Q and A with NC candidate from Tashiyangtse

Phurpa Gyeltshen, 39, is an aspiring National Council candidate from Gocha, Ramjar, Trashiyangtse dzongkhag. He worked with BBS as a Dzongkha news editor for the past 13 years. He graduated from Sherubtse College with BA Honors in 2003.

He will be competing with six other candidates from the district.

Q1. Who inspired you?

Ans. It was my educational background and my work experience with the BBS that inspired me to stand as a NC candidate. During my tenure as a Dzongkha editor with the BBS, I know more about the policies as we keep constant touch with policy makers and with that I felt that it is an opportunity for me to serve people by being one of them.

Q2. When did you decide to contest?

Ans. Since June 2017, however, I have never shared my thoughts with anyone. I had a feeling that only this way I can serve people and I was somehow confident with what I was thinking.

After much brainstorming I decided on contesting in August 2017 and thereafter I have spoke with my family. I resigned from my office on 31 December 2017 and have now decided to open up to rest of the public.

Q3. What are your expectations?

Ans. I will be contesting with six other candidates. I will put my heart and soul in this field and work with dedication to serve people.

After talking with few people from my own gewog and few from other gewogs through phone calls, the villagers were supportive and appreciated my decision to contest. Nevertheless, I should not be happy with the little support I got and say I will be the one who will get elected because the game can change anytime.

Q5. What are your plans if you do not get elected?

Ans. I have no future plan as such if I don’t elected. However, for now I think that I will do a business and if not I will go into farming. The last resort is to find myself a decent job in the private sector because with the education I have, I feel that I will get employed somewhere one day.

Q6. Why did you choose NC over NA?

Ans. I decided to choose NC over NA because we need more political experience to take part in NA and I was not confident. I also chose NC because NC is an apolitical and it gives us the platform to get experience.

I felt that NC is the right choice for people who have zero experience in such field.

Q7. Have you familiarized yourself with the people after you decided to contest?

Ans. I have not met with anyone in the village or anyone from other gewogs. I resigned recently and once I get my relieving order I will go on a familiarization tour and introduce myself door-to-door from mid January. I heard that candidates in other dzongkhags already started their familiarization tour. During the election period I will do campaigning around the gewogs as per the plans and order from the ECB.

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