Rain water harvesting and reservoirs to combat Monggar water shortage

The decades-old problem of water shortage in Monggar will now be combated with the new rain water harvesting technology to be implemented soon.

Additionally, the dzongkhag will have its first water reservoir to meet the growing water demand.

“Presently it’s being designed and will be funded by the UN,” said an official from Ministry of Works and Human Settlement (MoWHS).

During the sixth annual engineering conference in 2010, the ministry came up with this proactive measure to protect water sources and meet people’s growing need for water.

“Schools in Monggar will harvest rain water in order to supplement municipal water demand,” said a specialist in Department of Engineering Services (DES), Ichheram Dulal.

All the schools have CGI sheet roofs; when it rains, the water will pass through the gutter that adjoins the sheets and accumulate in a tank which will be used for multi-purposes.

According to the Director of Department of Urban Development and Engineering Services (DUDES), Rinchen Dorji, the water sources dry up seasonally, posing serious problems.

Hence “during the rainy season and when water sources are full, creating reservoirs would help in providing residents water”.

Ichheram Dulal said that existing water treatment plant in Yakpogang, Monggar will also have reservoirs if the rain water harvesting system works well.

Khengkhar in Monggar already has a reservoir constructed by the agriculture ministry which according to chief engineer under survey and design division, Tshering Wangdi ‘A’, is a useful and accessible water source for the community.

Most of the rural homes have CGI sheets whereby a gutter is attached through which rain water can be directly collected in a huge tank.

If the reservoir in Monggar is useful, “it might be replicated in other regions,” said Rinchen Dorji.

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