PP admission opens for 2022 academic year

The admission for Pre-Primary (PP) classes has started in Thimphu and Phuentsholing Thromdes. Parents can either download the admission forms from the thromdes’ websites or collect the forms in person. The schools in other dzongkhags have yet to announce the PP admission, but the plan is to get to it next month or sometime in December.

The required documents for the PP admission for 2022 academic year are photocopies of parents’ Citizenship Identity Card, a copy of a family tree from the Department of Civil Registration and Census, MoCHA or G2C. The parents who are registered residents of Thimphu Thromde also need a letter confirming their workstation in Thimphu, or a letter from BCCI for business establishments in Thimphu, or Thimphu Thromde confirming the registered resident of parent is needed, and a photocopy of child’s birth certificate and health card.

After acquiring the admission form, along with the documents mentioned above, parents must submit them to their preferred school office latest by 30 November 2021, without fail. The date and day for the admission is on 11 December 2021 at the respective schools.

The original documents must be produced during the admission day, without which the child’s admission will not be entertained. The admission will be purely based on the availability of seats and age ranking of the child.

An official from Thimphu Thromde said the Thromde has announced the application process for PP admission on their social media handles and website. The Thromde has also made the application form available for download on their website since 18 October, so as to avoid parents crowding at their office.   The applications close on 30 November, after which the schools screen out the applicants, and the results will be announced on 11 December 2021.

As the parents have to submit the application forms directly to the schools, therefore, the Thromde has no information regarding the rush or the number of applications received so far, and moreover most parents send in applications to multiple schools, said the Thimphu Thromde official.

Thromde Education Officer (TEO) of Phuentsholing said within 5 days, after the announcement of PP admission on October 15, they received more than 100 applications. The official said usually they receive about 300 to 400 applications. However, there is a month to go for the PP admission, so after a week or two, they will be able to tell whether there is a rush for PP admission or not.

There were 500 applications for PP received for the 2021 academic year. He said there will not be any difference in the number of PP admission, since not many have migrated to the other dzongkhags.

The Phuentsholing Thromde is following the same standard as any other dzongkhags for the new PP admission. The TEO said the online PP admission form for the 2022 academic session will remain open from 15 October till 15 November 2021. The parents are requested to register online  on time to avoid any complications later on. And they must ensure that the child completes 5 years of age as of 5 February 2022.

Further, parents are requested to produce the child’s health card, parent’s CID copy and work place concern letter and birth certification from the Dzongkhag/Dungkhag/Thromde Census and Civil Registration Office.

Meanwhile, the reporting date for schools will be as per the directives from the Ministry of Education.

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