Post-primary views – a mix of red and green among the electorate

The first week of this month has been all about the primary round of elections that concluded recently. Talks are flying high of political parties and support for the parties, of the bigger picture and larger benefits at hand for the nation and its people.

A recent graduate Tandin Wangchuk, 23, expressed his disapproval of the final results.

“I am not happy with the primary round result, because some of the eliminated parties had good members, but just didn’t get enough time to familiarize themselves with people all over the country.” He also said, “I think the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) has not performed well in the last five years.”

People also discussed the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). There are talks among people that PDP’s understandings of which DPT policies have failed will help the DPT to work better.

“It would be comfortable to shift the responsibility on them,” mentioned a businessman in his late thirties. He added, “I think they formed the two new parties with the claim that a new government is necessary. So now I suppose going for PDP would be the choice.”

Chundu, 58, from Chukha said that he is happy with the primary round election outcome. He believes that ‘old is gold’, and the two qualifying parties will do better.

At the same time, he said there are many things that they need to learn and to be aware of.

“Our country is a young democratic country, and it should be nurtured well from the beginning itself. So for that, it is our responsibility to choose a party whom we think can be a better government. We have two strong, capable and experienced parties. Now, let’s be practical and vote for betterment of our country and people. And let’s play our roles to build a clean democratic nation that others can look at as an example,” said Chundu.

An accountant from Zhemgang said, “I am between “yes” and “no”. I am happy because DPT got through for the general round and I am bit disappointed because DNT whom we think deserves to be in general round couldn’t make through. I think these two parties should be there in general round, but it’s peoples decision no one can change the fact.”

A Mongar resident Dechen Wangmo said that she is happy with the results. For her, the better party is the one that people will vote to victory.

“They are the choice of thousands of people, we should never forget that,” she said.

She felt that DPT was more capable of forming a ruling government and PDP to be in the opposition.

“In Bhutan, democracy is like a baby who has just reached its fifth year and it will be best to let PDP and DPT serve till the system is more mature,” she added.

Shoba from Gedu is among those who are not happy with the results. And that’s because she and others like her, expected some changes, new faces, and new developments in the political arena.

A man from Paro in his early 50s, Tenzin said, “I am happy that both the former parties have made it to the final round, but the other two also deserved to be in the finals.”

Aum Chimmi Lham from Chukha also shared the same thought.



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