Post-Election reflections: Druk Phuensum Tshogpa candidates ponder diverse paths

As the political landscape undergoes changes following the recent electoral outcome, candidates from the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) party are navigating various paths, reflecting on their experiences and contemplating future endeavors.

One candidate, 32-year-old Thinley Tshering from Bumthang, expressed his commitment to returning to farming, a vocation he has pursued for the past five years. Emphasizing the multi-layered nature of politics, Tshering said, “Politics is not just about personality; there are numerous aspects that need to be fulfilled.” A sentiment that echoes the complexity inherent in political engagement.

Shadev Thapa, a 61-year-old retiree, humorously mentioned that politics was his “Plan B” having already been engaged in farming and community support. In the aftermath of the election results, he has seamlessly returned to his pre-political life, caring for chickens and assisting fellow farmers with marketing.

Some candidates, like 33-year-old, Ugyen Dorji, are considering job opportunities as they transition out of the political arena. He said, “I do not have exact plans, but I am thinking about them just in case. I think I will look for a job.”

Nim Dem from Chhukha outlined her plans, prioritizing the pursuit of work abroad or finding a job that aligns with her expectations. Alternatively, she is prepared to continue her role as an educated farmer, showcasing a willingness to adapt to different professional paths.

On a different note, 28-year-old Sonam Lepcha expressed aspirations for further education within Bhutan or, if circumstances command, in Australia. Lepcha cited the cooling period as a factor influencing his decision to not immediately return to work, pointing out the absence of significant pay hikes in the private sector.

Chador Wangmo, in contrast to some of her candidates, intends to take a break and spend quality time with her family for a few months or even a year. However, Wangmo stands out by expressing a desire to recontest in the future, highlighting resilience and a commitment to her political journey with DPT.

Former MP Gyembo Tshering revealed his immediate plans for rest and travel, leaving the question of a potential return to the political arena unanswered. His ambiguous stance adds an air of mystery to the post-election landscape, as speculation arises about the future courses of seasoned politicians.

Interestingly, while some candidates contemplate their next steps within the political domain, others have chosen to distance themselves from politics entirely. The diversity of responses showcases the complex and personal nature of post-electoral career decisions.

Many of the senior candidates are expected to be there with the party for a while.

It becomes apparent that these individual narratives collectively reflect the broader dynamics of Bhutanese politics. The varied paths chosen by DPT candidates underscore the importance of flexibility, adaptability, and personal values in navigating the post-election landscape.

As the political scenario evolves, the stories of these candidates offer a glimpse into the intricate tapestry of Bhutanese  democracy, where personal and professional choices intersect in unexpected ways.

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