Public dismay over the OAG report

The Office of the Attorney General’s ‘opinion’ that there is no legal basis to pursue the matter through the court and that no laws were broken in the Gyelpozhing case has provoked a strong public reaction.

The Acting Prime Minister Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba said,” They (OAG) are the legal experts and they know best, since this is a legal issue we’ve to abide by it”

Minister for Home and cultural affairs, Lyonpo Minjur also named in the report said, “We have to leave up to them (OAG)”.


Political Parties say it was conflict of interest

While the government and those involved in the case may believe that OAG knows best the vast majority of people that talked to The Bhutanese have a different view.

Political parties all felt that the OAG had not done its job.

The Druk Nyamprup Tshogpa spokesperson Dr.Tandin said,” The OAG’s decision or the report is not a surprise as the OAG being the government’s legal arm was expected to give such a report.”

He said that there was a systematic flaw in the appointment of the OAG through the PM’s recommendation. He said as a result there is a conflict of interest between the OAG and the government. “It also shows the character of the individuals who head these institutions and their ability to tackle issues and do their job correctly irrespective of who they come across. They have failed to do this”.

Dasho Penjor Dorji of Druk Mitsher Tshogpa party said, “There definitely is government influence on the OAG’s decision”.  He said that the OAG which was the legal arm of the government cannot be expected to prosecute or charge sheet the government.

Opposition leader Tshering Tobgay said, “I had foreseen the OAG not wanting to prosecute. It is unfortunate as the ACC had put in more then a year’s worth of thorough investigation, met many people, and concluded that the allotments were illegal.”

He said, “The next step is that probably and hopefully ACC will take up the prosecution in keeping with the ACC Act. This is not the end of the Gyelpozhing case and theses are important times for our democracy and rule of law. We will wait for ACC’s action and see what happens.”

The Bhutan Kuen-Ngyam party spokes person Sonam Tobgay said. “Truth must prevail irrespective of personalities but again people must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”.

Dasho Penjor Dorji also said that under Section 128(3) of the ACC act the ACC can take over the prosecution process from the OAG.

Dr Tandin Dorji said, “We should now ensure that the new government in the future should not influence institutions such as the ACC, OAG.” He said that the country being a young democracy should learn from these incidents and allow the due process of law to take place.


Ordinary citizens share their views

Meanwhile there was noticeable anger from ordinary citizens that the paper talked to.

Rinzin Namgyel a shopkeeper in Thimphu said, “Small people like us have to follow so many laws and rules but there are none for the powerful.”

A mother of two and a working professional Sonam Dechen said, “Looking at this case I get a feeling as if we are still in the time of Penlops and warlords where might is right.”

Tashi Tshering 17, a student said, “The youth are always blamed for gangs and causing trouble but it is sad that leaders who are our role models are showing such a bad example.”

Norbu a taxi driver in town said, “I am quite shocked that ordinary people lost their plots in such a way and that they will not be getting it back.”

A corporate employee Karma said, “Why blame only the OAG when the top people in the political, legal and bureaucratic system are all related or have links.”  A senior official with the Labor ministry said, “After a long investigation from the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and reports in the media how can the OAG find is no legal basis”.

A final year student from Sherubtse College Tashi Tshering said “It’s boring to live when the aristocracy still dominates Bhutan.”

A PGDPA student from Royal institute of Management (RIM) Semtokha said “I was eagerly waiting to know how the OAG, as a government representative, would take up the case but am disappointed with the outcome.”

Phuntsho Dema a private employee said, “It has now become very clear. The rich and powerful can engage in corrupt practices but there will be no consequences and the law will in fact protect them.”

Chencho Nidup, 32 said, “This is outrageous. Democracy it seems is meant to serve only the influential.”


Social Media reactions to the OAG report

The Social Media was abuzz with people on Twitter and Facebook discussing the OAG report with mainly a strong sense of outrage.

On Facebook’s Social Democracy page Tshering Dorji wrote, “The reader of this report gets a feeling that the primary aim of the OAG team was to refute every allegation made by ACC/Media.” On another site Lhendup Kalden wrote, “As always the bigger fishes got away.”

Sherab Jamtsho opined, “Our societies are not destroyed so much by the activities of bad people but by the inactivity of the good people.”

Tshering Wangchuk said, “That is the problem in our country. When it comes to high profile people there is no law to sue them. When it comes to ordinary people the law is very strong and rigid. It seems laws are applicable only for ordinary people. I wish i was a high profile person so that I don’t have to follow the laws of the country.”

Twitter was also active with non-stop tweets on the issue. Lekey Wangdi tweeted, “The Gyelpozhing case can be prosecuted even after decades, in my opinion.”

Tashi Gyeltshen wrote, “In GNH country land grab is “administrative lapses as well as alleged ethical impropriety.”

Pelkhil School’s official twitter account tweeted, “If you ever get into a legal fix, make sure u get the OAG to prosecute you! Their compassion is limitless!”

Jigs news a popular anonymous account tweeted, “OAG says there is no legal basis to forward the case to court. I say try the ‘illegal basis’ angle.”

When this paper tried to contact individuals involved, most of them refused to comment while some were outside the country.

The only person who spoke was Lyonpo Minjur. He said, “During my whole career, I’ve served with all my commitment and dedication maintaining the welfare of the people. Even when it comes to land allotment at Gyelpozhing, during my stint as a Dzongda, I did not manipulate anything, going strictly by the laws in force”.

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  1. You can’t generalise based on your selective interview as public.We are more than happy with the OAG’s finding.

    • sangay thinley

      We are also very very unhappy with the OAG’s finding.

    • The way you try to express your thoughts insunuate that either you are a very close relatives or a very clsoe friend. If not you would really not support the OAG’s findings.

      • What so ever is the output.. Thank god it ended.. And this paper should stop it there.. Y is The Bhutanese acting so Anti-Bhutanese everytime.

  2. SHIT of a an opinion by OAG

    • ha ha now we dont have any trust on lawer. oag officals be care full we r burning and when people get burned people will do any thing. no fair on deth. and how you OAG say dat it is not illigal within short term. hope this is not the end of the case ……………we dont want OAG to punish lower class people. it is better for all OAG staff to leave your job and go home

      • Hum… it was expected. I heard AOG once in BBS said how can i prosecute government to whom i represent. I think OAG is not prosecuting the government, but prosecuting the individual involved in it.
        It is shameful for the people in OAG to come up with such a weak argument saying that it has no legal backing for prosecution.
        Now i think it is high time for people of this out and take this people into task. If not than it will be like let our goverment be run by our beloved KIngs la.

  3. let us do the same and see if they still consider the same..LETS NOT BLAME ANYONE NOW,LETS PLAY GAME TOGETHER..if we lose,we’ll lose it to india/china..

  4. well i have not read the OAG report but i suspect the timing of its release is tricky with the PM outside the country atm and just before the festive season in the capital. our ppl are busy visiting places so chances are high that the public scrutiny and roar on the issues will be distracted to certain extent. however, the media must keep the flame alive as i like many bhutanese count on ACC to act and defend their findings……sadly OAG failed to live up to the expectations.. at-least my expectations. its for all to see that land grab has taken place. 

  5. I wonder how would my parents and grand parents understand this case… because they are totally illiterate. This seem to me kind of avoidance of tax in place of eviction of taxes….in income tax rule…

  6. F*** the OAG and those Judges there. Those who are happy with OAG’s decision are frog in pound and will live all their life under and being suppressed by aristocracy and tyranny. I fell sad that people still fail to understand the powerful and aristocrat are sucking blood out of public for their selfish purpose. Common see outer world where have they reached.

  7. as some tweeted, If ever u get into a legal fix, make sure u get the OAG 2 prosecute you! Their compassion is limitless

  8. Many don’t believe but truth is Bhutan is also one of the most corrupted country. Believe me. It is mainly done by high level officials. General public are innocent!!!

  9. calls for a protest, capture the boss and all his lawyers, and lock them inside the OAG office…and burn them alive! things will get straight and the systems in place in Bhutan.

  10. hw can we expect the OAG to against the government who is there employer.we expect such things from OAG before suggested by many people, i think da ACC should take that case 4rm OAG as they have power to do so under the ACC act..whatever da out come may be but the truth is that we the people of bhutan know what happened in gyelpozhing.i am very sure our people will punish those who involved in gyelpozhing land scam in 2013,lets wait n see what will happen in 2013 election..lastly its just my opinion

    • Mr. Phala when it comes to National Issue OAG has to fight for Right, If you think properly OAG is not going against Government but OAG is fighting agaings corrupt peoples who have Grabbed innocent peoples land when they are in Power. In this case OAG is not snactching land from Govt.and giveing to peoples but OAG’s duty here is to fight against those bratyals of the Govt. and Its people who have misused their power given by the king and its people. We wish if we can have Attorney General like Aum Neten and Dasho Kuenzang instead of present chicken hearted Attorney General.

  11. Why didn’t the reporter talk to people who strongly supported the OAG’s opinion and bring tweets and facebook status that were in OAG’s favor?  Anyways lets wait and see what happens next.

  12. All lawyers will not interpret the laws in the same way. We have respected ACC’s findings and now we must respect OAG’s interpretation. How can we blindly conclude that these people have broken the laws and they must be punished? We must see from various angles. This case should not be politicised. If DPT leaders were not involved, the nature of reactions would have been very different.

    • We are not blindly concluding that OAG’s findings are wrong or as a matter of fact the ACC’s findings are right. But for us to know the truth the matter should have been presented in the court of law if there is one…my dissatisfaction with OAG comes from the fact that the matter has not yet been prosecuted in court which(prosecution) is the primary responsibility of the OAG. Don’t you think the OAG has the moral obligation with the public/citizens of our country who rightly are waiting for the truth to unfold. I personally am not happy to write against the govt. and I like many others are not happy to hear such disturbing news about our leaders but having said that, we cannot afford to let such practices go unpunished. For precedence sake, the truth must speak.
      Lastly, since ACC is an investigating body I find merit in their findings since its entails detailed investigations unlike the OAG’s findings.  

    • Talking about being blind. Perhaps you should open your eyes. How can you toatally disregard the fact that 67 people who had no elligibility or (to use OAG’s term) did not merit to be alloted land in Gyelpozhing were actually alloted urban land. Where else in the country has such a thing occurred?. Yes perhaps back in the wild wild west but that was centuries ago! They are lucky that it happened in the remote east, imagine the repurcurssion had it happed in the Bajo or Khuru!

    • if it werent for the DPT leaders involved, the case would have been solved long back and the culprits behind bars.
      i am sure though its somewhat concluded just now but once the leaders involved doesnt get elected in the next election, everything will pour out, the truth. 

  13. Kinley Yangzoom

    The merit of the case will only be realized  if only a new government comes to power and the OAG office is made independent like ACC. The present findings of the OAG in this case holds no water as the OAG office is a puppet to the present government. This is clear from the way  how each findings are presented by OAG. The kind of argument put up by OAG protecting the present government will have far reaching implications to the country as people will always quote the same case for any illegal activities that individuals or organizations does in the future. Personally, I am really worried looking at such conclusion from the OAG. Every argument  they put forward is a counter attack and I am now confused if what role is OAG really suppose to play.  It  gives an indication that in the country of GNH, influential and powerful people are above the law which is very bad for a growing democracy like Bhutan. 

  14. The OAG has expressed its “opinion” and I seriously feel that opinions lack considerable validity. It is an absolute disgrace for a great institution like OAG to simply opine.

  15. Well, this was understood when ACC handed over to OAG, it is nothing of a surprise!
    God sees the truth but waits!

  16. wow…..OAG lawyers are so much professional dat dey declare their judgement witin 7days…while it took ACC …one year to file an report…..and at da end clean chit to dose beneficiaries……who illegally occupy dose land…..nw i lost faith in bhutanese justice system….rich n powerful people cn do anything……n get away……in da land of GNH……cz OAG. is der to giv clean chit to dose corruptor………

  17. Ktozer is right, we knew what would happen to the case when ACC forwarded it to OAG. It seems like ACC, OAG and the ruling Government  are hands in glove. I am convinced that it is a conspiracy to fool the public. Everything is  in black and white that these people broke the rules to grab the land to fulfill their greed to own more property, they have endless desire…….every one of us need be on guard to protect our land.

  18. ACC did it’s job…. so did OAG…. MOGAMBOO KHUSH HUWA…. di beuda MOGAMBOO ga inaa???

  19. Read the OAG report. Now, I see how OAG lost to the Opposition in the first constitutional case. ACC will prosecute without doubt. I wish this team from OAG gets to depend these people. They will lose again, surely.

  20. OAG is a government office and we know that. Why should the people of Bhutan expect, OAG to prosecute the government. There should be such an office who should be able to try both OAG and the government. We must also understand that DPT is testing the people of Bhutan, so that they can take appropriate actions according to our reactions. In fact the government knows well that they have done some wrong things in Gyelpozhing and it is for this very reason that they forced OAG to give them a clean chit. “Why do our Ministers/Speaker and people of tall chairs want more than they need?” I, being an ordinary citizen fail to understand why? They have everything they want but still they want more. Why?

    • The OAG’s mission is “To defend the interest of the Kingdom of Bhutan according to the law”, NOT the interest of the Government of the Prime MInister!
      “To protect the right of its citizens under the Constitution and the laws” not the government:
      “To seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior” even if these are senior officials in the government;
      “To seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior”, and
      ” To provide the people of Bhutan with an independent, fair and effective prosecution service,” not in the least to safeguard the government officials from being prosecuted. I dont know where it says that it cannot prosecute the government for the people.

  21. Now that it has become clear, any person holding a membership in land allotment committee have good future.
    Which are new towns coming? Who are the committe now?
    Who are aspiring politicians?
    Who shall be the next AG?
    Bhutanese citizen are now called for bigger challenge, unless land allotment officers of up-comming towns like Denchi, Nganglam give ways lands to people fearlessly, we will still be the minority and we cannot tackle such issues.
    Since OAG has made this point clear, land allotment comittee should approportion lands in the name of their relatives, no question of sb being a permanent resident of the area or holding valid bussiness licence, further lands beyond current demarcations could be also alloted. The case will either get more complex or people who get land will be saved by same laws that OAG opined.
    The other option is to form a peaceful association and question the ethics of OAG and put every Lawyers to questions as of why do they compromise their work ethics? Such lawyers should not be entertained, else what will happen with judiciary during our grandson’s time.
    Sad day in Bhutanese judiciary, bad example of justice, dark taint on the morale of librans.

  22. OAG has 9 pages of its opinion, so why don’t you guys first read them. There could be solid basis entailing not to pursue the case to court. The new political parties will say anything for they need votes.

  23. I may not agree totally with OAG and their opinion but ACC has the right to prosecute the accused themselves. But we have already cast doubts even on the courts. Are we ready to accept the court’s verdict (of acquittal of accused) if not convicted? Are we still going to blame the judiciary of not convicting the accused as we expected? Or shall we not reflect and analyse that we might have been misinformed? 

  24. this is GNH country. we should up hold the powerful citizen and look down the ordinary citizen. 

    ” it is motto of mouth service and inwardly to grab all property of poor citizen and enjoyed   ego, show off power, authority etc. 

  25. How can we expect a sound judgement when the AG himself  an appointee of the government, the people of which are involved, to pass a judgement against them?? We only can wait and see what course the case is gonna take further. 

  26. Thinley Wangdi

    I m really impressed with how the government has very nicely planned the whole system from the very beginning. OAG to be appointed by and be accountable to PM. Very smart move I must say. What does OGA think, bhutanese people are not  law literate? People do know law to the extent that they can at least determine whether the case referred qualifies to be prosecuted or not……indeed it’s very sad that the OAG failed  to lived up to people’s expectation and showed their character. Such institution should I n my opinion close down…instead of  wasting tax payers money……I wish the new govt will insider this. Whoever is in support of OAG’s report, please don’t identify yourself…we all know who you guys are and why u are doing it….it will make the general public sick of ur comments.

  27. Sherub Membar

    The Gyalpoizhing land was not surrendered by the people because  they didn’t want it, but was rather forcibly acquired by the Govt from them on the pretext of Gyalpoizhing town planning, and later on the committee allotted it to rich and powerful people who were neither resident, nor held any trade licence to carryout any business activity in the area. In simple words; it was just snatched from the poor and given to the powerful and rich people by the committee headed by Jigme Tsheltrim.
    While ACC under the leadership of a LADY (Dasho Neten ZANGMO),did a great job by carrying out the investigation without fear and favour, and made the findings public,  the OAG under a chairmanship of a MAN, MR. Phuntsho WANGDI  threw the matter down the drain as having no legal basis. We all know that the people involved are all with high profiles. 
    For me now, I have completely lost my  respect for the Attorney General,  and trust and faith in OAG as long as Phuntsho Wangdi remains the head.
    I sincerely feel that Dasho Neten and Phuntsho Wangdi should now swap or exchange their attire  (KIRA & GHO) and wear them while coming to their respective office. Now I also feel that women are far more courages, dependable, and committed in serving the TSAWA SUM than most men who are  overwhelmed with self interest, fear and favouritism.

  28. Since OAG report is unsatisfactory, ACC should take over case & prosecute the involved. This is the land of the GNH & taking action on the illegal case & returning the land to the rightful owner will increase GNH to the landowners.

  29. How does one gauge public mood and opinion? especially for a large headline proclaiming public opinion in a lead story?

    Hope this is type of reporting is driven by the right reasons and not a result of a little public scolding some time ago or some other personal crusade.

    I had issues with previous stories by this and other papers using faulty statistics for stories. I have had issues with Bhutanese reporters (as in citizens of Bhutan working at other papers and not just this paper in particular) not doing a basic job of crosschecking facts. An editor of another local paper said some errors in their stories “were only words” when pressed about shoddy reporting! … not sure if this is level of professionalism is acceptable.

    I fully support having a strong media as a check and balance in a democracy.. but how do we check and balance a media that still needs to mature?

  30. Even ACC found the same facts as this paper!

  31. ‘OAG is puppet of government’ is not true and there is no conflict of interests here. Those supposedly involve in Gyelpozhing is not government and its policies. Those are individuals. OAG serves government and public. Will you say a rapist can’t be prosecuted by OAG because he is citizen or public?

    In United States even Judges are appointed by President who head of government as well as state. Does it mean that Judges have conflict of interests to try government and presidential staff? what conflict are u talking about?

    Even in republic OAG is under government. Does it mean that Indian governments’ attorney general can’t try corrupted minister. The conflict of interest is preached successfully by political and vested interests and now people are believing.

    we people can’t think for ourselves no matter how educated we are. We are fully dependent on media who is gatekeeper. They decided what to say and what not to say. Politicians with media links always get positive coverage even when the news is negative.

    If OAG says there is no case. Then we should think why there is no case? we should know their views first. After all, they are most qualified legal experts may be next to supreme court.
    Did anybody analyze the finding of ACC. The favour in public opinion doesn’t necessary mean they are right. After all, how many legal experts are there including the chairperson.
    Even if ACC is not satisfied, they can always file case and prosecute as per the law. Finally, who is this legal expert that the Bhutanese quoted every time. That legal expert may be non existent as he has no name and face. Even if he exists, he is coward or is in doubt about his opinion. Else why is he so hesitant to give his name…

    • We have a very infant legal system here. Who has become an expert here already. Just like this paper was scolded as you put it, the AG perhaps also receive a fiery tirade – enough to dispel any misgiveings he had about how he should present this case.

  32. The bottom line of the OAG report means the ACC investigation and report is meaningless. It means that all investigators and lawyers in ACC are incompetent. This is a dangerous and uncalled challenge on an autonomous institution. It undermines the constitutional institution and the people in ACC. I think the ACC should take OAG to court and task.

  33. Sadly, AG is not a bright man to head this OAG. While in college he was neither bright nor talented in any field. He got this position by default as many of his senior colleagues have opted for the Drangpon position. What else do we hope from such kind of people. Neither he has leadership quality nor common sense. See how other heads of organisations like ECB, ACC, RCSC and RAA are functioning- with high leadership quality and clear mandate. There is a mark difference between him and other Heads.
    How do we understand why the OAG took the decisions not to prosecute those involved in the Gyelposhing LAND SCANDAL despite having clear evidences of allotting the plots to Ministers, influential family, seniors officers and to the Committee themselves through breach of laws/kashos . There are three broad approaches why OAG has taken those decisions, in my opinion:.
    1. Structural Issues.
    Attorney General or AG is much directly under the PM. Without PM’s recommendation to higher authority, his extension for next term is impossible. Therefore, how can AG prosecute PM and at the same time expect PM to recommend for his job.
    Therefore, it is not too surprising that AG will find all the reasons to find so many silly excuses to avoid himself from this case.

    2. Involvement of Ministers and senior officers and influential family
    The other reasons are all these people involved in the land scandal are Ministers, senior officials and influential family. OAG simply wanted to avoid the challenging task but they want high salary
    3. Leadership of the OAG
    All these indicate, there is weakness in the leadership of the AG and his vested interested.
    What is required to be done is, people involve in the land scandal need to be prosecuted and land to be first surrender to the NLC and then properly re-allotted. OAG has stated that originals land owners who applied for the plots were unsuccessful, but how come the Ministers and influential family were successful. Successfull and unsuccessful on what basis? In the first place OAG is acting as if the allotment for Gyelposhing was announced in the media and then started collecting application.

    Above points clearly conclude that OAG is simply defending the government and protecting his job. What a shame. But remember, we want to see the TRUTH and the Justice prevailed and the penalty awarded. We are not going to stay silent any longer. This should be resolved in a very fair manner and any exercise of positions and influence is not in the interest of anyone in the country.
    The other suggestion is, the PM, Ministers and their Highnesses need to simultaneously volunteer to surrender the ownership of the land as this creates lots of controversies. There is a grave implication if they do not volunteer to surrender. There will be a heavy pressure from the public and will be seen as if there are two laws in this country meaning that higher rank and influential people could be allotted land from anywhere whereas common people are deprived this. Once the common people form this kind of mind set and opinion, it will be difficult to erase and it will be like cancer of the system and will become difficult to deal with the fundamental disease before it becomes late.

    • Hey man, you are losing your objectivity by character assassinating, by concluding that whatever you interpret are correct, by incriminating the recipients of land, by asking the institutions to come to the conclusions as you want and expect.  Who’s got the ulterior motive here? 

    • Do u have any grudge against the OAG or are u someone who envies him because u could not be as lucky as him. This is not the right place to write such personal remarks.

      • Dear Phuntsho & Kencho, Good rhyming name who supports OAG, but please try to accept others views. If those involved are not from Influentual peoples & our PM what will be OAG reaction.

        • Mister did you read my earlier comments? I have said that I do not totally agree with OAG’s opinion. I do not resort to name calling and character assassination. Sunmoom calls himself or herself an older brother but I can’t comprehend the reasons when he or she resort to character assassinations. Well everybody has their view including yours and mine, so you don’t have to get lyrical whether my name rhymes with others or not.  

    • Hi surmoon,
      It is universal fact that not all bright people are good leader.You must be academically good,but managerially OAG must be better in really life scenario.

  34. Have the OAG sold his soul too like the rest?
    How can the OAG and his lawyers not see quite plainly that the former Dzongda’s reckless generosity in giving away someone else’s land to the rich and powerful? Whatever, this case has really made me lose all hope on our judiciary and the government!

  35. respect law and do justice, be fair to every citizen, so that when we die we won’t have any regret for the deeds………live peacefully and die peacefully !

  36. If one points a finger to someone, four fingers oppose it.!

    • really, you have 5 fingers in your hand? I have 4 fingers and 1 thumb. And the thumb is also pointing forward.

      • Come on, I am sure you understood what Birla was trying to convey. Why do you need to act too smart.

      • Yes I did understand birla’s point. He’s saying you should never accuse someone of anything because he will always have 4 fingers pointing back at him. 

        Sounds like a blanket way to absolve all wrong doers without consequence.

  37. Don’t Trust LMDorji,he is a liar and the statement made by him are bullshit.The only person who spoke was Lyonpo Minjur. He said, “During my whole career, I’ve served with all my commitment and dedication maintaining the welfare of the people. Even when it comes to land allotment at Gyelpozhing, during my stint as a Dzongda, I did not manipulate anything, going strictly by the laws in force”.

    • I don’t think it is right to go on smearing some one with absolutely no basis, you need to substantiate what you are saying, so please tell us what makes LMDorji a liar. If this paper is censoring posts, these are the ones that should not see the light of day.

      • The people of Trashigang also know how you have served your constituency. Lyonpo has constructed cluster of resorts in Trashigang Bamridrang. Is this how you serve the people and government of Bhutan? When he was Dzongda of Mongar he had constructed 5 stories building at Mongar. One should see how he had acquired the land.

        • After all he is spiritually corrupted son in law of morally and spiritually corrupted Kori lama  and his legacy is being continued by LMD. 

        • If your project is to sue every official of the Monarchy we seriously have to think many times before we join you. 

  38. Don’t Trust LMDorji,he is a liar and the statement made by him are bullshit.

  39. How can we straight away blame OAG for being unprofessional….Every individual and organization has a right to interpret the law in their own way. In this case too, ACC has interpreted different and similarly OAG has interpreted differently.  Most importantly, OAG has given reasons why law is not broken in allotting the plot. Now, if we disagree that, we should point out and argue why OAG is wrong and should support our argument with relevant sections of the law….Ultimately, if one(ACC or anyone) is not satisfied, one can always prosecute in the court of law as their interpretation will be final and binding. Even after court verdict, i am sure there will be section of people who will agree and some will not… 

  40. Let us nt comment but wait bit longer. Defend or argue with reason. Y we say OAG has nt done their part n ACC has done? Because we r blinded aleady by the bhutanese. Let read their finds and see legality. Nt frm my point of view but frm our point of view, frm legal point of view.

  41. ACC had done a great job but that doesn’t mean whatever it had found and interpreted will prove strong points of prosecution. However there certainly seemed to have conflict of interest during the allotment of land in Gyalpozhing then. I am sure there were misuse of authorities then whether it be called administrative lapses, negligence, commission or omission of acts. 

    OAG at best could have reviewed ACC’s report and then should have re-reviewed with ACC so as to come to the conclusion of whether there is a legal-basis or not.  They should work together for the larger interest of Bhutan rather than coming out with differences. 

    To move on, I hope ACC is reviewing OAG’s opinion and if it felt they have strong legal basis, I am sure they will take the committee members to the court. Therefore it is not the end of the day.  

    We are being forcefully fed by the Media with such language that most of us were made to believe that there was a huge orchestrated corruptions (in the past). 

  42. On this episode, one point that keeps haunting me is —- Why  did this issue not surface on time? It did so very recently, few years back ! 
    Doesn’t  it reflect  that Gyelpozing issue was legal and fair prior to 2009 / 10? If yes, then no point of arguing now. The PM’s directive to ACC about it was a show of democratic functions, that should have been ignored  and  I say ACC need have gone to the extent of investigating even. The expenditure  could have been avoided and better utilised elsewhere.

    • Yes and we carry on in the same manner. The rich become richer and the poor poorer. The expenditure that was incuirred on the investigation too could have been convineinetly pocketed by some one. I belive that justice should not be denied because of cost.

  43. Come on guys.I totdally don’t blame OAG also or even PM.I smell something fishy in OAG’s judgement.

    There is that someone or something which is beyond OAG,ACC or PM who is influencing and  controlling all these judgement as per their whims and likes.Guru Rimpoche save Bhutan..

  44. Straight: It is surfacing now because there was miscarriage of Justice by the former Dzongdag. The truth is, land has been taken away and these Minsiters and influential family have to make voluntary surrender of the ownership to the ACC or the NLC before it escalates into something. It is not an issue of show of democracy- it has to be practiced and land be returned and people responsible for messing it up should be jailed like the AWP, MOE, MOH, Gelephu land scandal! There has to be one law in this country.

  45. ACC is wrong and OAG is right. The reason? Simply go through their reports.

  46. it is clear that no laws have been broken. OAG’s report does not say no mistakes were made, they said administrative mistakes were made. however, the OAG’s job is to prosecute in the court of law on the basis of charges that will stand. in the case of gyelposhing it seems no laws have been violated so what case is there for the OAG.

  47. ACC

    is manned by a bunch of people whose attitude is questionable. There are many petty people there; not objective at all. Therefore i feel OAG could be right also.

  48. Wonder Never Ceases

    Gyelposhing land case is totally personal and there is no reason for OAG to get involved in it.This case has to be solely dealt by a ACC not by a AOG. Now, will you (OAG) stop it let ACC to continue it. Please don’t  try to probe as a truth to public which is being already illegal and crime but we public knows that it’s already a crime and illegal action. 

  49. OAG is very right. They are the LEGAL EXPERT and their findings are perfect. No one has expressed despair over the issue except this paper and few disgruntled ones who have personal agenda with persons involved in the case. So let us discuss something different now.

  50. In Bhutan when Dzongda offers government land to religious institutions and influential people as if it is their own property they say they have not broken any law or manipulated in allotment of government land. This is the case with Jigme Tshulthrim and Minjur Dorji when they were as Dzongda in Mongar. As expected by many, we have OAG who snubbed the ACC report saying there is no legal basis to prosecute in the court of law. He is like a puppet under present government. OAG is trying to avoid and defend case in the court of law because he will lose like the first constitutional case.

  51. …mere truth cannot be hidden with thousands of lies. Watch- the truth will spill out how much you cover up. The beauty of Buddhism…the law of nature will turn its course punishing the guilt. So lets be truthful meaning of life.

  52. I hope this case will be settled as per the law of Bhutan peacefully, otherwise there is a high chance of internationalisng it if we do not get justice as high ranking people and Judiciary are involved. Possibility of featuring this case in CNN, BBC and other international media is possible. The worse senario will be, if there is no justice, Bhutan will be condemned by the donor agencies and construe Ministers and influential families as bullies.

    • Hahahaha looks like you tried writing to BBC and CNN? And you think, they will believe you. I shall closely watch you hereafter. I will read all your comments for you certainly seem to have ulterior motives. I shall as much as possible come to the defense of my country from people like you, who are hellbent at bringing chaos. 

  53. I think and have always maintained that this case should never have been accepted by ACC in the first place because this did not happen during the present Govt’s  watch and to keep harping on this now would indirectly be questioning the competence of the then Govt.
    If we are to get to the bottom of all this muck,why not open ALL land cases to see if everything  is lily white?so to keep on hankering after this particular issue is beginning to send the wrong message to the public.
    I cannot speak for the present Govt s competence,but this much I know,the Bhutanese people are not fools.they will decide through vote their choice .till then I think it’s time to move on mean?

  54. I as an individual, as an oridinary citizen and as a responsible civil servant was extremely saddened, in fact not saddened but felt quite intolerable with the leader of the OAG and have now began to lose hope in the OAG as a Legal Institution in the Country. The AG of the OAG and all legal experts of OAG should remember that they have solemn responsibilty towards protecting the rights of the citizens of Bhutan irrespective of powerful or powerless. The AG himself though appointed or selected by the PM, should know that PM has selected him not for the purpose of protecting PM or any corrupt ministers, speakers, etc rather he was selected for the sake and benefit of whole Bhutanese population. The AG, OAG instead of stating ACC’s Gyelpozhing report having no legal basis to prosecute was quite un imaginable and we don’t expect either. All in all, i have no hope in AG or the OAG, wish we could have twin leaders like hon’ble Dasho Neten Zangmo, the OAG should get some bravery and confidence as well as zero tolerance to corruption training from the ACC. Shame on OAG, we don’t believe your cowardic report, after all the hard work done by the ACC, we ordinary citizens must not let the corruption people scot free, lets join hands to bring justice for the sake of ordinary blood and soul of Gyelpozhing people.

  55. Whoever you see is not human, but a fraud, whatever people say is not right but just lies. There is no one who can be trusted in this contaminated world. It is depressing that our modern educated are cunningly misleading and whoever you see is not human but fraud in the sphere of politics.

  56. 5 legal experts and landing with opinion is terrible, when OAG has no confidences to present their work with authenticity then what is there behind the screen?…

  57. The OAG’s hasty opinion (took about 2 weeks?) on the ACC’s thorough investigation (took about 12 months?) is a sad day for our fledgling ‘democracy’ which will not survive if the rules of the game are not respected. OAG’s report has also confirmed the worst fears of most Bhutanese – that there was a conflict of interest in OAG reviewing ACC’s report – and instead of doing the correct thing i.e. OAG owning up to a conflict of interest and refusing to take the case, went ahead and defended the indefensible.

    The international community, the poor farmers who were affected by the land scam must be shocked and dismayed by OAG’s ruling. How can anyone conclude the actions of Dzongdas who behaved like Father Christmas and doled out lands to influential persons and tried to eyewash our peasants and the system blaming it on ‘committees’ which were conveniently set up to mask their true intentions. Hiding behind the ‘skirts of committees’ is the oldest and cheapest tricks. Arguments that influential persons were ‘persuaded’ to take lands at throwaway prices are amazing and hard to swallow. If at all, the Bhutanese public, the OAG (if they have any decency & respect left) and the media should absolve our beloved Royal Family from this matter since they are not government servants and expected to know what the Dzongdas & senior officials were doing was legally and ethically wrong. Speaking of media, Kuensel – which was nurtured by His Majesty the Fourth King, was the first and perhaps only Bhutanese media to gleefully list the names of our beloved Royal Family. What was the need for it to do so? 



  58. We must now investigate all the big and medium sized fishes for their disproportionate accumulation of wealth. Come on ACC, we need justice and we know you have already begun the journey. Best of Luck! 

  59. What ever said and done, OAG has done its duty within their mandated capacity in the system.

  60. How can Lyonpo Minjur Dorji say he has not done anything wrong. He has allotted land illegally whether it is to a religious body or an individual. He has broken the rules, he has no right to go around  distributing Government land as if it is his own. His property need to be investigated, who knows there may be Government land registered in his son or daughter’s names. 

  61. Lyonpo Minjur is a man of high integrity and decisive. I know him from school days. As per report, the Dzongkhag has allotted land to Gandey bodies during his tenure in the capacity of Dzongdag. These Gandey bodies are nonprofit organization and will only benefit the society and the country at large. For every action there is good and bad parts. So we should weigh the two and if the merit outweighs the bad, it is a well done job.
    In the recently concluded Thimphu Tshechu also, the monkey compares the bad deeds and good deeds of a dead person in front of CHEYJEYSHINGGI GYELPO.and the person is punished or rewarded accordingly. WAHO!.

  62. i think ACC was over zealous with its investigations following what the media wrote and most importantly, a case to assert its independence, and to show that ACC is not scared to question the ruling govt., the royal family and even the dratshang. Too bad it couldn’t gather substantial evidences but OAG has competent lawyers who have been working together with the ACC for years and i am sure these points they raised in their report have already been discussed wit the ACC before their assessment was released to the media. Like most of you have said, this is not the end. Individuals who are unhappy with the report can always take the matter to court – Why doesn’t tenzing lamsang take these people to court based on his and ACC’s investigation – ask an NGO to bear the litigation cost – as he believes in “upholding the interest of the nation”..
    I do not like the fact that this paper talks to ramdom people, some within its own newsroom, and quoting anonymous people on social network to come out with such a biased and unethical article.. Rangdrel asked a pertinent question, Why didn’t the reporter talk to people who strongly supported the OAG’s opinion and bring tweets and facebook status that were in OAG’s favor?

  63. Minjur Dorji will definitely say he did nothing wrong even after doing all the wrongs. Why do you think he is a successful politician. Sadly our politicians were to be different so let us all, who are concerned about where we ar heading, do our part and make a difference.

    With the OAG showing us what it is like in  democratic Bhutan it is all up to us to show what democracy really means. We have lost all faith in the OAG. What OAG did was make it look like  their work is to legally support the government irrespective of any wrong doing by them. What they failed to understand was they were asked to prosecute individuals and not the government.

  64. The Legal Arm of the Country has cleared the case as no basis to be taken up through the court of LAW. If anyone is not happy or satisfied with the findings/ observation of the OAG on the report of the ACC,go to OAG Office and seek first hand clarification instead of being anonymous in the forum.

    • Why should anyone here seek clarification?Everything is crystal clear. I think it should be the ACC who should be seeking the clarification. And by the way you are also anonymous here mate.

  65. Please don’t blame the OAG because this is expected. The present Government has appointed the current AG because he is harmless. We need to understand the capacity of somebody before we make any comments.
    Even if the OAG prosecute these influential,powerful, wealthy and mostly corrupted people involved in the Gyelpo shing land scam the present judicial set up will not be able to punish them because  the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Bhutan his Lordship Lyonpo Sonam Tobgay is involved in the scam. So please don’t expect a fair trail even if the OAG chart sheet the case to the Court. Any way the ACC headed by Dasho Aum Neten has done a great job for the nation by revealing the  insight story.  

  66. OAG office should be ashamed of bring such reports. 



  69. It seems that OAG’s report made ACC’s report baseless after working hard for one year in just a short time…… suggestion is that there should be a debate between ACC and OAG live on BBS…….WHY Gaylposhing land case is a baseless n how did ACC find a land scam…….so their dabet will tell the truth…n public/government will have the answer….

  70. suggester, i feel made a very very brilliant idea or suggestion.. let there be a live debate with callers session on the gyelposhing land scam… to me if this is a naive case as presented by OAG i would we all eat shit for our living.. if eating is bullshit i guess OAG’s report is no better…

  71. i was sad with the decision of the OAG….

  72. You people still don’t understand.Even if the people involved is prosecuted in the court by the ACC they will still get acquitted just like the phobjikha land case. I have no faith in the judiciary, forget the OAG.

    • International body will be monitoring and Bhutan will be rated as corrupted nation per the prevailing circumstance of corruption nexus involved .  

    •  Bhutan will be now rated as deeply corrupted nation  and may compare with Bangladesh,pakistan,Middle east countries and Africa if we dont eradicate those disease.  

  73. OAG’s report shows what kind of person he is. How fickle minded he is and how in-courageous he is. He is not fit for this very important post.

  74. F**k OAG

  75. The world is watching this case and the incident will create a huge mockery on the judgement given by OAG. 

    • We need to down grade the OAG office into one unit under the Royal Audit Authority or any other institution. why waste our tax payers money and built a massive grand structure for such a useless institution. Mr AG we have lost all our faith in you. You need to resign on moral ground like the health secretary.

  76. What a big sad and unhappiness will be if people are not given the fair judgement?History will not forgive such incident and whole people of Bhutan  are eagerly waiting for the justice.

  77. What a big sad and unhappiness will be if people are not given the fair judgement?

    • Justice is all about fairness but more often then it is not. I have lost all my  faith in our judicial system because they are one of the most corrupted people in our country. They have all the legal provisions kept in our law to manipulate cases. They have unlimited authority as a result they misuse their authority. Most of the Hon’ble Drangpons are filthy rich they own Buildings,land and other movable properties Where did that come from?. Their salary of bribe money to manipulate cases ? By the way, I believe the Cheap Justice Sonam tobgay’s name also  appeared in the Kuensel because he is also involved in this Gaylposhing  land scam? Do you guys remember his name on the list?

  78. It is really disgusting to know this outcome from OAG. ACC should take up their own actions as per Law.

  79. What happened to this newspaper? Are the workers arrested?

  80. If the ACC reports do not produce any positive result benefiting the general public then those accused, accuser and prosecuter all will karmically be dealt by for wasting resources belonging to the common people. The wisdom arrow can not be seen while shooting but the impact can be felt indirectly.

  81. Lay Jue Drebu Thadamtsi Em May Tawa zangpo Chi Cho Gang Cho Cha Zuday Gyalwong Gaki Penzom  Drub ra Drubday  Gokap zangpo ma y la 

  82. Lay Jue Drebu Thadamtsi Em May Tawa zangpo Chi Cho Gang Cho Cha Zuday Gyalwong Gaki Penzom  Drub ra Drubday  Gokap zangpo ma y la.May truth prevails.

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