Prime Minister signs performance agreement with NEC and BOIC

Addressing the members assembled for the event on Thursday, Lyonchhen reiterated that the performance agreements signed between the Prime Minister and the respective agencies meant that the Government lead by Prime Minister himself would fully support the performance agreement which is comprised of a defined set of objectives, mandates and agreed set of targets to be accomplished within a year’s time

Lyonchhen further noted that it was imperative to achieve what has been agreed and signed as per the Performance Agreement. Lyonchhen also reassured that all the support and backing of the government to meet the set targets and likewise he would personally oversee and carry out periodic review sometime towards end of 2014 to access and evaluate their achievements.

Based on the significance of the signing, Lyonchhen informed that the matters pertaining to the agreement would be further deliberated in the Lhengye Zhungtshog and further directives and follow up would be conveyed to MoF to release the budget required to achieve the set targets as per the agreement.

Lyonchhen also mentioned that at a later date a separate discussion and agreement with the RCSC would be arranged to put in place a proper rewards system for those who work hard to achieve their targets. Based on the outcomes, the performers will be accredited whereas the non-performers will need to provide appropriate justifications as to why the targets were not achieved.

Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay reiterated his commitment to the NEC and BOIC that the government will provide the necessary fund and resources required for optimal delivery of results described in the annual performance agreement.

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