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Trump faces a tough path to the Presidency with opposition from youth, women’s groups, those within the Republican Party and influential minority groups

While Donald Trump has seen a meteoric rise in popularity and is the presumptive Republican nominee there is an equally strong if not stronger movement opposing Donald Trump and what he stands for.

The opposition to him comes from a wide range of youth who support Bernie Sanders, supporters of Hillary Clinton, independent Americans, women’s groups, those within the Republican Party and minority groups.

At a Donald Trump rally in Indiana where Trump supporters numbered in the thousands, a group of small but vocal young people protested near the venue.

One feisty protestor was Chloe Greenburg, 16 a student holding up two signs with one saying ‘Dump Trump’ showing Trump as dung while another saying ‘Build This Wall,’ showed a wall built on Trump’s mouth.

She said, “I am here to protest the Trump rally as he feels free to ridicule and take away the rights of minorities and women. I don’t want a fascist President.” She said she was a Bernie supporter.

Landan James, 24 a graduate student of Indiana University held a sign saying “Fascists Go Home, Trump equals Nazis.”

James said that his biggest problem with Trump was his creation of hatred by scape goating of minorities to blame all of America’s problems on them.

“He will divide everybody and history is repeating itself as it last happened in the 1930’s and 1940’s in Germany with the Nazis,” he said.

James pointed out that while Trump had fancy words he did not have the details. He also said that Trump had no real experience and would act emotionally, irrationally and in an immature manner in the White House.

“We have to ask ourselves as a country whether we can leave the access of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal in the hands of a very emotional and irrational man,” said James.

James at the same time said that he was a Bernie supporter and would not support Hillary if Bernie did not make it.

Olivia Harris, 18 another student and Bernie supporter also carried a similar sign against Trump. She said, “Trump is very racist against immigrants, and not just Mexicans but anyone who are Muslims and from the middle east.”

She said that Trump is saying that immigrants are taking American jobs but that is not true as no American worked for the minimum wage of USD 7.25 an hour and so it is migrants who took these jobs.

“I want an America where my children and their children can be proud of and believe in,” she added.

At a rally for Hillary Clinton at Fort Wayne town in Indiana, Mary K Hill, a social volunteer said she is not particularly political but her 15 year old son who is curious made her bring him along.

She said, “I feel Trump’s campaign is pretty scary. He is knowledgeable in business but what he brings out in people is not the best. I would never take my 15 year old son to a Trump rally as it would be dangerous.” She also opined that Trump does not think before he speaks.

Don, 71 a banker present in the same Hillary rally said, “Well, I keep something soft by my chair so that when I throw things at the TV it does not break. You can’t take him seriously or as an entertainer and he does not say or do anything of substance.”

Brenda Majors, 60 an African American woman who works in the Fort Wayne Housing Authority said that Donald Trump has taken his reality star TV talent and he has used that to promote his campaign as a person creating change. Talking of his supporters she said they were gullible people who did not understand facts.

It has been no big secret that the Republican Party itself does not like Trump. The Republican party Chairman of Howard County in Indiana even received death threats after he told a media outlet that he does not support Trump.

He had said that only if Satan was one vote away from getting the nomination and if Trump was the only other option then he might support Trump.

He told The Bhutanese that he got a lot of hate mails and threats which were really vulgar, bad and ratty while some of his friends got even more direct threats.

“While Trump may have set the tone from his podium for the rhetoric I took it as anonymous cowards and when the media emailed back to these people no one would respond,” he said.

He said that one of the most troublesome threats he got was that if Trump does not get the nomination then the delegates should be ‘cleansed.’ Craig said that though he knew this would not happen he was concerned that such rhetoric was being influenced by the Trump podium.

Craig said that as party Chairman his job was to expand the party with its core beliefs which also meant that whether a person was Hispanic, black or Jewish they can be a member of the party. “But when anybody questions if they can be part of the party due to the way they look then I think we have a problem. I am not supporting Trump because he does not go along with the party’s core beliefs,” he added.

Trumps vitriolic and personalized style of campaigning has alienated several of the big GOP leaders who are not supporting him even after his becoming the presumptive nominee.

Meanwhile, former US President’s like George W Bush, and George H.W Bush have declined to endorse Trump while several senior GOP figures like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Jeb Bush etc have also not endorsed Trump.

In a break from tradition even the GOP race runners up Ted Cruz did not call for party unity to support Trump.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan inspite of a few meetings has not yet backed Trump at this point.

Julian Teixeira, senior director of communications at the National Council of La Raza a major organization representing Hispanics in USA said that his organization has condemned Trumps remarks against Hispanics.

He ominously said that nobody could get the White House in the US Presidential race without support from the Hispanic community in America, which forms a sizeable minority voting bloc. He said that he had already noticed higher voter registrations this time from the Hispanic community.

Ralph, 24 a student of Samoan descent from California and on a visit to Indiana said, “Race has always been there in America but Trump is bringing it more to light and he is trying to make people mad against minorities.”

His friend Mackenzy, 24, who is a student of Indiana State University and of African American descent said that it speaks a lot that his rally has only white people with no other races and ethnicities going there. He also condemned Trumps statements against Muslims saying he has Muslim friends who are good people. He said that even if Trump won the nomination Hillary would win the Presidency.

Ultimately even if Trump has got the Republican nomination the various major groups of people he has offended or alienated including members of his own party will only mean that the Presidential race will be an uphill battle for him.


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