month, as part of the preparatory works towards the launch, the G2C Office carried out consultative meetings with all the ministries and agencies involved in G2C service delivery to confirm on the turn around time and to discuss and receive feedbacks on the eDesk.

Currently there are no established mechanism for tracking and evaluating service delivery of agencies in Bhutan. Therefore, with the launch of PM’s eDesk, we hope to make agencies more accountable through this monitoring tool. Further, the escalation summary would be an important indicator during the year-end evaluation of the         performance agreement of agencies since it will be linked to the mandatory indicator for service delivery under the GPMS.

The G2C Office informed that they would be keeping the eDesk dynamic with continuous up-dation to make the system more efficient, effective and accountable and with time. The immediate plan is to integrate services such as security clearance, audit clearance and services provided by Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, which were developed outside the G2C system into the eDesk to achieve comprehensive convergence of the eDesk.

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