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Going by reports from across the country, there is increased morale among teachers after the recent pay hike.

It is not only about the money, but also the realization of the respect and importance being given to their profession and the education sector.

For teachers, the hike also comes with a realization of the increased responsibilities and expectations on their shoulders, and they will be raring to fulfill them.

This is where the government must come in and now make complementary investments because the quality of education cannot hinge on a pay hike alone.

The next major task is the effective and targeted training of teachers so that they can keep up with the changing curriculum and also pick up new teaching skills.

This training will need to happen regularly with revisions and updating of skills.

There must also be a proper impact assessment to ensure that teachers are picking up the training.

The next issue is that teachers and students must be given proper facilities like safe and well lit classrooms, decent bathrooms, water supply, accommodation and others.

A key demand of schools is ICT technology and connectivity. Bhutan cannot have a quality education system with large numbers of rural children cut off from the internet and the world.

The curriculum is an important aspect which must go along with teacher training. Bhutan’s curriculum should focus less on loading content and more on teaching students how to find, analyze and use that content.

The Education ministry is also rightly focusing on the primary classes where the biggest changes must be made and sustained as getting them early will ensure that this will be Bhutan’s new wave of globally competent students.

With the uncertain fate of the hydro projects and now the problem of mass tourism there is an increasing realization that we cannot rely on the traditional economic sectors, but we have to invest in our youth as our greatest future resource.

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.
Solomon Ortiz

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