Police official helped convict’s prison break

One police official was found to be involved in aiding a convict escape from a detention center on 4 January 2015.

Police also apprehended his 78 year old father and a friend who were involved in aiding the convict to escape from the detention center.

The police personnel is 25 years old and is from Khatoekha, Wangdue. He has served as a police personnel for almost three years.

Police said that, in the beginning, they have suspected two police personnel but one was found to be innocent.

Upon the interrogation, the police personnel said he did not receive any benefit from the convict and instead; he helped them because he felt pity on the convict due to frequent visits of his father.

After several visit by the convict’s father, they became close and thereafter the policeman helped them.

The prisoner was able to escape from the detention center with forged release documents. The police found that the release form, which is maintained by the police, had been manipulated and was filled and signed.

Police said that, the whole document was fake. The police personnel has been suspended from the department and the case was charge sheeted on 15th February to the court.


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