Poverty an issue in Bardo Trong

In the run-up to the Poll Day, candidates from the Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the Bardo Trong Constituency have been vocal about the pressing issues facing their communities and how to address them, if elected.

Lekey Dorji, the PDP candidate, talked about the challenges faced in Bardo Trong. He emphasised the poor condition of roads, a high poverty rate, and a lack of economic opportunities as significant issues affecting the constituency. He also pledges to jumpstart and boost the local economy with the help of the 770 MW Chamkharchu I hydropower project. The interiors of Kheng region will also be opened with better road links and an airstrip to facilitate tourism. This is expected to enhance the household income and livelihood of the people of Zhemgang.

He said the voters in his constituency will support him, “Drawing from my reputation as a humble and hardworking individual, the trust the community places on me based on my earlier track records during my tenure as MP and Tengye Lyonpo.”

Pema Dakpa, the BTP candidate from Bardo Trong constituency, highlighted on the low household income, poor market conditions, and inadequate road connectivity as some of the major concerns in the constituency.

With his 14 years of expertise in agriculture development, and a decade of experience in the National Council, he believes his background uniquely positions him to understand the community’s needs and implement effective solutions.

He said, “My commitment to address the economic challenges by focusing on avocado commercialization facilitated by an oil processing plant, promoting onion cultivation in wetlands after paddy harvest, and introducing processed cheese and butter with improved dairy. These pledges aim to enhance household income and create sustainable economic opportunities within the region.”

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