Quality assurance management workshop for training providers

Around 39 participants from private training providers and technical training institutes gathered for a first-time workshop on quality assurance management in training institutes conducted by the Department of Occupational Standard (DOS) under the labor ministry on 4th May in Paro.

According to the Head of the Quality Assurance Division, labor ministry, Tandin Dorji, the main motive behind conducting the workshop was to build the quality management system (QMS) and to create awareness among training providers.

Till date in Bhutan, training institutes lacked QMS therefore DOS through the workshop aimed to promote quality training.

“We taught them the 11 processes of QMS and guidelines to assure quality,” said Tandin Dorji adding that this would help in assuring quality training  to the trainers in periodic monitoring for compliance with quality standards which was also one of the four cluster activities in assuring quality of Bhutan Vocational Qualification Framework (BVQF).

Registration of training providers, accreditation of courses and auditing of quality management system are also part of the framework.

Labor ministry to assure quality would conduct periodic monitoring twice a year.

Henceforth, the training providers will involve all the guidelines and processes in their QMS in training institutes.

As of now, there are 69 training institutes comprising Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), corporations and private institutes registered under the labor ministry.

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