Poor drainage and lack of drinking water woes in Thimphu

The clogged up drains with overflowing water is a common sight in Thimphu during the monsoon season every year. During heavy downpours, sometimes the water flows right into people’s homes.

The Thimphu Thrompon, Kinlay Dorjee, said there are no new plans for improving the drainage system and drinking water supply the Thimphu due to lack of budget. He said the thromde workers are maintaining the drains in Thimphu area on a need basis.

He said there are plans to construct a suitable drainage system located at Changangkha and Motithang area to cope with the monsoon season but the thromde does not have the budget.

As for the water supply, the Thrompon said the tank at the water source is very dirty. “We inform the people of Thimphu time and again to cooperate with the thromde to clean the tank, but people are not cooperating with us. We find lots of dead animals like dogs, cats, etc., in the water tank but our thromde workers are cleaning it frequently.”

Phuntsho who lives in the Chamzamtog area said there is a drinking water shortage as water is supplied only time to time. “If there is a continuous water supply then it will be convenient for us. In the rainy season, we face much difficulty with drinking water and water is sandy in the rainy season.” Phuntsho also pointed out that the drainage system is very poor in Thimphu as water overflows from the drain along roadsides. “Thimphu City Corporation must look into matter at soon as possible,” Phuntsho added.

Karma Dorji who lives in the Hong Kong market area said when there is a heavy rainfall, all the drain are clogged and water flows on to the roads which makes it difficult for pedestrian. He said there is a drinking water problem all over Thimphu. “When I was child such problems existed and it is same as before. There is no improvement. We need to have improvement in the drinking water supply and drainage in Thimphu,” Karma added.

Sonam, a resident in Chamzamtog, said there is a shortage of water supply to her house during the monsoon season. She said the drains near her house are in a poor condition and sometimes water from the drains overflows into her house.

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