Prime Minister in violation of rules allotted Prado to a Grade 5 officer

An illustration of the Toyota Prado
An illustration of the Toyota Prado

The beneficiary was his Social Secretary who is a mid level protocol officer in the Foreign Ministry

The Bhutanese has found that the Prime Minister using his own prerogatives allotted a Prado as a ‘special case’ to his former Social Secretary Ugyen Wangchuk.

The year 2000 model Prado was allotted by the PM to Ugyen Wangchuk at the depreciated value of Nu 350,000 calculated by the Department of National Properties. The Prado had been used as the duty vehicle of previous Cabinet Secretaries like, Dasho Neten Zangmo, Dasho Sherub Gyaltshen, and Dasho Tashi Phuntsho.

The Prado which was purchased in the early 2000’s was worth around Nu 1.3 to 1.4 mn including taxes.

The letter dated on April 15, 2013 is addressed from the Cabinet Secretariat to the Finance Secretary and says, “Mr. Ugyen Wangchuk Social Secretary to Honorable Prime Minister has appealed to the Honorable Prime Minister for allotment of the government vehicle BG-1-0985 (Toyota Prado) currently on his duty.”

The letter further states, “The vehicle is of the year 2000 model and has already run a total of about 200,000 km. In this regard, the Honorable Prime Minister has approved, as a special case, the allotment of the aforementioned vehicle to Ugyen Wangchuk at the depreciated value calculated by the Department of National Properties. The Ministry of Finance is therefore directed to take necessary action.”

This move by the Prime Minister is a violation of the Constitution, and also a violation of His Majesty the King’s sole prerogative to grant Kidu in the Constitution.

Under Article 2 titled ‘The Institution of the Monarchy’,Section 16 (b) says that The Druk Gyalpo, in exercise of His Royal Prerogatives, may grant citizenship, land kidus and other kidus.

In the past and only on rare cases, His Majesty the King granted some vehicles to very senior officials as Soelra, either without any payment or as Soelra with payment where the senior official would only have to pay the depreciated value of the vehicle.

There is no provision, either in the Constitution or any other laws, where the Prime Minister can legally allot vehicles to officials.

The allotment is also in violation of the Ministry of Finance rule on ‘Financial Rules and Regulations –Property Management Manual 2001’. According to this rule, the disposal of all Government properties are to be carried out through public auctions.

The practice in Department of National Properties is that after getting a vehicle that has been surrendered, the advertisements are put in media outlets a month in advance of the auction date, only after which the auction happens and the car is sold to the highest bidder.

The rule also says that surplus, obsolete and unserviceable properties are to be handed over to DNP. However, even though the Prado was of an older model, it was in much demand among other government agencies, especially after the 2008 rule restricting new Prados to only cabinet rank ministers, and the 2012 vehicle import ban.

The allotment comes at a time when government agencies are fighting to retain even barely functional and much older vehicles, and when private individuals cannot buy private vehicles due to the vehicle import ban.

What will also raise eyebrows is that while a Grade P 2 (Grade 5) officer has a Prado as his duty vehicle, many senior government secretaries and officials at the Ex 1 level, Ex 2 and Ex 3 levels are unable to get a Prado as their duty vehicles. In some cases, secretaries have to make do with cheaper vehicles like the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Soelras, given on rare occasions, were made to very senior officials like Secretaries on the verge of retirement. However, in this case Ugyen Wangchuk, a P2 officer, is far from being on the verge of retirement.

Ugyen Wangchuk in his position as the Social Secretary to the PM had been deputed from the Protocol Section where he was an officer. His responsibility as the PM’s Social Secretary was mainly protocol in nature like, PM’s visit for national and social functions.

He was deputed in around the same time in 2008, when the PM had appointed several political and contract appointees to the Cabinet Secretariat, some of whom still continue to serve there.

When contacted, the Cabinet Secretary Dasho Penden Wangchuk confirmed that such an order had been issued to the Finance Ministry after Ugyen Wangchuk had appealed to the PM. He said, “The vehicle was already around 12 –years- old, and had done around 200,000 km, and was allotted at a depreciated value.”

The Cabinet Secretary in reply to a question said that in the past, before democracy came in, there was at one point, a practice of applying to the Finance Ministry and taking old vehicles at a depreciated value.

However, The Bhutanese found that in 2000 the Cabinet, at the time, which included the current PM had allowed for senior officials to apply for and take old vehicles by paying a depreciated value. However, this rule was overruled by the same Cabinet in 2001, when it was found that the best quality vehicles were being taken by senior officials, leaving government agencies with only the poor quality vehicles. It was also around this time that the Financial Rules were framed covering such issues.

The Constitution which was adopted in 2008 was even clearer on the issue authorizing only His Majesty the King to grant Kidus and Soelras of any kind.

Ugyen Wangchuk, in all probability, would be the first officer since the start of democracy, if not since 2001 to be allotted a vehicle by the Prime Minister.

According to a Toyota STCBL officer, standing in an empty Toyota showroom, the market price of second hand prados has gone up by o 30 percent, and more after the increase in taxes on Toyota Prado’s in 2009. She said that a Prado which had been bought three years ago at Nu 1.7 mn could easily fetch Nu 2 mn and more.

In 2010, the Toyota Prado tax was increased from 35 to 50 percent and 2012 saw a 20 percent green tax imposed, taking the tax up to 70 percent. In 2012, the import of such vehicles was banned due to the Rupee shortage.

In 2008, the government had banned any Secretaries and Director from importing new Prados as duty vehicles.

Ugyen Wangchuk said that he had appealed for the vehicle to the Prime Minister as it was very old and was in the list to be surrendered to DNP. He also claimed that he had given up his vehicle quota to get the Prado.

However, when contacted, the Cabinet Secretary said that the Secretariat had not put up any list of vehicles to be surrendered to the DNP, and in fact was in need of vehicles.

Also, when this paper checked with the Finance Ministry, there was no official record of Ugyen Wangchuk giving up his quota.

Earlier, the Prime Minister had approached His Majesty the King and requested to be granted the duty Prados of the Ministers, Speaker, NC Thrizin and Opposition Leader after, which His Majesty granted it as Soelra.

The former Opposition Leader recently returned his Prado to the Interim Government, citing the state of the economy and also on the fact that he was not consulted by the PM.

Tenzing Lamsang / Thimphu

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  1. Good work,interesting news article. hope to read more.Tashi Delek.

  2. I is a good sign, more Bhutanese should vote for the Ex-PM. Who want to other prosper? If i vote for PDP Bhutan will prosper and it will not be only me, i cant see others prosper. So let us vote for this party. Please join me. Pelden Drukpa Gyello.

  3. Mani Kumar Thapa

    What upsets me is not because the PM gives his secretary a government Prado but because the PM has again disregarded the constitution, the financial rules and regulations and gone against His Majesty the Kings sole prerogative of granting kidus.
    He has become so arrogant that he thinks and behaves as though he is above the law.
    The PM has time and again broken laws to favor those close to him, at the expense of the government and country. This is a bad precedence, dangerous and unacceptable. 

  4. Heart core DPT

    Weldone PM! 

  5. P5 – Grade 8
    P4 – Grade 7
    P3 – Grade 6
    P2 – Grade 5
    P1 – Grade 4
    EX (I, II & III) Grade 3, 2 & 1

  6. Open up The Bhutanese, Open the lid of the misdeeds of the man whom people still worship blindly. His sweet tongue and disguised humbleness has gone deep into people’s mind that he is considered the best and no matter how much is said about him, people still worship him.


  7. Ugen Wangchuk, give back the vehicle, 2000 model, what the hell would you want to do with such an old vehicle anyway. And, can this paper please provide proof that the PM approached His Majesty the King, I think Lyonpo Pema Jamtsho denied that in no uncertain terms during the VPs debates.

  8. Tenzing Lhamsang you are always opposing to govt, and the govt needs to see how he is getting such information

    • which govt r u talking about…

    • Sangay Kuenden Dukpa

      Dear Naydag,

      Tenzing Lamsang is not opposing Government. He is caring the nation.

      Naydag, please tell your hero, Ex-PM that he forgot to take an old foot-mat from his office when he left. Because of people like you, you will not only destroy your greedy HERO, you are trying to destroy the country. You have no sense of what is right and wrong.
      We raise such issues, because we love our king, people and the country. such people like you and HERO will fragment the country in the long run. Just remember, no one can prostitute on the state property. If he really likes Ugyen Wangchuk, why cant he give from his own pocket?

      Its time for Mr. HERO to go back to Pgatshel and rest.

      • People with good merit will get whatever they wish for by any means. But those without merit(SOUNAM) will not achieve anything even if they work hard. Even if they somehow accumulate little wealth, it vanishes at one go like in the gambling etc.. And such people will always be unhappy at others’ fortunes. Such is the way of life!

    • government can study investigative journalism if they want to see how he gets info

    • Heart core DPT

      He is talking about the interim government

    • Naydag, Why are u saying this to him. You are trying to be chamcha, a sycophantic boot-licker. I hail Tenzin for such brave story. Keep up the same spirit.  

  9. whao! 3.5 lacs for a prado. even my k-10 is worth 3.6 lac.

  10. Some where its wrong and some one is lying, PM clearly mentioned in his presidential debit that. The media is reporting false report and the reason why the govt did not sue, because they need to survive. Why feel pity if some one is trying to defame the ruling govt. PM go ahead and do that or BICMA is there to monitor such.
    So either PM is lying to the voters as he could not take any action against the media.
    So BHUTANESE voters please think twice before voting

  11. what is wrong with PM? is he doing car business ? always doing PRADO deal,,,, pa pa wai PM sittle down now ,,,,

  12. inequality and injustice

    It was interesting to note our ex-PM had a social secretary… This is new to me. I know senior gov officials have personal assistants (PA) and private secretaries (PS). How convenient? What will people think of next?

  13. Tashi Phuntsho

    Lyonpo Pema Gyamtsho failed to answer the question posed by DNT representative Dr. Tandin and by one student from the audience on the recent Prado Soelra issue.

    Dr. Tandin’s question was will the DPT Ex-Minister use the same Prado got as Soelra if they are re-elected or again they will ask for New Set of prados? Interesting question, but Dr. Pema failed to answer bcos there is no sweet answer for this.
    The other question was even if the Soelra is granted by King, the Ex-Ministers should not have taken when our country is not in a good situation in terms of economic development. OL by returning the Prado has set noble example, said the student who posed the question. The student gave his own example which was really practical and relevant in this case. According to him, they are 6 brothers and sisters (4 brothers and 2 sisters) and their parent has one acre farm land which the parents wanted to divide among 6 of them. Even though it is what their parent wanted, the brothers refused to take the land and instead decided that the land be divided among the two sisters bcos they felt the two sisters can not earn like what they can and moreover they are women. Ex-ministers looking at the country situation and the fact that they are already rich and limitless wealth accumulated should have thought like these 4 brothers.

    • EX-Lyonpos will have not have answer on Prados because it though BEGGING. I thought only poor and desperate people beg but this DPT minister begged for Prado from HM and so boastful to say they will not return the Prado.

      Either DNT or PDP should form the next government

      • i think u would be happy if the PRADO was given to u… Common they were Ministers. Whether they get elected on not in upcoming election atleast they deserved the vehicle which was detailed to them.

      • If all the MPs including NCs return Nu.700,000/-the govt. will have extra for its expenses elsewhere as follows: Out of 72 elected members including five eminent members appointed by HM, 14 are ministers which include OL, Speaker, Chair of NC, PM and 10 Cabinet Ministers. Then we are left with 58 NA ana NC members. Therefore, 58*Nu.700,000/-=Nu.40,600,000/-. So if we feel Ministers have to return the vehicles we have ask all MPs to refund Nu. 700,000/- each and one Duty free Import License each because Ministers were not given anything driven driven prado. Five years old prado for minister rank is ok if analyse it properly.

    • Lyonpo Pema Jamtsho said that the Prados were soelra from His Majesty and not requested by the PM. And like a novice, Dr.Tandin got sucked into asking such a silly question, because, all we had been hearing prior to that, was that the DNT will not go in for any mudslinging, but instead would concentrate on their party policies. Maybe the heat of the debate got to him.

      • DPT said they are rather more worried that some people are stooping to the lowest common denominator to sow discord and bring about discontentment.
        “The divulging of incomplete and un-finalised public documents has compromised the integrity of so many civil servants, and now it has not even spared the palace,” DPT said. “If indeed any information has come from a source from within the highest office in the land, it is deeply worrying that the security of His Majesty the King himself may have been compromised.”

        This is taken from kuensel dated 30th april….i think this should be prof enough that they did ask for soelra for the king.

  14. When democracy is formed, why not PM have the prerogative to grant soelra except the natural resources. Why defame Ex-PM and why The Bhutanese always goes for witch hunting against the Government…why so bias…if others were given the same power they could have done worse of all.

    • Imbey sii. PM does not even have the power to allot a 13 year old vehicle, absolutely weird.

      • Anywhere else in the world, they would laugh at this accusation, but the recipient should just return it so that PMs name is not maligned any further. I believe this TL the tool has the audacity to call up the PM at 2 am in the morning also to ask for some information on some stories he is writing.

        • Druk Highlight

          The official letter giving Pardo kidu from PM to his Social Secretary Ugyen Wangchuk is all over the social media, signed by Dasho Penden Wangchuk which states he appealed to PM for the Pardo and PM approved it. Did the 2AM call do this?

  15. lets see how the ex-PM defends to this.
    Hes always got an excuse, he wont ever accept his fault
    And people still want to vote for DPT

    wake up citizens

  16. What a tragedy in this land of GNH…How can this happen ?? Giving away Prado to a civil servant disregarding the Constitution (authority to give kidu) and other Laws. Blatant corruption.!!!… Voters will have to be very very careful this time…

  17. you have been played all the time, dont you realize. ahahaaaaa…ahaha

  18. BIAS PAPER & SUPPORTER OF THIS PAPER ARE MORE OR LESS FOOLS… ANTI-DPT & ANTI-JYT. Trying to mislead people with shitty articles. We know the truth and we know whom to vote. 

    • Mani Kumar Thapa

      Anti DPT or Anti JYT got nothing with this, who gave whom the Prado? Yes or No?

      • HM gave Prado as Soelra… so  you don’t have to envy others’ success and well!…. Poor chap…

        • Mani Kumar Thapa

          I think JYT went begging for it and wasn’t Soelra in the first place and the subject here is about his Ada bottle receiving a governments Prado. You moron.

    • Pema, you are an ant-Bhutanese (National) who doesn’t  want to the facts to be fed to the people. How dare you accuse the Bhutanese who strive to bring this elusive transparency to the people. 

      •  Is my personal view  …………………….why people are always after the misdeeds of the DPT govt. but some time i feel that we the Bhutanese should be highlighting the good deeds too so people can have  clear idea of DPT govt. i know being a human we trend to make so many mistakes but through mistakes we learn, even in the family some times happen those types of conflicts. as a father of two i cannot give same amount of attention to both because priority should be clearly given to elder one since she is going to school like that some portholes will be there if we try to dig more so what is the use of blaming game in such situation let the people decide who is going to vote to whom or note, village people are aware of their candidate who is going to be their best candidate, 80% of our population are farmers and they need more development then those who are in jobs and also our older parents too there in village they want to see their village developing fast. is better we govt sevant should be apolitical, media is there to do their job and after government is formed there will be opposition leader to do there job. if we act as a opposition also we are going to do nothing on it / work done will be zero. 

  19. i think paper is funded by other political parties to just dig about formal government. its so sad. Its always about the wrong doing, i never see a work appreciating formal government, let c how it goes the election as saying goes ” Yeshipa Dha Chasa Methong, Phogsa Thong”.

    • No prizes for guessing who that party is, I am sure everyone knows, but why, I just cannot get it. With all the negative press, the image of our country is being damaged beyond repair.

  20. Good Job TheBhutanese.
    1. When did ex.PM appealed to HM for Prado Soilra or Kidu?
    2. Where?
    3. Who all are present during that time?
    4. How did he appeal – verbal or written?
    5. Someone has pointed out that JYT himself drafted the appeal letter If that be the case HM must have Commanded on that appeal letter.
    6. When other citizens claim they have Royal Command for some Kidu – one had to proof by showing the Royal Command otherwise govt. and people like zimpons will not believe and honour what one say. But when it comes to high officials without any proof they just say it is Soilra or Kidu and have their way.

    • DPT said they are rather more worried that some people are stooping to the lowest common denominator to sow discord and bring about discontentment.
      “The divulging of incomplete and un-finalised public documents has compromised the integrity of so many civil servants, and now it has not even spared the palace,” DPT said. “If indeed any information has come from a source from within the highest office in the land, it is deeply worrying that the security of His Majesty the King himself may have been compromised.”

      This is taken from kuensel dated 30th april….i think this should be prof enough that they did ask for soelra for the king.

  21. Mani Kumar Thapa

    All JYT and DPT supporters have only one thing to say…..the Bhutanese newspaper is biased, funded by PDP or the stories are politically motivated. 

    I have never heard them say even once that the articles are not true. So who is biased?

  22. first of all…wow! to bhutanese…other papers sud also come up with this kind of issues…any ways even we want to own a prado at just 3.5 lacs…what an offer!

  23. What ever the past Govt. has done, if one is to weigh the good vs bad, the good will always weigh much more over bad as any sensible person can see.

    In the coming election also, people should remember our age old saying that ” Old devil will always be better then a new God”. If any other party wins the election this time narrowly by sheer luck which will be very unlikely, it will be like placing rotten cheese on monkeys hand. The monkey will bang his hand on any thing until it breaks away.

  24. Quite interesting but does he not have power to allot govt vehicles on payment system if the fund goes to govt revenue? Its 13 year old car and 350000 is too big amount for such a old car.

  25. karma P Dorji

    If any media office ask question to PM regarding the Prado alloted to his secretary ,then the reply will be its solera from big boss and its our culture. The solera Culture will never end in DPT government.

  26. Well done. This paper is an eye opener to all the people. Supporter of DPT or ANTI DPT. Both ways, people will get to know the truth some way or the other.

     Is the paper churning out juicy news for survival? Is Ex-PM very compassionate, not to retaliate to this paper? Time will  speak the truth one day. I pray to god, it is not too late then.

     Will not be able to turn back the clock and make amends. I just hope. TL is not against JYT / DPT and he is doing his job as a responsible citizen and to the society. I hope YL has no personal grudge to JYT / DPT. JYT / DPT should not be so compassionate towards TL. They should respond like “tooth for tooth and eye for eye” Good Luck .

  27. Hats off for the good news….keep going

  28. DPT, please give back our pardos….:

  29. Ha ha,
    I feel so funny with this All citizens of Bhutan knows that Thebhutanese  always writing negative (pulling leg) about PM and his Party DPT. All Citizens knows who supports the thebhutanese. Any way it is good that you people are wasting your time only pulling others legs which in turn will bear you fruit to take you  to Dorji NAGWA once you close your eyes. God might be regretting hearing all those nonsense. 

  30. When govt. Servant of recent grade 6 r deprived of quota how come he got. Something fishy ya. When approached govt. Says under discussion bt ugyen got. How?

    • hahaaaa mr. ugyen wangchuk is nt evnen grade 6 all check wt family ministry, he is in grade 7…..

  31. yeshepey chazhumi see yesheypey da chap sa mathong rung phosa thongmae mena wen they take blue prado safly ……and this is called yesheypey da..eheh… thought onli

  32. So many case like this since 2005 and mostly from 2008. The government allotted government quarters to govt. employees and corporate employees as welfare/kidu without following the due process established by the National Housing Development Corporation. May thebhutanese could light/bring news to this.

  33. Most of us know whats good and bad and although writes more about the past government/dpt, but i think it has has lot of truth and so worth appreciating otherwise we won’t know and so we are the looser. congratulations and keep reporting

  34. DPT claimed the Prado’s as Sölra from HM. But the issue was that DPT, Ap Naka of behalf of the ministers put up proposal to HM. So whom to believe ? But I think PM himself have answered this question, When he said that if issue was leaked from gokha than it would be threat. Which means he was mad and suspicious from where it got leaked. So definitely its not sölra but asked for. So if Bhutan has to grant more than 10 Prado’s every after 5 years, than where would Bhutan get the money? easy increase the tax. Any way let us all salute to DPT for laying out the strong foundation of Democracy and begging for the Prado

  35. Time Tells Truth, Wait, No body can escape, u may escape for time being but time will bring to original place, it is matter of time

    • I think the Bhutanese thinks that the Prime Minister is equal to the rank of a Gup!! Anyways he is coming back again, so be prepared to write more of such things but all know what kind of news you bring. At the same time, also learn to sustain without government entertaining advertisements in your paper. 

  36. If you trust the person beyound doubts. The end results will be
    1. Lesson in life
    2. Friends in life

    what you see in others is your own reflection…
    I believe in the bhutanese, you make great difference in our nation starting from gyelpo shing land scam……

  37. Dear Laksam,
    You have mentioned that, NC/MP got NU. 700000/= for vehicle.Yes I agree. But you should not forget that,Ministers/PM/Chairperson/Speaker and OL are elected by people as NC/MP , so why not they prefer to ask/take NU.700000/= instead of Landcuiser and Prados ?

    Secondly, Entitlement of NU.700000/= for vehicle to the NC/MP has been officially approved by the rules of law, whereas asking Landcuiser and Prados as Solera from King in Democracy is really unbelievable news and a wrong precedent.

    Our beloved monarch handed over power to the elected leaders with a hope to see people’s participation to run the Government in positive manner but we are hardly feeling positive changes in the attitudes of our leadership particularly in the subjects of nepotism,favoritism and corruptions.

    • Heart core DPT

      I recommend ministers duty “a alto” car and for PM alto K-10: 

    • I think you are right, Premchopra. I support your idea that all elected as well as nominated NCs, MPs including cabinet ministers, OL and chairpersons are entitled to Nu. 700,000 and not the prados. Mr. JYT’s team should handover the prados back to the govt. and get Nu. 700,000 each from the govt. instead. Taking a prado each is really TOO MUCH for a country reeling under economic crisis.

      • Firstly premchopra and santabir must understand that MP means both NC and NA. What do you mean by NC/MP?? National Assembly(NA) and Natinal Council (NC) are both member of parliament (MP).

    • Mr.PREMCHOPRA can not be equal to Amitabachan. Your head is full of cow dung and please do not make yourself a BIG JOKER in this Public Forum

  38. time waits for no one.

  39. It is simple, invoke the procurement rules and financial rules. Accordingly take the LJYT and his PS Ugyen Wangchuk to court for conflict of interest; misuse of public properties by the OAG after the investigation by the ACC for misuse of public properties and abuse of official authorities including conflict of interest. In a feudal society this kind of patronage will continue if we do not correct from day one. If we do not correct this flaws in our system, every Dzongda would like to take Prados; every Secretary would like to take Prados; every Directors would like to take Santafes and Tucsons. What is the purposes of DNP in MOF to auction the vehicles?

  40. I think PM can have some powers to write-off upto certain amount. Let them live in peace why people are after PM ?. The govt cannot give/bring soelra or benefits to every individuals, those who are fortunate to receive, let them. It the author is given soelra he/she will just walk away. a simple solution.

  41. Pro Bhutanese

    What are the mandates, Mission and vision of this news papers? What roles do this news papers play? Are there any sense of balance reporting? Off course i appreciated this papers for bringing out this pertinent issues. However, do you comply with ethics and integrity of media?

    This papers is bias…and the reporters are filled with negativity and any article..its against the Government? The reporter should analyse the situation. Good and bad and weigh the coins and if its warrant reporting then report with objectivity. Why can’t they analyse the role payed by the opposition and publish in this papers.

    • Why don’t you start your own newspaper and bring put unbiased and positive report. TL and The Bhutanese is trying to clean the system of corruption and chamchagiris and instead of supporting them, you write all this shits.
      We don’t want cronies, proteges and chamchagiris in Bhutan.

    • I initially thought that “the bhutanese” news paper was being biased towards dpt/jyt.But many controversial articles and unethical practices of the government such as bhutan lottery scam,corruption at ministry of health ,Ugyen chang cases,NRDCL Mining in samtse, trowa theatre,gyelposhing land grab issues,denchi plot allotment etc…exposed by TL were facts and the it is supported/authenticated by ACC and Judiciary.Therefore i have become TLs fan.But then this doesn’t mean all reporters working with the newspaper has to be taken seriously.Lamsangs articles are well researched backed by convincing figures and statistics.So for me TL has truly fulfilled the role of media in strengthening democracy. As for balance reporting,since kuensel and other newspaper provides enough doses of praise (not necessarily facts) for the govt and the country,the small damage done by revealing fact by the bhutanese is neutralized!

  42. IN 2008 PM promised to all the Govt Employees that he will try to sourt out the promotion problems faced by the govt. employees, PCS was introduced in july 2006 which has made all the sr. govt employess promotion stucked, till today we didnt get our promotion for the last seven years , he left his office without doing anything on this issue. insted he was bussy looking for pardo as kidu, what a grear PM, let pray for the next new govt.

  43. We want our asset back. Aum neten investigate the case and do inform us the right things. We are in sophisticated state. We want justice. Our innocent people are suffering at home.

    • Our parents are suffering at home. It is our responsibility to take care of them.Why don’t you take care of your parents else your children will treat you in the same fashion.

  44. How can we believe in everything that this paper writes. There is always the other side of every story. Do not jump fast into silly conclusion.

  45. He( Fmr. PM) was the elected leader of Bhutan and he should have some powers to do whatever he feels is good. I trust him and will do so till i die. We are fortunate to have such leader who wants Bhutan to move forward but there are some people who want to drag him into unnecessary problems particularly this papers.

    Don’t try to fool people, we know ground realities who does what and for whom? Whether you want to credit him or not, he has been a outstanding Prime Minister.

    • That shows where you are living my dear, U r living in a fools paradise and u will keep living in that fools paradise of JYT until u die …cheers fools …

      • Dear epress, it is you who is living in the fools paradise who doesnot recongnize the contribution made by the previous Government. You fools better have some sense to look around and feel the mountains development brought by the Government. You can’t see those changes, you must be jocking or trying ignore so that you can just blinkly suport other parties. I am not concern which party you support but give credit where it deserved.

        •  bdr, what contribution u r talking about? JYT was elected by the people with trust and faith to serve the king, people and nation and for that, he was also PAID handsomely. I can certainly tell U that he was not elected by the people to fulfill his personal greed for wealth, misuse of power, promoting corruption, acting above laws of the nation etc. for which he deserved to be appreciated, except U! , Do u mean to say that when JYT has done something what he was paid for doing, he can act above the laws of the nation? ..what a ridiculous justification u r putting forth….. .. at this point i can just imagine how rational person u r . 

  46. First of all, let me clarify that officers in EX level do not prefer to take old model prados as their official duty vehicles because of not being very reliable to them.  They rather choose to take new Santa Fe. Hence, if anybody below Ex level is driving old model prado as official duty vehicle, then its not by choice. Regarding giving soelra, i feel that it is wrong on PM’s side. That old model prado could have been still used for official purpose.

  47. In this day n age . It is not at all acceptable for any elected representatives to act according to their whimp and fancy. They should b accountable n answerable for their deeds. How can pm give to one person n ignore the rest. The law should b same for all n we should not accept any such biased act henceforth. Sorry pm u might have done it out of ignorance but let us clear all this mess …….. 

    • You seem to be friend of Ugyen Wangchu. Normally, we celebrate when our friends and close ones rise or benefit in some forms. But in the pretext of Democracy you are not at all happy bcoz Ugyen’s chamchagiri fetched unforeseen dividend.

  48. Great article Truth can never swept under d carpet. If DPT loses this election  it will b their own doing especially their leaders. Probably this is just tip of the iceberg. Such type corruption if dug up will be shown to be rampant.
    Two parties had CS joining them before resigning. This is even a worst form of CS joining a political party. A CS down right being bribed for supporting a party. What more proof does d RCSC need? Probably they will just look d other way.So much for d trust placed in them by our King.

  49. for my anti DPT how can i support the parties those who cheated at the beginning of the primary round  itself if you all are true citizen you must keep reading all the news paper, recently some party doesnot have candidate in common forum and also some party’s candidate is yet to declared if you don’t believed in my consistency( menbi- tshengkher, lhuntse ) the name of candidate is not therefor some party. i am not requesting anyone to vote for DPT because it is individual right to vote for any party i am firm to my choice of party and they will will win by big margin be ready to bear in your mind  my fellow citizens 

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