Psychiatric team receives complaints of discrimination from people released from quarantine

During a press briefing held yesterday, Health Minister Dechen Wangmo said that people should not discriminate against those being released from quarantine including those who tested positive.

“Although international standard for quarantine is 14 days, the government has taken the highest preventive measure and extended to 21 days. After completing 21 days, they are tested and sent home. And even after sending them home, we are requesting them to stay at home for at least 20 more days. We have been requesting them to avoid going in crowd and avoid hanging out at night,” the Health Minister said.

She said that COVID-19 was not intentionally brought to the country.

“Indeed nobody will do such thing. A person is quarantined for 21 days. On day 22, after carrying out test for COVID-19, the person is released upon the completion and given quarantine completion certificate. We have planned and issuing this certificate in case they travel anywhere and so that they don’t get discriminated,” said the Health Minister.

Health Minister also said that the psychiatric team is getting calls from people released being discriminated.

“When they are discriminated, they will be disheartened and we have a psychiatric team who said that they are receiving calls from them and saying that they are being discriminated by their neighbors and friends. People try to avoid them and walk away,” the Health Minister said.

There are currently 1,563 people in quarantine facilities, and so far, 4,351 have been released. 600 more people are expected arrive in the country in the coming week.

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