PM’s Grievance cell gets a host of issues

The PM’s grievance cell was set-up for serious reasons but people submitted problems of every nature just-the-same. The grievance cell amassed submissions starting from love-lorn issues to people who requested the PM to clear personal loans.

Under one such strange submission a man who eloped with his girlfriend came to Thimphu, and put-up in a hotel. He then sent the bill to the Prime Ministers’ grievance cell, requesting the office to clear the bill.

Then there are also people who have requested for personal loans, through the PM’s cell, while some have asked the PM to stand guarantor for them.

The Lyonchhen in his recent state of the nation address said 360 cases including those pending had been addressed and only 123 remain unresolved which totals to about 350 cases since 2008.

The cell received 287 grievances as of June 2012

The Head of the grievance cell, Rinzin Jamtsho said since 2008 till 2011, the cell had received some cases that were beyond the jurisdiction of the PM’s grievance cell.

Judiciary cases like appeal for early bail from prison and land kidu figure into this list.

“There are other times when we have solved cases within an hour, those cases were on procedural matters, where the concerned was not aware of certain procedures,” said Rinzin Jamtsho.

As a major move to make the cell more dynamic and efficient, a grievance management system has been developed.

This system will be web-based and will broaden the platform for citizens to submit grievances. It will also make government agencies responsive and transparent in the process.

The head of the grievance cell said this system will maintain a periodic report which will help citizens track the progress of their grievances. It will also be people-friendly, accountable and will also help the individuals to keep tabs on their grievances through SMS.

He said provisions will be made to welcome any sort of grievances or feedback from the people not only from within the country but from any part of the world.

The system will be managed and followed by the appointed focal officers in various ministries, departments, and dzongkhags, which will trickle down to community centers at gewog levels. It is expected to be launched before the end of this year and shortly after that the government will be dissolved.

Rinzin Jamtsho said the system will be managed by the bureaucracy and the process will carry on.

Currently, to approach the cell, people can do it through mails, in person, fax or even through telephones; the present norm is that when people come to the office, their petitions must bear their names along with signatures.

The cell also studies if the petitioner made all attempts and that their efforts had been exhausted.

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  1. The truth that comes in the form of grievances, if taken seriously, would help in improving the system and as well, might contibute greatly to the growth of the nation by way of a redressal measures.But, are we giving enough attention and importance to these critical views which public express with a hope of receiving some solutions? ?? This is one area I like the government’s effort redoubled into seeing why complaints or grievances are freely flowing and nocking on the grievances cell door in huge numbers. does it merit a wake up call to our policy makers for actions???

  2. its matter of almost 9years ago i was compulsorily retired from my service even though i was aquitted from the court..that time i was quite young and not mature enough to fight agaist the management and thought as well as i could not get proper support from my illetrate poor parents to fight for my service till now i am unemployed facing job problem…so i seek if i can get any help or assistance for injustice happened to me…i have all my court verdict and other docuents…waiting for your sympthetic kidu if possible la…

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