Rampant carelessness in offices and banks

Following the vaccine, citizens visiting government and private offices, as well as banks, have become more reckless and unconcerned. People are not washing or sanitizing their hands as much as they used to. People often enter offices and banks without following protocols. Despite the fact that hand washing water and hand sanitizers are available, people do not use them.

It is observed that visitors to offices do not use the Druk Trace app. It has also been noted that when visitors meet officials in their offices, they remove their masks. There are also no face masks visible in the offices, which have their windows and doors locked with poor ventilation

Many visitors to government offices and banks reported seeing a large number of people and people who were not following safety procedures.

Sonam Dorji, 33, a visitor who came for personal work to the government offices near the Dzong, said, “People were more vigilant and followed safety precautions when there were more active COVID cases and vaccines were not available, but now that vaccines are available, people are less concerned. While visiting other government offices for personal matters, they do not bother to use hand sanitizers or search the druk trace app, despite the fact that it is accessible,” he said.

He said that some people even don’t wear the masks and the mask can be seen hanging from their necks or in their hands. When you disregard safety precautions despite repeated warnings, it demonstrates your irresponsibility.

Yangchen, 31, who came to Bank of Bhutan said, “A large number of people are seen at the bank, despite the fact that people are advised not to congregate there,” she said.

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