Project DANTAK to source construction gases from Bhutanese company

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between AHA Oxy Gases Pvt. Ltd., Pasakha and Project DANTAK on 26 May 2023.

AHA Oxy Gases Pvt. Ltd. will supply of oxygen and acetylene gases to be used in the construction works carried out by Project DANTAK in Bhutan.

The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s (BCCI) President, Tandy Wangchuk, who presided over the signing of the MoU, said such activities are in line with His Majesty’s plans for the development of Bhutan. He also said it is the ideal time to create such agreements since they will unquestionably improve the lives of the people of Bhutan.

The General Manager of AHA Oxy Gases Pvt. Ltd., Udai Kumar Pondyel, thanked Project DANTAK for offering such an opportunity during the signing ceremony.

The Project DANTAK’s Chief Engineer said the goal of such MoUs are to foster the mutual growth of all organizations working to improve Bhutan. Project DANTAK seeks to establish a favorable atmosphere for development and prosperity by collaborating with neighborhood businesses. He added that a new technology class 70, double-lane bridge is being built in a record time of less than two months based on comparable MoUs inked by Project DANTAK with Lhaki SRPL for the supply of steel, DCCL for the supply of cement, and other local suppliers for gravel and sand.

Even though there have been a few delays in getting supplies, Project DANTAK is still confident about carrying on their commercial relationships with the local Bhutanese industry as they value sustained relationships. According to the Chief Engineer, Project DANTAK will continue to provide business to local industries so that they can invest more in their operations and aid in boosting the country’s capacity.

AHA Oxy Gases Pvt. Ltd. is optimistic that it can meet Project DANTAK’s demands. The BCCI President expressed his appreciation on the efforts made by Project DANTAK to support Bhutan’s domestic industry.

The MoU between AHA Oxy Gases Pvt. Ltd. and Project DANTAK is overseen by the Department of Surface Transport.

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