Potholes still a big concern for commuters in the capital

Potholes are a perennial problem and are seen everywhere varying in sizes and shapein the capital city, prevalent more in those corner areas. They are dangerous to road users, and the damage they cause to vehicles can be hugely expensive.

The most affected is on the way to Rinchen High School and near Druk School in Changhedaphu (Kalabazaar) in Thimphu.

The road is very narrow and filled with gravels making it difficult for commuters to pass through that road. Many parents come to pick their children from school and have complained about it.

One of the parents, Tandin, who goes to pick her son after school said the road is totally damaged and it makes it difficult to drive, especially driving up. There are potholes and she sometimes loses control over the car as the car gets slipped by the gravel.

Similarly, a resident of KalabazaarTshewagTashi said the potholes are not a concern for only those who have vehicles but also for the pedestrian walking to office every day and school goers.

He said the way up till his home is all covered with dust and gravel and sometimes minor accidents happen there. For pedestrians the road is too narrow to walk.

No problem even if the road is not widened but at least maintained properly that would be enough, he added.

Another private employee, Tshering Dorji said the roads are fine in the capital but in some parts there are deep potholes which makes driving quite risky at some times. He said while driving from Olakha, at the back of Shereesquare, there are huge potholes and his vehicle got damaged too.

Shopkeepers there complain about the dust as well.

He said relevant officials looking after roads should look into it. The potholes were there for a long time, however, “I have no idea for now whether the concerned authorities have filled up the holes or not but the potholes sure have affected people like him in their daily lives.”

Another commuters Yonten Kinley said the potholes near hotel villa, Changzamto has been a huge inconvenience to the drivers. The vehicles needs to stop in order to avoid damaged to the car and to let the incoming of other vehicles which leads to traffic jam. The traffic jam is not just the number of vehicles increasing every year but also small issues like potholes in certain part of the city.

Especially during summer seasons where the potholes are filled with rain water which makes it difficult for the drivers to estimate how deep are the potholes. His car was damaged too. Now that the potholes are at least covered with stones, it is still causing inconvenience to the public.

A taxi driver who has been driving a taxi for the past four years said he has not seen a single road without potholes except in the expressways; otherwise, the deep potholes are seen in every corner of the city.

Especially the potholes and rough roads which are getting worse in the Kalabazaar side. He said in order to escape the potholes, there is a very high chance the vehicle might hit the pedestrian since the road is very narrow. There are potholes towards Taba as well.

Not only potholes, he said after completing the road work, there are manholes which are not even on label with the road, it is no different with the potholes. All the vehicles tried to avoid the manhole.

It is likely to go off the road due to potholes and taxi drivers always have to be mindful that it is not them but the passengers are also at risk and are faced inconvenience, he said.

Another commuter said in order to avoid dusty and bumpy roads in Zilukha, she drives through the dzong area and it is no different with the upcoming four lane road. The road is filled with deep potholes. If the concern authorities can at least fill up the potholes before severe distresses are formed. Soon the rainy season will be there and it will make all the commuters difficult to pass through that road.

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