RBA officer and Indian Lt Colonel lose life in chopper crash

Two lives were lost in a helicopter crash which took place on 27 September at around 1:30 PM near Younphula Domestic Airport, Trashigang, around a kilometer away from the domestic airport.

One of the deceased was a 38-year-old RBA Captain Kalzang Wangdi from Bhutan and one Lt. Colonel Rajneesh Parmar from India.

The helicopter belonged to the Indian Army’s Aviation wing and was being used by IMTRAT. The helicopter had initially dropped a guest at Younphula Domestic Airport and went to Arunachal to refill. And while coming back to pick up the guest after fueling up the helicopter, the unfortunate incident took place.

Source said that the cause of the accident is suspected to be a poor weather condition. However, they are yet to ascertain the main cause of the accident. The bodies of the deceased were handed over to their relatives on the same day.

The location of the crash was near the airport so it was accessible. The chopper that crashed was a single-engine Cheetah helicopter which is among the older helicopters in service in India and usually used in high altitude sorties given its light weight.

The case is under investigation.

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