RBP brings in Goepoen Dorji Puen for healthy and safe youth

Camp Raven, initiated in 2011 upon the Royal Command of His Majesty the King, aims to meaningfully engage the children of Armed Forces personnel in fun activities during the winter vacation. The children learn to play sports, learn art, dance, and other skills in the annual month-long camp.

Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) in its camp for RBP children started an initiative called Goepoen Dorji Puen to be included in Camp Raven this year. The idea was inspired from the Dorji Puen activity initiated by the Je Khenpo.

The objective of Goepoen Dorji Puen is to keep the children safe, healthy, and free from drugs and crime, which goes along with the main purpose of the camp as envisioned by the King.

Major Sisir Chhetri, RBP said the initiative is part of their crime prevention strategy. It is also meant to assist and care for the children so that they become productive citizens and to secure the bond that already exists between the officers and children.

A total number of 167 students and 66 officers were involved in the camp. Officers ranked Major and above were assigned with two children each to care for in the Goepoen Dorji Puen program, while those ranked Captain and Lieutenant were assigned with three children each.

“It is not that we will end everything hereafter, but we will be monitoring the children by talking to their teachers, parents and with the children themselves. There is a series of activities which would be carried out throughout the year,” Major Sisir Chhetri said.

He added that the Dorji Puen officers would use their leisure time and the weekends in fulfilling the success of Goepoen Dorji Puen.

The Chief of Police also conducted lectures on prevention of drugs and crime and provided handouts on legal provisions of law.

“With this, the students will be tested during the mid-term break and prizes will be awarded by the Chief to the winners,” he said.

The Goepoen Dorji Puen officers will also visit the respective schools of the children under their care and to inform the principal about the system. They will also meet with the parents and teachers of the children to gather their feedback and to monitor the performance of the children in May.

“So in this way, a child will be monitored every month with different tasks or initiatives. Officers will be advising the children during their summer vacation, and thereafter, lots of evaluation will be taking place,” added Major Sisir Chhetri.

There is to be different initiatives taking place every month, and a final compilation and evaluation report on each child will made in December and submitted to the Deputy Chief of Police.

RBP will then submit the final report with remarks made on each child to Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon through the Chief of Police.

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