Prime Minister says to keep calm

At a press conference on Friday evening, the Prime Minister called for the nation to keep calm and work together with the government through the heavy monsoon that has damaged public infrastructure and temporarily blocked roads into some parts of the country.

“We need to work as a team and minimize unnecessary panic,” said the PM, “The situation is far better than perceived by the public.”

After news of the road blocks reached the public, panicked motorists lined up in long queues at fuel stations and shopkeepers raised prices. Thimphu alone sold 35,000 liters in a single day.

The Minister of Economic Affairs said that the government had not issued nor considered any plans to start rationing as adequate resources were in stock and the government was prepared for such scenarios.

The hysteria did subside after a convoy of 12 tankers of fuel arrived into Thimphu from Phuentsholing and another nine from Samdrup Jongkhar.

The Minister of Agriculture and Forests, Yeshey Dorji said that food essentials were also secure with 67 Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) stores across the country holding rations that would last up to three months.

The roads themselves have not stayed blocked for more than a few days at a time and rations have been delivered by helicopter where necessary.

The Prime Minister urged the people to be responsible and go about daily life normally saying that the government was capable of keeping all essential services running. He said that if actually faced with a shortage as the people feared, the responsible course of action would be to use public transports and car pooling adding that the fear of shortage would actually become the cause of shortage.

The Prime Minister also commended the work that various government ministries, RBP, RBA, RBG and Desuung personnel and local volunteers and business owners and teachers and students had accomplished in the face of the disasters.

“Everybody came through and rose to the occasion and as a result we have kept losses and damages to the utmost minimum,” he said.

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