Rating public transport

Only 8% of the households use public transport almost every day, 25% indicated that they use it once a week while 44% use once a month according to the Bhutan Living Standard Survey 2017.

Less than one in four households have never used public transport.

The frequency of use of public transport is higher in urban areas with 16% of them using it almost every day, while only 3% of rural households use it on a daily basis.

Regarding the service quality, which includes the schedule and cost, 44% of the users rated the service as satisfactory and 52% rated it as good. About 5% of the public transport users rated it as bad. On affordability, 7% of the service users rated it as bad indicating that affordability is an issue.

Besides public transport, households were asked about the usage of 14 other services provided by different agencies during the past year and their satisfaction level with the services. Banking, electricity, and telecom were the services most used by households. Less than 1% used the crime, rescue and emergency and fire services during the last year.

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