Tshewang Tashi, 46, from Langjophakha in Thimphu, is the first civil servant to join Bhutan Kuengyam Party (BKP).

She served in the civil service for the last 23 years. Earlier she was head of the Central Coordinating Division and the Internal Audit Division.  She started her career with Department of Revenue and Customs and has a master’s degree in Public Administration with specialty in public finance from Paris.

Tshewang Tashi will be contesting from Upper-Thimphu constituency.

Here she talks to Reporter Sonam Wangmo of The Bhutanese.


 Q. What made you join politics and Bhutan Kuengyam Party?

A. “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country.” The main reason I joined the party was to pass good values to the children because it seems that we are losing our values.


Q. Do you think your resigning from civil service would encourage others civil servants to join politics, especially women?

A. Yes, because it is a good career ahead. Future is quite bright in this track. We should concentrate on our self alone to know who is going to look after the country and each one us should step in for the important of the future generation.

Q. What inspired you to join this party from the rest of the parties?

A. I required a group of people who would influence the good things to be taken in the proper ways, and things did happen I expected. I want to help and strengthen good values into actions.


Q. The country political scenario has evolved in tune with many crucial factors to consider or contemplate for newly aspiring such as DPT’s still stalwart image as a probable shoo-in for 2013, PDP still a better established party compared to new ones? What led you to your choice of party to contest with?

A. It is not about the winning and it is for setting good presidency like in the walk in the talk where things should be done in a sincere ways and politics can be about thinking about the country. Our government is led where democracy decides the government.


Q. How do you see your constituents’ impression of you?

A. I don’t care whether I win or not and I am not bothered about this because I know why I am getting into this and this is what I set out to achieve, if people give me the opportunity I will come up and prove them. If not, it doesn’t matter because the decision of people will be right and I will be really happy but as a concerned citizen if somebody gets the seat and does not do the duties well, I think I will go on with the strongest voices.


Q. How do you pre-empt your contenders from the same constituency?

A. BKP has no problems with any one because we don’t care whether we win or lose but it only depends with the development of the country.


Q. What is your opinion of the incumbent government’s progress so far? Have they made all the right decisions? vis-a-vis Tobacco act, pedestrian day and move for UNSC etc.

A. The government is doing good things and it is difficult to criticize. There are lots to be changed and if the government is doing wrong, people should come forward and express their mistakes.

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