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The unemployment debate in Bhutan, for a long time, has been focused on the number of jobs to be provided, but the debate must now switch to the quality of jobs.

The rush to provide youth jobs for the sake of providing jobs or filling up employment numbers will not do. The jobs will neither be satisfactory nor sustainable.

At the highest levels we have to select, train and guide highly talented youth who can take up or start the high profile and high levels jobs and companies of tomorrow. This can be done through good training and mentoring programs along with entrepreneurship programs.

The mass of our youth who are unemployed do not currently fit into the domestic economy. Here, efforts must be made to retain those who are interested and then provide alternatives for others like financing and guidance to establish their own business.

The corporate and private sector often complain that youth do not take the jobs on offer. The issue here may not be just with youth but also the working conditions of the jobs on offer.

Bhutanese corporations and companies will have to improve working conditions and also pay better packages to get these youths in their companies and to motivate them.

The current trend of large numbers of youth heading out is not a long term solution, and it can result in the loss of an entire generation of work force.

The Labour Ministry should really evaluate the jobs and trainings on offer by private consultants, to not only prevent any controversies, but also to ensure that our youth are not going abroad for peanuts.

His Majesty sent an important reminder to the civil service on their critical role in the Bhutanese state, system and even economy.

Perhaps the entire government machinery could coordinate and work together with the private sector to jointly address the above issues.

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

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