Radhi favors new candidates

Radhi gewog in Trashigang dzongkhag chose new faces over incumbent ones in the recent chiwog zomdu to nominate candidates to contest for Gup.

Former Gup Jigme Namgyal secured fewer votes than the other two aspiring gup candidates in the Chiwog Zomdu.

Former Gup Jigme Namgyal contested against Pema Tenzin, a caretaker of a school, and a 59 year old former chhimi (people’s representative to the unicameral national assembly).

The former chhimi Kulung contested against Gup Jigme Namgyal in 2011 and lost.

The former Gup Jigme Namgyal said he decided to re-contest as Radhi was short of capable candidates.  “I expected someone better qualified, with adequate knowledge of the gewog,” he said.

He also said that people in the rural areas still preferred and showed support to someone they know and are related to because of the close knit or extended family system.

The two new candidates who received overwhelming support from the people are of the opinion that they did not require much effort in knowing people since they have lived in the gewog all their lives and know the place and the people well.

Both candidates are apprehensive of the final result when the nation goes to polls on 27 September.

Radhi gewog has over 758 households in five chiwogs, 21 villages and a population of 5,437 people.


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