Police await DNA reports to nab suspects

The family members of the 13-year-old girl who was brutally raped and murdered in Sarpang on April 12 this year are still awaiting justice.

Sarpang police are waiting for the DNA report due from Kolkata where samples of blood and stains collected from the crime scene were sent in May.

An expatriate worker who was arrested in connection with the murder of the victim has been released on surety by the police.

The suspect hasn’t confessed to the crime and has pleaded of not being involved at all.

The Sarpang police OC said that no arrest has been made as of now, and the police are still investigating the case through different means, but without much progress.

“We are waiting for the report which might be able to get some lead on the case. This is the most heinous crime that happened in my dzongkhag and we are going to trace down the suspect,” the OC added.

The victim was brutally murdered by unidentified attackers when she was heading for her school in the morning and was found about 20 meters away from a short-cut foot path, in a forested area of Sarpang.

The girl normally took the same route to school from her house in Dolungang village under Dekiling gewog. By the time police reached the crime scene, the face of the victim was covered in blood. The victim’s body was found covered in her own kira and with her tego partially removed.

Medical reports stated that the suspect had used some sort of hard object like a stone to hit the girl on the forehead. The victim sustained deep cuts and might have succumbed to injuries due to excessive bleeding.

She was a student of Jigmeling Primary School in Sarpang and was studying in class five.

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