Rain couldn’t stop voters from casting votes

DSC_1276The voting climate was not the best in Thimphu but even after continuous rainfall, voter turnout was good. It is the election which comes only after five years and the election is significant because two out of four will be elected to form the ruling and opposition parties.

The scenario of Thimphu was cloudy and rainy but it couldn’t stop voters to cast their votes as people are serious about this primary round. Most of them say that it is key election because we are electing two best and better parties for general round.

Polling station in Changangkha school had more man than the women when we the Bhutanese reporter visited the station early in the morning at 9am.

“I am happy and satisfied with what I have done,” said Tandin Sonam, 28 working in Bhutan Times. He added this election is most important as we are going to elect two best parties for general round and every vote counts.

He said there is no problem regarding voting as ECB had given enough advertisement and notifications on BBS calling the nation to come cast their votes. I have already cast my vote in 2008 and it is no problem regarding.

According to 45-year old Sonam Tashi he is happy and feeling great that he cast his vote for the right candidate and a party of his choice.

“Life is full of uncertainty and if we don’t vote this time then there is no guarantee where that will take us for the next five years,” he added. Majority of voters were women that turned out to vote in various polling stations of Thimphu Dzongkhag.

Gem Lham, 43 years old from Zhosha told The Bhutanese that she is feeling great for casting her one precious vote to her choice of party and candidate accordingly. “We have been practicing how to vote for almost for a month with the help of ECB, so no problem regarding voting and VPIC/CID,” she added.

“Casting vote this year especially in this round of primary elections is important for me and successful as we are going to elect two best parties out of four,” Samten Chophel currently working as a teacher said.

“This Primary elections there is better voter turnout compared to the National Council (NC) elections last April. Everybody working in polling station is great and polite. But it is sad to know that one of my friends couldn’t vote because he lost his VPIC card.”

Ngawang Zangpo, 22 from Barb Geochukha, Babesa, came to a polling station around 9:45am and waited for 2hrs to vote. “I came here to vote for right leaders who can take our government to next level, where there will be no problem and people of Bhutan lives happy without corruption,” he said.

29 years old Choki Dorji, a Driver from Changzamtog said I couldn’t vote during the National Council election because of some work but I did not want to miss this vital elections which is for us at the end of the day.

“We have to make the right choices to make our every day right,” he said.

Most of the people said it is we the people who play a vital role in this election as every vote counts and this very primary round decides which two top parties will go through and in that will know people’s choice of government.

Sangay Choda / Thimphu


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